The Mirror of Britain
A Cultural History Series


"The Mirror of Britain" series was written in the 70's and first published in the UK by Andre Deutsch. These were reprinted in the US by Seabury Press. They follow British history from ancient times to the 20th century.

These books are detailed and interesting for ages 13 and up and are well-illustrated in black and white and in color, always from contemporary sources. They are very evidently written for children still living in a Christian culture, making reference to God and religion, assuming that the reader belongs to the church, and so on.

All the books that I have seen have solid black covers, as above.

The Island Sunrise: Prehistoric Culture in the British Isles by Jill Paton Walsh 
Beyond the Inhabited World by Anthony Thwaite
Green Blades Rising: The Anglo-Saxons by Kevin Crossley-Holland
A Strong Land & a Sturdy: England in the Middle Ages by Richard W. Barber
The Battlement Garden: Britain from the Wars of the Roses to the Age of Shakespeare by C. Walter Hodges
Drums and Trumpets: The House of Stuart by Kirsty McLeod
The House of Hanover by Leon Garfield
A Mighty Ferment: Britain in the Age of Revolution, 1750-1850 by David Snodin
For Queen and country: Britain in the Victorian Age by Margaret Drabble
The Crack in the Teacup by Marina Warner

From The Battlement Garden--

"When Adam and Eve were turned out..., the gate in the wall was slammed behind them. They were out in the wild forest, the hostile world. The best they could then do was to dig and clear it, and make fields for the growing of their food. Mankind has ever since been trying to get back to the Garden."


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