Ronald Syme's Biographies

I'm starting with a list. A review should be forthcoming!

African Traveler, The Story of Mary Kingsley

Alexander Mackenzie, Canadian Explorer

Amerigo Vespucci, Scientist and Sailor

Balboa, Finder of the Pacific

Bay of the North, The Story of Pierre Radisson

Benedict Arnold, Traitor of the Revolution

Bolivar, The Liberator

Captain Cook, Pacific Explorer

Captain John Paul Jones, America's Fighting Seaman

Cartier, Finder of the Saint Lawrence

Champlain of the Saint Lawrence

Columbus, Finder of the New World

Cortes of Mexico

DeSoto, Finder of the Mississippi

First Man to Cross America, The Story of Cabeza de Vaca

Francis Drake, Sailor of the Unknown Seas

Francisco Coronado and the Seven Cities of Gold

Francisco Pizarro, Finder of Peru

Frontenac of New France

Fur Trader of the North, The Story of Pierre de la Verendrye

Garibaldi, The Man Who Made a Nation

Geronimo, The Fighting Apache

Henry Hudson

I, Mungo Park

Invaders and Invasions (describes the seven most famous invasions of Britain)

John Cabot and His Son Sebastian

John Charles Fremont, The Last American Explorer

John Smith of Virginia

Juarez, The Founder of Modern Mexico

The Lagoon is Lonely Now (This is copyright 1978 and gives an account of the Cook Islands and their Polynesian people. I believe it is for adults, but am not certain.)

LaSalle of the Mississippi

Magellan, First Around the World

The Man Who Discovered the Amazon

Marquette and Joliet, Voyagers on the Mississippi

Nigerian Pioneer, The Story of Mary Slessor

On Foot to the Arctic, The Story of Samuel Hearne

Osceola, Seminole Leader

Quesada of Columbia

Sir Henry Morgan, Buccaneer

The Spaniards Came at Dawn

Toussaint, The Black Liberator

The Travels of Captain Cook

Vancouver, Explorer of the Pacific Coast

Vasco de Gama, Sailor Toward the Sunrise

Verrazano, Explorer of the Atlantic Coast

Walter Raleigh

William Penn, Founder of Pennsylvania

The Young Nelson

Zapata, Mexican Rebel


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