Eva March Tappan's The World's Story:
A History of the World in Story, Song, and Art
14 Volumes

These books are extremely hard to find, but they are a marvelous treasure for young people ages thirteen and up! Eva March Tappan had a heart for young people and produced other wonderful things for them. Her name is one to look for wherever vintage children's books can be found, but this set is probably her greatest work.

I usually try to limit my lists and reviews to modestly priced, more easily found items, but I would hate for someone to see this set at a book sale, not have heard of it, and miss the treasure inside! And if anyone is looking for a publishing opportunity, this would be a fine one!

When we found our set, we cleared out many of our other history and geography books, for these are among the finest books that we've found.

Volume 1: China, Japan, and the Islands of the Pacific
Volume 2: India, Persia, Mesopotamia, and Palestine
Volume 3: Egypt, Africa, and Arabia
Volume 4: Greece and Rome
Volume 5: Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal
Volume 6: Russia, Austria-Hungary, The Balkan States, and Turkey
Volume 7: Germany, The Netherlands, and Switzerland
Volume 8: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Greenland, and the Search for the Poles
Volume 9: England
Volume 10: England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales
Volume 11: Canada, South America, Central America, Mexico, and the West Indies
Volume 12: The United States
Volume 13: The United States
Volume 14: An Outline of Universal History

Are you ready for the good stuff yet? Talk about Living Books! These are rich--in clear text and with reproductions of appropriate paintings, you'll find that poetry, historical fiction, and exciting source documents, and more are packed into these 500-600 page volumes. I've seen nothing else like them, new or old.

To give you an idea of the depth and quality of the content in these books, I'm including here the full contents for Volume 9, England.

Stories of the Ancient Britons

The Anglo-Saxon Invasion

The Coming of the Sea Rovers

The Norman Conquest

From William the Red to John Lackland

Stories from the Age of Richard the Lion-hearted

The Later Plantagenet Kings

Lancaster and York

The Tudor Kings

From Edward VI to the Death of Mary

In the Days of Queen Elizabeth

Illustrations in the volume include

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