Messner Milestones in History
Decisive Events that became Turning Points in History

Covering a variety of important events from the 11th century to the 20th century, this excellent series generally combined a little historical fiction with extensive, lively descriptions of history and culture. Because these books had a variety of authors and were written during a period of rapid cultural change, they are not equal in quality and perspective, but the series as a whole reflects the thinking of a Christian culture--

Ethan Allen spoke to his brother Ira: "Trouble with you, Stub, is your heart's like wax melted in the midst of your bowels. What we need is action. Smite the Britainers hips and thigh, I say! Feed them the bread of affliction, chastise them with scorpions! Showed the Yorkers we're a stiff-necked people didn't we? Aye, and we'll do the same to the redcoats at Ti [Ticonderoga]!" 

These phrases, fired off the tongue like cannonballs, were largely from the Bible. Ethan Allen was not a godly man--certainly not in the eyes of Parson Jedidiah Dewey of the church on the hilltop just above the Catamount. He was a thorn in the parson's side. Although he attended Sabbath services just like everyone else in Bennington, he was a Deist, a sect which believes in God, but not in the revelation of His existence through miracles. Ethan was always making a nuisance of himself by getting up in the middle of sermons to argue with him. He knew his Scripture, especially the Old Testament, and he was forever borrowing magnificent words and phrases, which he often used in ways not at all to the liking of Parson Dewey.

Ethan's companions at the Catamount, coleaders under his command of the wild and lawless band call the Green Mountain Boys looked impressed--all but Ira Allen. Ira gazed up at Ethan calmly, with a faint smile playing on his lips; he seemed more amused than awed by this tempestuous brother of his.
--Gathering Storm: The Story of the Green Mountain Boys
 by Clifford Lindsey Alderman

These books can be difficult to find and identify. While they most commonly feature solid color covers with an illustrated white center panel, they were also published in less distinctive formats. A further complication in identifying these books is that the series name is never mentioned in the book itself. The series is only mentioned on some dust jackets, often with a list of titles, but none of these titles lists is complete.  

The following are true of every book:

In the list below, the first number in brackets is the publication date. The second number dates the content.

After the Alamo: The Story of the Mexican War by Burt Hirschfeld [1966] [1846]
Black Ships and the Rising Sun: The Opening of Japan to the West by John G. Roberts [1971] [1854]
Blood-red the Roses: The Story of the Wars of the Roses by Clifford Lindsey Alderman [1971] [1450 ]
A Cloud over Hiroshima: The Story of the Atomic Bomb by Burt Hirschfeld [1967] [1945]
Congo: The Birth of a New Nation by Jules Archer [1970]
Cruel Years: The Story of the Spanish Civil War by Irving Werstein [1969] [1936]
Death to the King: The Story of the English Civil War by Clifford Lindsey Alderman [1968] [1640]
The Devil's Shadow: The Story of Witchcraft in Massachusetts by Clifford Lindsay Alderman [1967] [1692]
Disaster 1906: The San Francisco Earthquake and Fire by Edward F. Dolan [1967]
The End of the Roaring Twenties: Prohibition and Repeal by Bill Severn [1969] [1920]
Fifty-five Days of Terror: The Story of the Boxer Rebellion by Burt Hirschfeld [1964] [1900]
54-40 or Fight: The Story of the Oregon Territory by Bob and Jan Young [1967] [1846]
Flame of Freedom: The Peasants' Revolt of 1381 by Clifford Lindsey Alderman [1969] [1381]
For Life and Liberty: The Story of the Declaration of Independence by Mary Duprey Hoehling [1969]
For the Glory of France: The Story of the French Resistance by Maria Wilhelm [1968] [1940]
Forged in Silver: The Story of the Comstock Lode by Bob and Jan Young [1968] [1859]
The 49'ers: The Story of the California Gold Rush by Bob and Jan Young [1966]
Four Cents an Acre: The Story of the Louisiana Purchase by Burt Hirschfeld [1965] [1804]
The Franco-Prussian War: Germany's Rise as a World Power by Irving Werstein [1965] [1870]
Free but Not Equal: How Women Won the Right to Vote by William Severn [1967]
Freedom in Jeopardy: The Story of the McCarthy Years by Burt Hirschfeld [1969]
From Spinning Wheel to Spacecraft: The Story of the Industrial Revolution by Henry Edward Neal* [1964] [1700]
From Tsars to Commissars: The Story of the Russian Revolution by Kaye Moulton Teall [1966] [1917]
Gathering Storm: The Story of the Green Mountain Boys by Clifford Lindsey Alderman [1970] [1775]
The Golden Century: England under the Tudors by Clifford Lindsey Alderman [1972] [1485]
The Great Invasion: The Norman Conquest of 1066 by Clifford Lindsey Alderman [1969] [1066]
Gusher: The Search for Oil in America by Bob and Jan Young [1971] [1859]
I Accuse: The Story of the Dreyfus Case by Irving Werstein [1967] [1894]
In Defense of Freedom: The Story of the Monroe Doctrine by Paul Rink [1968] [1823]
The Land Divided, The World United: The Story of the Panama Canal by Paul Rink [1963] [1893]
The Last Emperor: The Story of Mexico's Fight for Freedom by Bob and Jan Young [1969] [1867]
The Last Wilderness: The Saga of America's Mountain Men by Noel B. Gerson [1966]
Liberty, Equality, Fraternity: The Story of the French Revolution by Clifford Lindsey Alderman [1965] [1789]
Mr. Madison's War: 1812, The Second War for Independence by Noel Bertram Gerson [1966] [1812]
A Nation Fights Back: The Depression and its Aftermath by Irving Werstein [1962] [1929]
1968: A Year of Crisis by Jules Archer [1971] [1968]
Passage to the West: The Great Voyages of Henry Hudson by Noel Bertram Gerson [1968] [1610]
Pikes Peak or Bust: The Story of the Colorado Settlement by Bob and Jan Young [1970] [1858]
Quest for Freedom: Bolivar and the South American Revolution by Paul Rink [1968] [ ]
Rails across the Continent: The Story of the First Transcontinental Railroad by Enid Johnson [1965] [1869]
Rock of Freedom: The Story of the Plymouth Colony by Noel Bertram Gerson [1964] [1620]
The Shot Heard Round the World: The Story of Lexington and Concord by Jeannette Covert Nolan [1963] [1775]
The Spanish Armada: The Story of a Glorious Defeat by Burt Hirschfeld [1966] [1588]
A State is Born: The Story of Israel by Burt Hirschfeld [1967] [1948]
Survival: Jamestown, First English Colony in America by Noel B. Gerson [1967] [1606]
That Men Shall be Free: The Story of the Magna Carta by Clifford Lindsey Alderman [1964] [1215]
Turning Point for America: the Story of the Spanish-American War by Irving Werstein [1964] [1898]
Vital Link: The Story of the Suez Canal by Burt Hirschfeld [1967] [1869]

[48 books]

*I have not found From Spinning Wheel to Spacecraft: The Story of the Industrial Revolution on any dust jacket list, but its style and content fit the series perfectly. 


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