The Universal History of the World

Golden has done much more than many people realize. The familiar skinny hardbacks with gold spines are only part of what Golden has published over the years!

Some of the materials Golden has published have been valuable to me as a homeschool educator. One of these is the Golden Universal History of the World.

Here is what Golden Press said about Universal History of the World when it was published in 1966:

"This set of history books is unlike any you have ever seen--masterfully written, carefully checked and researched, and richly illustrated with paintings, drawings, photographs, documents, and maps (most of them in full color).

"As thrilling to read as a best-selling novel, here, at last, is history brought to life. [In your set] you...have at your fingertips the entire, magnificent panorama of mankind--the great adventure in which we all participate.

"The whole story of man on earth--the most enthralling story ever told--is presented in this sixteen volume series. Here is the stirring pageant of heroes and villains, of kings and commoners, of warriors and saints, of explorers and scientists, of industrialists and philosophers, from man's beginnings in the dim past to the present day. Here are the rise and fall of empires, the battles that destroyed nations, the revolutions that toppled rulers, the founding and growth of religions, the development of systems of thought and technology and government--all the men and events that shaped our world...."

[This] is invaluable to students, from junior high school through college, it is a series for the entire family--for anyone, in fact, who wants to increase his knowledge of the world, deepen his understanding, or simply enjoy hours of pleasurable reading.... An outstanding feature is the clear, straightforward manner in which the great movements of history are presented and traced, making it possible to grasp their essential characteristics and understand their influence on men's thoughts and actions....

"The consultant for the series is Albert Fried, a brilliant...historian who teaches at Queens College, New York, and has written works on Jefferson, Lincoln, and Woodrow Wilson, as well as numerous articles and reviews. The editor and project director, Irwin Shapiro, has both written and edited many books on historical subjects and has taught at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and the Cooper Union in New York. His books are widely available and altogether his work has been translated into ten languages. The associate editor, Jonathan Bartlett, has edited a wide variety of books related to historical subjects and studied the Near East at the University of Bordeaux in France.

"The writers have all written extensively on history and related subjects, and have studied in such institutions as Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, the University of Munich, Columbia, Oberlin, New York University, Brooklyn College, Pomona, the University of Wisconsin, and George Washington Law School.

"The illustrations [over 1500] are by the famed Studio Hachette of Paris, and by noted American artists and photographers....

"The UNIVERSAL HISTORY OF THE WORLD is that rare combination--a series of books that belongs on every reference shelf and also can be read as a fascinating story. You will find it an invaluable addition to your family's library and a constant source of help in understanding both history and the world today."

The set includes the following volumes:

Volume 1: Early Civilizations by John Bowman. (400,000 B. C. [sic] - 689 B. C.) This volume includes chapters on The Coming of Man (unfortunately fanciful and fictional), Where Civilization Began, Hittite Warriors Build a Kingdom, The Gift of the Nile, The People of One God, The Rise of the Assyrians, A New People/A New Faith, Civilization Comes to India, The Land of the Great Wall

Volume 2: Ancient Greece by James L. Steffensen. The Silent Peninsula, The Power of Minos, Companions of the King, Gods and Heroes, Kings/Tyrants/Democracy, Athens: City of Wisdom and War, Sparta: City of Soldiers, Greece Fights for its Life, The Golden Age of Athens, Greek Against Greek, The Greek Way of Life, The Conquerors, Greece and the World

Volume 3: Ancient Rome by James L. Steffensen. The City of Aneneas, The City of Romulus, The City of Dido, The City Divided, The City of Caesar, The Second Triumvirate, The City of Augustus, The Emperors' City, The City of the World, Where Money Ruled, The End of the City

Volume 4: Christianity and Byzantium by Willis Lindquist. The First Palm Sunday, The Life of Christ, Resurrection and the Faithful Few (this information is true to the Scriptures), Paul of Tarsus, Rome and the Christian Church, The Growing Church, The Church Fathers, The New Capital: Constantinople, The Great Justinian, Byzantine Glory, The Church and the Empire, The Fall of an Empire, Byzantium and Russia

Volume 5: The East in the Middle Ages by Ormonde de Kay, Jr. Arabia: Mother of Religions, Mohammed: Prophet of Allah, The Holy Book of Allah, Cracks in the Wall of Islam, The Abbasids: Glory and Decay, Rival Caliphs and Amirs, Christian Knights and Mongol Horsemen, Seljuks and Mamelukes, The Ottomans, Islam the Civilizer, India: A Thousand Years of History, The Coming of Islam, The Moguls Take Over, The Height of Mogul Power, The Coming of the Europeans, China Under the Han, The Six Dynasties: Turmoil and Change, The Sui and T'ang Restore the Empire, The Sung Dynasty: Barbarians Threaten the Empire, The Coming of the Mongols, The Ming Dynasty Restores the Old Order, Japan: The Source of the Sun, Becoming a Nation, Borrowing from China, Change and Slow Growth, The Warriors Take Over, Two and a Half Centuries of Unrest

Volume 6: The West in the Middle Ages by Anne Bailey and Seymour Reit. The End and the Beginning, Charles: Called the Great, Fury from the North, The Castle and the Manor, Feudal Germany, Feudal France, The Conquest of England, The Power of the Church, The Crusades, The Town and the Guild, The Hundred Years War, The Rise of Nationalism

Volume 7: The Renaissance by James L. Steffensen. The Sound of Bells and Trumpets, Florence: First City of the Renaissance, Florence in the Golden Age, Milan: City of Splendor and War, Gentlemen/Scholars/Princes, Rome: The City of the Pope, Venice: City in the Sea, The Italian Kings of France, The Renaissance in the North and Spain, The Queen of Words and Music

Volume 8: Reformation and Exploration by Johanna Johnston and James L. Steffensen. The Walls Come Tumbling Down, The Monk from Wittenberg, Preachers of Reform, The Counter-Reformation, Defender of the Faith, Prince Henry's School, A New World and a New Sea, Adventures in the New World

Volume 9: The Age of Great Kings by Edith Firoozi and Ira N. Klein. England Under the Tudors, Ferdinand and Isabella Unite Spain, France Becomes a Great Nation, The Thirty Years War, The War Spreads, The Sun King, The Rise of Prussia, Russia Under the Tsars

Volume 10: The Age of Enlightenment by John Bowman. King Versus Parliament, The Puritan Revolution, The Restoration and the Glorious Revolution, "After Me, the Deluge," Colonies and Empires, A New View of the Universe, The Thinkers, The Enlightenment

Volume 11: The Age of Revolution by Willis Lindquist. THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION: Trouble in Boston, England Tightens Her Grip, The Stamp Act, The Boston Tea Party, The Continental Congress, War Begins on Lexington Green, England's First Victory, Good King George and the Dragon, A Divided Country, The Final Break, The Old Fox, The Road to Yorktown; THE FRENCH REVOLUTION: Champion of Liberty, The Voice of the People, The Fall of the Bastille, "The King to Paris!" The Fall of King Louis, The Terror, The Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of the French

Volume 12: Industrial Revolution and Nationalism by Willis Lindquist. Men Against Machines, Father of the Factory System, The Factory System, Democracy and Nationalism, The American Experiment, Jackson and the Common People, A House Divided, The Civil War, Democracy in Great Britain, Democracy in France, The Revolution of 1848, Another Napoleon, Democracy Spreads, Democracy in Latin America, Nationalism and the Germans, The Unification of Italy, Europe Divided

Volume 13: Imperialism and World War I by Ormonde de Kay, Jr. Stepping-Stones for the West, Industry Transforms America, Problems of a Changing World, The Race for Empire, India and the Indies, The Powers Carve Up China, Japan Meets the West, Parceling Out a Continent, Rivalries in the Middle East, The United States and Destiny, Storm Clouds Over Europe, The Coming of the Storm, The Storm Breaks, Stalemate in the West/Decision in the East, The United States and Victory, The Victors Reconstruct Europe, After the Peace of Paris

Volume 14: Totalitarianism and the Great Depression by Edna Ritchie. Blood on the Snow, Workingmen of All Countries, Unite! The 1905 Revolution, Rasputin and War, The March Revolution, The November Revolution, Peace--and Civil War, Stalin Succeeds Lenin, Fascism and Mussolini, Revolution in a Beer Hall, "My Struggle," Fire in the Reichstag, Germany Under the Nazis, Dictatorship and a Civil War, The Meaning of Totalitarianism, Panic in Wall Street, The New Deal, A Changing Nation, The Election of 1936, Roosevelt Battles the Court, "On the Dole," Democratic but Divided, Totalitarianism Versus Democracy

Volume 15: World War II and the Aftermath by Edna Ritchie. "My Name Will Stand Forever," "Peace in Our Time," A World at War, Victory in Europe, Victory in the Pacific, The United Nations--and the Nations Disunited, Independence for India, China and the Revolution, War in Korea, The United Nations and the End of Colonialism

Volume 16: The Modern Age by Albert Fried. Death of a Dictator, The Thaw in the Cold War, A Time of Crisis, A Time of Change, "We Shall Overcome," The Great Society, Man Faces the Future. Volume 16 also contains a 40 page Index to the series.

These volumes retail from $5-8 each. Of course, when a pristine, complete set is found, the cost is generally greater than "the sum of its parts."

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