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I usually try to keep my images small so my pages will load fairly quickly, but in this case, I think a full size image is warranted. The following is from The Little History of the United States:

A homeschooling friend of mine picked up two of Mable Pyne's books at an antique store near us and brought them over to show me. I was immediately impressed and started to watch for inexpensive copies of her work.

Mrs. Pyne's oversized, colorful books are accurate, beautifully illustrated, and written in a delightful manner. When I read my children The Little Geography of the United States, I had six heads crowding in for a closer view during the entire reading! During our reading, there were a few spots where I was able to teach my children of changes that have come about since 1941 and we found that several points sparked questions and discussion. What a lovely book from which to teach U. S. Geography and the progress of history!

My recommendation is for the starred books below, which I have seen. I have not seen her other works, but what follows is a (hopefully) complete list:

From Morning to Night, The Day of a Two-Year-Old in Pictures [1929]

The Hospital [1962] (I believe this is also a picture book.)

*The Little Geography of the United States [1941]

*The Little History of the United States [1940]

*The Little History of the Wide World [1947] (The first five pages are based on evolutionary mythology.)

The Story of Religion [1954]

*When We Were Little: the Story of Three Generations; Our Book for Sharon by her mother Jennifer Pyne Oliver, her grandmother Mable Mandeville Pyne, and her great-grandmother Emma Walter Mandeville [1957]

WARNING: After your children read the last of the above books, they will cajole their parents and grandparents to start writing for them!!

While searching for Mable Pyne's books, I found that dealers are not always careful with spelling!
You might try searching different spellings. I found these books under the names Mable Pyne,
"Mabel Pyne," and even "Mabel Pine"!

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