Immortals of Mankind

This is an excellent set of biographical series books for middle grades and up. Literary quality varies somewhat, as usual, but most of the books are engaging and well-written.

Without exception, these titles are hard-to-find. A few are very scarce.

Parental pre-reading of the "Philosophy and Religion" titles is strongly recommended. They will not be suitable for all families.

Immediately upon the completion of this series, Franklin Watts published three books, nearly identical in length and format, under the series title, Franklin Watts Biographies. I have included them where otherwise appropriate in the following lists with the abbreviation "FWB" to distinguish them from the labelled Immortals of Mankind books.

In 1962, Franklin Watts described their Immortals of Science Biographies as follows--
"Aimed primarily at the reader who has reached the stage of in where his is 'impatient to be grown up' and do important things himself, the Immortals of Science Biographies are both informative and inspirational. The reader is given a clear concept of the period when the particular scientist lived; his early life, education, and his quest for new facts is told in such a manner that the reader himself experiences the entire process. Sufficient is told of the subject's scientific accomplishments to provide the inquiring mind with a good knowledge of the history of science--and this alone makes the series unique. Too many biographies of scientists for young people seem more concerned with inconsequential details than in telling the all-important scientific story. Indeed, the history of science is an indispensable segment of the history of all mankind's civilization."

Franklin Watts described the Immor

Immortals of Art
Goya and His Times by Monroe Stearns
Michelangelo by Monroe Stearns
Pablo Picasso, Master of Modern Art by Jeanette Struchen
Raphael, Painter of the Renaissance by Henry S. Gillette
Rembrandt and His World by Monroe Stearns

Immortals of Engineering
Eli Whitney, Founder of Modern Industry by Wilma Pitchford Hays
Frank Lloyd Wright, The Rebel Architect by Corrine J. Naden
Imhotep, Builder in Stone by Maribelle Cormack
James Watt, Inventor of a Steam Engine by Robert N. Webb
Samuel Morse and The Electronic Age by Wilma Pitchford Hays
Thomas Edison, American Inventor by Roselyn Hiebert and Ray Eldon Hiebert

Immortals of History
Abraham Lincoln by Frank B. Latham
Alexander The Great, Conqueror and Creator of a New World by Charles Alexander Robinson, Jr.
Augustus Caesar, Architect of the Empire by Monroe Stearns (FWB)
Benjamin Disraeli, Prime Minister Extraordinary by Neil Grant
Bismarck and German Unification by Louis L. Snyder and Ida Mae Brown
Captain James Cook, Genius Afloat by Daniel J. Carrison
Charlemagne, Monarch of the Middle Ages by Monroe Stearns
Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor by Neil Grant
Christopher Columbus, Navigator to the New World by Daniel J. Carrison
Elizabeth I of England by Monroe Stearns
Florence Nightingale, Founder of Modern Nursing by Barbara Harmelink
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, President for the People by Roselyn Hiebert and Ray Eldon Hiebert
Frederick the Great, Prussian Warrior and Statesman by Louis L. Snyder and Ida Mae Brown
Genghis Khan, Conqueror of the Medieval World by Robert N. Webb
George Washington by Daniel J. Carrison
Hannibal, Invader From Carthage by Robert N. Webb
Henry VIII of England by W. Norman Pittenger
Jawaharlal Nehru, The Brahman From Kashmir by Emil Lengyel
Jean Henri Dunant, Father of the Red Cross by Carol Z. Rothkopf
Joan of Arc, Maid of Orleans by Jeanette Struchen
Johann Gutenberg and the Invention of Printing by Brayton Harris (FWB)
Joseph Stalin by Douglas Liversidge
Julius Caesar, Master of Men by Monroe Stearns
Justinian the Great, Roman Emperor of the East by Thomas Fitzgerald
Karl Marx, The Father of Modern Socialism by Albert Alexander
Lajos Kossuth, Hungary's Great Patriot by Emil Lengyel
Lenin, Genius of Revolution by Douglas Liversidge
Louis XIV of France, Pattern of Majesty by Monroe Stearns
Lord Nelson by Herbert J. Gimpel
Mahatma Gandhi, The Great Soul by Emil Lengyel
Marco Polo, The Great Traveler by Robert N. Webb
Napoleon, Man of Destiny by Herbert J. Gimpel
Peter the Great, The Reformer-Tsar by Douglas Liversidge
Richard the Lion-Hearted, The Crusader King by W. Norman Pittenger
Simon Bolivar, the Liberator by Robert N. Webb
Sir Christopher Wren: Renaissance Architect, Philosopher, and Scientist by Heywood Gould
Thomas Jefferson, The Complete Man by James A. Eichner
Victoria, Queen and Empress by Neil Grant
Winston Churchill, Man of the Century by Robert N. Webb
Woodrow Wilson, Champion of Peace by Ira Mothner

Immortals of Literature
Charles Dickens by Charles Haines
Dante, Poet of Love by Monroe Stearns
Edgar Allen Poe, His Writings and Influence by Charles Haines (FWB)
Goethe, Pattern of Genius by Monroe Stearns
Jean Jacques Rousseau, the Father of Romanticism by Robert N. Webb
Leo Tolstoy by Carol Z. Rothkopf
Mark Twain by Monroe Stearns
The Theban Saga by Sophocles, edited with an introduction by Charles Alexander
William Shakespeare and His Plays by Charles Haines

Immortals of Music
Beethoven, Master Composer by Herbert J. Gimpel
Ignace Paderewski, Musician and Statesman by Emil Lengyel
Johann Sebastian Bach, Revolutionary of Music by Carmel Berman Reingold
Richard Wagner, Titan of Music by Monroe Stearns
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Master of Pure Music by Monroe Stearns

Immortals of Philosophy and Religion
Asoka the Great, India's Royal Missionary by Emil Lengyel
Confucius by Bennett B. Sims
Ignatius of Loyola, The Soldier-Saint by Douglas Liversidge
Lao-tzu and the Tao-te-ching by Bennett B. Sims
The Life of Jesus Christ by W. Norman Pittenger
The Life of Saint Augustine by Robert R. Hansel
The Life of Saint Paul by W. Norman Pittenger
The Life of Saint Peter by W. Norman Pittenger
Martin Luther, The Great Reformer by W. Norman Pittenger
Moses Maimonides: Rabbi, Philosopher, and Physician by Rebecca B. Marcus
Muhammad, Prophet of Islam by Ruth Warren
Plato, His Life and Teachings by W. Norman Pittenger
Pope John XXIII, The Gentle Shepherd by Jeanette Struchen
Saint Francis of Assisi by Douglas Liversidge
Saint Thomas Aquinas, The Angelic Doctor by W. Norman Pittenger
Socrates, The Father of Western Philosophy by Bayly Turlington
The Story of Moses by Francine Klagsbrun

Immortals of Science
Albert Einstein and The Theory of Relativity by Herbert Kondo
Alessandro Volta and the Electric Battery by Bern Dibner
Antoine Lavoisier and the Revolution in Chemistry by Rebecca B. Marcus
Archimedes and the Door of Science by Jeanne Bendick
Aristotle, Dean of Early Science by Glanville Downey
Benjamin Franklin, Man of Science by Irmengarde Eberle
Carl Friedrich Gauss, Prince of Mathematicians by William Leonard Schaaf
Carl Linnaeus, Pioneer of Modern Botany by Alice Dickinson
Charles Darwin & Natural Selection by Alice Dickinson
Copernicus, Titan of Modern Astronomy by David C. Knight
The Curies and Radium by Elizabeth Rubin
Edward Jenner & Smallpox Vaccination by Irmengarde Eberle
Euclid and Geometry by Estelle Allen DeLacy
Galileo and Experimental Science by Rebecca B. Marcus
Gregor Mendel and Heredity by Robert N. Webb
Hippocrates, Father of Medicine by Herbert S. Goldberg
Humphry Davy and Chemical Discovery by Elba O. Carrier
Isaac Newton, Mastermind of Modern Science by David C. Knight
James Clerk Maxwell and Electromagnetism by Charles Paul May
Johannes Kepler & Planetary Motion by David C. Knight
Joseph Priestly, Pioneer Chemist by Rebecca B. Marcus
Josiah W. Gibbs, American Theoretical Physicist by Benedict A.Leerburger
Leonardo da Vinci, Pathfinder of Science by Henry S. Gillette
Louis Pasteur, Founder of Microbiology by Mary June Burton
Michael Faraday and the Electric Dynamo by Charles Paul May
Philippe Pinel, Unchainer of the Insane by Bernard Mackler
Robert Boyle, Founder of Modern Chemistry by Harry Sootin
Robert Koch, Father of Bacteriology by David C. Knight
Sigmund Freud by Francine Klagsbrun
Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen and the Discovery of X Rays by Bern Dibner
William Harvey, Trailblazer of Scientific Medicine by Rebecca B. Marcus
The Wright Brothers, Pioneers of Power Flight by Carroll V. Glines

Masters of Infamy (format identical to Immortals)
Attila, King of the Huns by Robert N. Webb