Marguerite Vance

The books I have read and recommend are her biographies. I can't comment on her fiction.


Ashes of Empire, Carlota and Maximilian of Mexico, illustrated by Leonard Weisgard

The Beloved Friend [Sally Cary, friend of George Washington], illustrated by Leonard Weisgard

Dark Eminence, Catherine de Medici and Her Children, illustrated by J. L. Pellicer

Elizabeth Tudor, Sovereign Lady, illustrated by Nedda Walker

Empress Josephine, from Martinique to Malmaison, illustrated by Nedda Walker

Esther Wheelwright, Indian Captive, illustrated by Lorence F. Bjorklund

Flight of the Wildling, Elisabeth of Austria, illustrated by J. L. Pellicer

Hear the Distant Applause, Six Great Ladies of the American Theatre

The Jacksons of Tennessee, illustrated by Nedda Walker

Lady Jane Grey, Reluctant Queen, illustrated by Nedda Walker

The Lamp Lighters, Women in the Hall of Fame

The Lees of Arlington, illustrated by Nedda Walker

Marie Antoinette, Daughter of an Empress, illustrated by Nedda Walker

Martha, Daughter of Virginia, The Story of Martha Washington, illustrated by Nedda Walker

On Wings of Fire, The Story of Nathaniel Hawthorne's Daughter, Rose (Mother Alphonsa), illustrated by Nedda Walker

Patsy Jefferson of Monticello, illustrated by Nedda Walker

Scotland's Queen, The Story of Mary Stewart, illustrated by J. Luis Pellicer

Six Queens, The Wives of Henry the VIII, illustrated by J. Luis Pellicer

While Shepards Watched, illustrated by Nedda Walker



Boy on the Road, a Christmas Story, illustrated by Nedda Walker

Courage at Sea, illustrated by Lorence F. Bjorklund

Flower from Dinah, illustrated by Susanne Suba

Jared's Gift, a Christmas Story, illustrated by Reisie Lonette

Jeptha and the New People, illustrated by Robert MacLean

Leave it to Linda, illustrated by Dorothy Bayley Morse

Marta, illustrated by Mildred Boyle

Paula, illustrated by Valenti Angelo

Paula Goes Away to School, illustrated by Maginel Wright Barney

Rainbow for Robin, illustrated by Kenneth Longtemps

Secret for a Star

Song for a Lute, illustrated by J. L. Pellicer

A Star for Hansi, illustrated by Grace Paull

Willis Joe and His Small Change, illustrated by Robert MacLean

Windows for Rosemary, illustrated by Robert Doares

World for Jason, illustrated by Robert MacLean

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