Horizon-Caravel Books

This series is a companion to the American Heritage Junior Library. Like those, these books are well-written; they quote heavily from and rely on primary source documents and are abundantly illustrated with contemporary paintings, drawings, maps, and engravings.

They are designed for serious history students, junior high level or above.

Many of the books are easily found. Careful, patient shoppers should be able to find most of the books for no more than $4-5 each.

Alexander the Great by Charles Mercer [1962]
Battle of Waterloo by J. Christopher Herold [1967]
Beethoven by David Jacobs [1970]
Building the Suez Canal by S. C. Burchell [1966]
Caesar by Irwin Isenberg [1964]
Captain Cook and the South Pacific by Oliver Warner [1963]
Charlemagne by Richard Winston [1968]
Charles Darwin and the Origin of Species by Walter Karp [1968]
Constantinople and the Byzantine Empire by David Jacobs [1971]
Constantinople: City on the Golden Horn by David Jacobs [1969] (may be same as above book)
Cortes and the Aztec Conquest by Irwin L. Blacker [1965]
Desert War in North Africa by Stephen W. Sears [1967]
Exploration of Africa by Thomas Sterling [1963]
Ferdinand and Isabella by Melveena McKendrick [1968]
The French Revolution by David L. Dowd [1964]
Heroes of Polar Exploration by Ralph K. Andrist [1962]
Holy Land in the Time of Jesus by Norman Kotket [1967]
Joan of Arc by Jay Williams [1963]
Knights of the Crusades by Jay Williams [1962]
Leonardo da Vinci by Jay Williams [1965]
Lorenzo de Medici and the Renaissance by Charles L. Mee [1969]
Marco Polo's Adventures in China by Milton Rugoff [1964]
Master Builders of the Middle Ages by David Jacobs [1969]
Mountain Conquest by Eric Shipton [1966]
Nelson and the Age of Fighting Sail by Oliver Warner [1963]
Pharoahs of Egypt by Jaquetta Hawkes [1965]
Pizarro and the Conquest of Peru by Cecil Howard [1968]
Russia in Revolution by E. M. Halliday [1967]
Russia Under the Czars by Henry Moscow [1962]
The Search for Early Man by John E. Peiffer [1963]
The Search for King Arthur by Christopher Hibbert [1969]
Shakespeare's England by Louis B. Wright [1964]
Spanish Armada by Jay Williams [1966]
The Universe of Galileo and Newton by William Bixby [1964]
The Vikings by Frank R. Donovan [1964]