Ruth Brindze's Books

I really love Ruth Brindze's books that I have seen. Books marked with an asterisk are ones I have had recommended to me or books we own and can recommend.

*All About Courts and the Law [1964]

*All About Sailing the Seven Seas [1962]

*All About Undersea Exploration [1960]

Boating is Fun, illustrated by Kurt Wiese [1949]

Charting the Oceans [1973]

Daily Bread and Other Foods, illustrated by Harry Daugherty [1941]

The Experts' Book of Boating, illustrated by Fred Wellbrock [1959]

*The Gulf Stream, illustrated by Helene Carter [1945]

How to Get the Most for Your Money [1938]

How to Spend Money, Everybody's Practical Guide to Buying [1935]

Hurricanes, Monster Storms from the Sea [1973]

Investing Money, the Facts about Stocks and Bonds [1968]

Johnny Get Your Money's Worth (and Jane, too!), illustrated by Emery I. Gondor [1938]

Look How Many People Wear Glasses, the Magic of Lenses [1975]

Not to be Broadcast; the truth about the Radio [1937, 1974]

Rise and Fall of the Seas, the Story of the Tides; illustrated by Felix Cooper [1966]

Sea; the Story of the Rich Underwater World [1971]

Seamanship below Deck [1939]

*The Story of Gold, illustrated by Robert Bruce [1955]

*The Story of Our Calendar [1949]

The Story of the Totem Pole [1951]

*The Story of the Trade Winds, illustrated by Hilda Simon [1960]

Stretching Your Dollar in Wartime [1942]

You Can Help Your Country Win, illustrated by Emery I. Gondor [1943]

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