The Wall Chart of World History/
The Timechart of Biblical History

First published in 1890; Facsimile Edition Copyright April 1999 by Barnes and Noble (pictured); most recent Facsimile Edition Copyright 2002 by Third Millennium Press, Ltd..

What do you know?
The timeline that very sensibly starts with the beginning of time!

This 1890 timechart is based on the biblical dating system of Archbishop Ussher (1650); it is the work of Edward Hull (1829-1917), an Irish geologist, cartographer, and artist.

Science cannot settle the question of origins because scientists have a total inability to do more than speculate regarding the qualities of a newborn universe. The question of origins is therefore a historian's question. The Bible is history's only perfect Source Document; Mr. Hull relied carefully on Scripture while creating his lovely timechart!

The original timechart is now housed in the British Museum, but Hull's original work continues to offer its beautiful testimony in two recent facsimile editions. The first, The Wall Chart of World History includes an update through the twentieth century as well as some politically correct, anti-creationist opinion statements in the margins. When this was the only edition in print, it was the edition that we used and enjoyed. This edition has been out of print since 2000; it is already difficult to find for less than $40-50. (I've seen a hint that this edition may be reprinted later this year. Please watch this page for details!)

The more recent facsimile edition, The Timechart of Biblical History, is thoroughly Christian and creationist. It includes reproductions of Christian art and numerous, valuable supplemental historical charts in addition to Hull's full timeline. This edition covers 4004 BC through 30 AD, is in print, and has a recommended retail price of $17.99. To buy The Timechart of Biblical History for $12.99, click here!

If anyone publishes a facsimile edition featuring the best of both of these, please let me know! It will surely find kudos here!

Both editions are oversized, slim, bound volumes that unfold accordian style to form a reversible, durable, 15 foot timeline! Both editions show concurrent major historical events world-wide, not just in Palestine, not just in the West.

The chart can either be kept intact as a book or removed from its binding and affixed to a wall.

This truly is an awesome resource for studying history. Our children study history chronologically as a team, using the resources in our own home library with the timechart serving as the outline. I recommend this approach, using this book.

When our first copy came in the mail, my children and I were, within five minutes, all lying on the floor reading it, enjoying the colorful pictures, and looking for our "friends and acquaintances" from the past! As we pored over its richness, my nine year old daughter hugged me in her excitement and said, "Oh, Mom! I just love history!'

I do too! When history is studied as the past record of God's awesome providences, it is a thrilling pursuit!

If you want Hull's Timechart because you are homeschooling children from a Biblical worldview, I can nearly guarantee that The Timechart of Biblical History will be your favorite edition.

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