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N. D. Wilson's books are fun, gripping, and absorbing. His fantasies for older children are Narnia 2.0, with weapons, battles, and young children at the front of the fray. Some would say that his fantasies are dark. Maybe they are, but for me his endings are especially rich and good for that. I find great delight in final victories when real courage has been indispensable and powerful enemies have not fallen easily.

If you like your books peaceful and non-violent, you probably won't like his fantasies, but his picture books for younger children and his Notes from the Tilt-a-Whirl would be enjoyed by most Christian families.

When we first found N. D. Wilson, my eldest daughter said, "Well, this is disappointing. I can no longer say that all my favorite authors are dead." She has put Wilson on her short list with Bunyan, Tolkien, and Lewis.Wilson is a Reformed Christian.

Picture books for younger children--

The Dragon and the Garden
In the Time of Noah

For ages 8 through adult--

Leepike Ridge
(This is less violent than the following two series. It's one of our favorite books, and a good introduction to the author.)

The 100 Cupboards series
Ashtown Burials
Notes from the Tilt-a-Whirl
This is a wonderful book of Christian apologetics for ages 12 and up. There is an accompanying DVD.

(These books are a parody of the Left Behind series and are written for ages 12 and up. If your family believes that LaHaye and Jenkins faithfully reflected the teachings of Scripture in their fiction, you probably won't like these two books. Our family is Reformed and postmillennial, so we thought they were very thought-provoking whenever they weren't hysterically funny.)

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