Poetry for Young People


This series is ideal for introducing children to the great poets. Not only are the selections wisely chosen with the interests of young readers in mind, but each is uniquely illustrated in a style the complement's the poet's work. These are lovely art books.

Most volumes are still in print. 

Maya Angelou, edited by Edwin Graves Wilson, illustrated by Jerome Lagarrique

William Blake, edited by John Maynard, illustrated by Alessandra Cimatoribus

Robert Browning, edited by Eileen Gillooly, illustrated by Joel Spector

Lewis Carroll, edited by Edward Mendelson, illustrated by Eric Copeland

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, edited by James Engell, illustrated by Harvey Chan

Emily Dickinson, edited by Frances Bolin, illustrated by Chi Chung

Robert Frost, edited by Gary Schmidt, illustrated by Henri Sorens

Langston Hughes, edited by David Roessel and Arnold Rampersad, illustrated by Benny Andrews

Rudyard Kipling, edited by Eileen Gillooly, illustrated by Jim Sharpe

Edward Lear, edited by Edward Mendelson, illustrated by Laura Huliska-Beith

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, edited by Frances Schoonmaker, illustrated by Chad Wallace

Edna St. Vincent Millay, edited by Frances Schoonmaker, illustrated by Mike Bryce

Edgar Allan Poe, edited by Brod Bagert, illustrated Carolynn Cobleigh

Carl Sandburg, edited by Frances Bolin, illustrated by Steven Arcella

William Shakespeare, edited by David Scott Kastan, illustrated by Marina Kastan

Wallace Stevens, edited by John N. Serio, illustrated by Robert Gantt Steele

Robert Louis Stevenson, edited by Frances Schoonmaker, illustrated by Lucy Corvino

Alfred Lord Tennyson, edited by John Maynard, illustrated by Allen Garns

Walt Whitman, edited by Jonathan Levin, illustrated by Jim Burke

William Carlos Williams, edited by Christopher MacGowan, illustrated by Robert Crockett

William Wordsworth, edited by Alan Liu, illustrated by James Muir

William Butler Yeats, edited by Jonathan Allison, illustrated by Glenn Harrington


There are also four subject volumes--

African American Poetry
American Poetry
Animal Poems
The Seasons

Years ago, Sterling also produced an omnibus of the first six titles published--A Treasury of Poetry for Young People: Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Edgar Allan Poe, Carl Sandberg, Walt Whitman 

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