North Star Books

Sterling North edited this excellent series, which was published by Houghton Mifflin between 1958 and 1965. Excellent authors and historians were chosen to tell lively, engaging stories of American history.

The books average about 180 pages each and are nicely illustrated throughout. While, they were originally written for ages eleven and up, excellent readers will likely enjoy them sooner.

These books are not easy to find, but none of them is truly rare at this time. If demand for the series increases, that will be sure to change. Prices for individual volumes sometimes range between $20-40 online, but given time and patience, a family should be able to complete a collection for under $6-10 a title.

Because this series was a standard library acquisition, it is not uncommon to find copies at library sales for $1 or less.

Houghton Mifflin had this to say about the North Star books:
"'Excellent, Enticing, Exquisite, Charming, Richly factual, Good history, Impressive, Superb, Compellingly dramatic, Fresh and vigorous' are the words reviewers* used to describe the first six North Stars. In this important new series, some of the best-known authors in American write, for younger readers, books that are really informative and exciting. Taken together, these books form a library of high literary quality that will provide a young reader with comprehensive knowledge of our past.

"*The New York Times, New York Herald Tribune, Chicago Tribune, Portland Press Herald, Virginia Kirkus, Boston Herald"

The Adventures of Lewis and Clark by John Bakeless - #29
American Horses by Ralph Moody - #35
Around the World with Nellie Bly by Emily Hahn - #9
The Battles for New Orleans by F. van Wyck Mason -#30
The Battle for Quebec by F. van Wyck Mason - #38
The Battle of Lake Erie by F. van Wyck Mason - #23
The Birth of Texas by William Weber Johnson - #16
Captured by Mowhawks and Other Adventures of Radisson by Sterling North - #18
Donald McKay & the Clipper Ships by Mary Ellen Chase - #12
Down the Colorado with Major Powell by James Ramsey Ullman - #17
The First Northwest Passage by Walter O'Meara - #20
The First Steamboat on the Mississippi by Sterling North - #31
The Fishing Fleets of New England by Mary Ellen Chase - #28
Gold in California by Paul I. Wellman - #2
Great Days of Whaling by Henry Beetle Hough - #1
The Greatest Cattle Drive by Paul I Wellman - #37
Indian Wars & Warriors, East by Paul I. Wellman - #10
Indian Wars & Warriors, West by Paul I Wellman - #11
Jenny Lind Sang Here by Bernardine Kielty - #14
Jessie Benton Fremont by Marguerite Higgins- #32
Lafayette in America by André Maurois - #15
Louisa May Alcott by Helen Waite Papashvily - #39
Mark Twain and the River by Sterling North - #24
Mayo Brothers, The by Helen Clapesattle - #33
Melville in the South Pacific by Henry Beetle Hough - #22
Muir of the Mountains by William O. Douglas - #25
Our National Heritage by Mario Pei - #40
(pre-publication title: Our American Heritage)
Race to the Golden Spike by Paul I. Wellman - #27
Riders of the Pony Express by Ralph Moody - #6
Robert E. Lee by Jonathan Daniels - #21
Sailing the Seven Seas by Mary Ellen Chase - #4
Thomas Jefferson, the Making of a President by John Dos Passos - #36
Thoreau of Walden Pond by Sterling North - #8
Ticonderoga, the Story of a Fort by Bruce Lancaster - #13
TheTrail to Santa Fe, The by David Lavender - #5
United States Marines by Lynn Montross and William Marshall Miller - #34
Washington and the Revolution by Lynn Montross #7
Washington Irving by Anya Seton - #19
Wells Fargo by Ralph Moody - #26
Young Thomas Edison by Sterling North - #3

Note. Some of these titles were republished in softcover by Dell Yearling.

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