Land of the Free Series

These works of historical fiction were published by The John C. Winston Company between 1948 and 1955. They are enjoyable reading for older, fluent readers--upper elementary through high school. Adults will also enjoy them!

Of the series, the publisher wrote:

"Each book in the series is an exciting story about a distinct national group from another country, and its finding of freedom in the new land. Today, America is what those people of many nationalities have made it and are still making it. Each group has brought its own important contributions to the building of a new and vigorous nation.

"The stories in THE LAND OF THE FREE series are all by foremost contemporary authors of literature for young people, with illustrations by nationally known artists. Although these distinguished books are published individually, they are designed in uniform format so that together they will offer a beautiful and universal set for every bookshelf.

"The editor of THE LAND OF THE FREE series is Erick Berry, whose many fine books in the juvenile field are already well known. As a writer, illustrator and traveler, she has acquired an unexcelled background worthy of the important project. For the series she has written and illustrated a book of her own--SEVEN BEAVER SKINS--which is a thrilling story of the Dutch who settled in New Amsterdam.

"The first series of its kind, each one is a superb story and a beautiful book."

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