Young Math

The Crowell Young Math books are about 34 pages each and were first published between 1970 and 1978. Now out-of-print, they are an excellent introduction to mathematics and expand concepts to the limits of a young child's understanding. For early elementary through junior high.

Each book starts out simply and builds on that foundation to create books that inspire and challenge.

During the 1970's the publisher wrote as follows:

"Using an imaginative new aproach to basic principles, these books invite the very young reader to explore, to understand, and to enjoy mathematics. Lively, accurate texts and pictures show clearly the relationships and patterns of things and numbers that are the foundations of modern mathematical concepts....These books are designed to enrich the child's knowledge of mathematics. Some of them deal with topics not ordinarily taught in school. Some extend ideas that are taught in school. All of them stimulate the child to be actively involved in mathematics."

3D, 2D, 1D by David A. Adler
666 Jellybeans! All That? An Introduction to Algebra by Malcolm E. Weiss
Angles are Easy as Pie by Robert Froman
Area by Jane Jonas Srivastava
Averages by Jane Jonas Srivastava
Base Five by David A. Adler
Bigger and Smaller by Robert Froman
Binary Numbers by Clyde Watson
Building Tables on Tables: A Book about Multiplication by John V. Trivett
Circles by Mindel and Harry Sitomer
Computers by Jane Jonas Srivastava
The Ellipse by Mannis Charosh
Estimation by Charles F. Linn
Exploring Triangles: Paper-Folding Geometry by Jo Phillips
Fractions are Parts of Things by J. Richard Dennis
A Game of Functions by Robert Froman
Graph Games by Frédérique and Papy
The Greatest Guessing Game: A Book about Dividing by Robert Froman
How Did Numbers Begin? by Mindel and Harry Sitomer
How Little and How Much: A Book about Scales by Franklyn M. Branley
Less than Nothing is Really Something by Robert Froman
Lines, Segments, Polygons by Mindel and Harry Sitomer
Long, Short, High, Low, Thin, Wide by James T. Fey
Maps, Tracks, and the Bridges of Konigsberg: A Book about Networks by Michael Holt
Mathematical Games for One or Two by Mannis Charosh
Measure with Metric by Franklyn M. Branley
Number Ideas through Pictures by Mannis Charosh
Odds and Evens by Thomas C. O'Brien
Probability by Charles F. Linn
Right Angles: Paper-Folding Geometry by Jo Phillips
Roman Numerals by David A. Adler
Rubber Bands, Baseballs and Doughnuts: A Book about Topology by Robert Froman
Shadow Geometry by Daphne Harwood Trivett
Solomon Grundy, Born on Oneday: A Finite Arithmetic Puzzle by Malcolm E. Weiss
Spirals by Mindel and Harry Sitomer
Statistics by Jane Jonas Srivastava
Straight Lines, Parallel Lines, Perpendicular Lines by Mannis Charosh
Venn Diagrams by Robert Froman
Weighing & Balancing by Jane Jonas Srivastava
What is Symmetry? by Mindel and Harry Sitomer
Yes-No; Stop-Go: Some Patterns in Mathematical Logic by Judith L. Gersting and Joseph E. Kuczkowski
Zero is not Nothing by Mindel and Harry Sitomer

42 books in the series

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