Reviews of the Landmark Books
and World Landmark Books

Random House described the Landmark and World Landmark books:
"WHAT ARE THE LANDMARK BOOKS? Each is a book that brings to life a great event or personality in our nation's past. Each is designed to be rich, rewarding reading, capable of stirring the heart as well as the mind. Each is intended to arouse in the reader not only an interest in the course of history, but also an understanding of how the democracy that is our heritage was forged."

"WHAT ARE THE WORLD LANDMARK BOOKS? The same splendid features that have made the Landmark Books increasingly popular since they were launched more than [then] five years ago continue in these books of world-wide scope for young readers. These, too, have outstanding authors, a wide and well-chosen variety of subjects, simple but full-of-action story narrative, large and clear print, attractive bindings, and a reasonable price."

[The original selling price of a Landmark book was $1.50.]

Reviews Contemporary with the Publishing of Landmark books:
(Most of these were collected from the dust jackets.)

"Any pre-adolescent who has not feasted on them has been cheated," --Dr. Henry F. Graff, Associate Professor of History, Columbia University, in The New York Times

"This series is superlatively well done and is a major contribution to the information and inspiration of young Americans today," --May Hill Arbuthnot in Elementary English

"They are ideal teaching aids since they present authentic information on American history in such vivid and realistic manner that boys and girls read the books voluntarily," --Bulletin of the National Association of Secondary School Principals

"The outstanding children's books of this half-century, LANDMARK BOOKS are the source of an intellectual curiosity which prompts me to read the stories immediately after they are delivered to this office. The attractions of LANDMARK BOOKS for children and many adults is without parellel in the field of children's literature." --Rev. Dr. Leo J. McCormick, Superintendant of Schools, Archdiocese of Baltimore

"Other imitative series pour in, but LANDMARK BOOKS easily keep top place. The reasons are obvious: good writers and important and appealing subjects from America's past." --New York Herald Tribune

"A welcome contribution! Young readers seem to take to the LANDMARK BOOKS without any coaxing," --Josette Frank, Staff Assistant, Child Study Association of America

"The LANDMARK series is now so well known to boys and girls that the bare announcement of new titles is enough to send them racing to the nearest bookstore or library. With their attractive format and illustrations, dramatic subjects, and simple writing by seasoned authors, they not only hold the interest of good readers, but lure the reluctant ones." --Chicago Tribune

"One of the most critically acclaimed, best-selling children's books series ever published," --The New York Times

Reviews by Homeschooling Experts:
"...a treasure worth digging for at used-book stores,"
--Greenleaf Press

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