Jean Lee Latham's Biographies

Latham was an oustanding author for young people. She wrote some of the excellent Discovery Books for children ages 6-8, as well as some gripping biographies for older children ages 9-14.

Some of her books are hard-to-find, but they are well worth the search.

Anchors Aweigh: The Story of David Glasgow Farragut

Carry On, Mr. Bowditch (1956 Newbery Medal)

David Glasgow Farragut: Our First Admiral (A Discovery Book)

Drake: The Man They Called a Pirate

Eli Whitney: Great Inventor (A Discovery Book)

Elizabeth Blackwell: Pioneer Woman Doctor (A Discovery Book)

Far Voyager: The Story of James Cook

George Goethals: Panama Canal Engineer (A Discovery Book)

Man of the Monitor: The Story of John Ericsson

Medals for Morse: Artist and Inventor

On Stage, Mr. Jefferson!

Rachel Carson: Who Loved the Sea (A Discovery Book)

Retreat to Glory: The Story of Sam Houston

Sam Houston: Hero of Texas (A Discovery Book)

Samuel F.B. Morse: Artist-Inventor (A Discovery Book)

The Chagres, Power of the Panama Canal (Rivers of the World)

The Columbia: Powerhouse of North America (Rivers of the World)

The Frightened Hero: A Story of the Siege of Latham House

The Story of Eli Whitney

This Dear-Bought Land

Trail Blazer of the Seas

Young Man in a Hurry: The Story of Cyrus W. Field


Latham also wrote non-biographical books which I have not seen.

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