Biographies for Young Readers by Harry James Albus

If you will not accept the theory, "It doesn't matter what they are reading as long as they are reading," then these are books that you may want to put in your children's hands immediately.

God uses great books to change lives--and these are of the very highest caliber. Wonderful, well-written, action-packed, exciting biographies, beautifully written from a Christian perspective.

Not just Christian biographies, but oustanding Christian biographies for young readers! Albus had the ability to really encourage young readers, strengthen their faith, and honestly provoke them to love and good deeds.

Christianity today is sometimes floundering in weakness and self-absorption. If you want to pass onto your children a Christianity that has some guts to it, that is characterized by a courageous willingness to give all for Jesus, that is blessed with a fiery and breath-taking love for others, these books are some of the very finest.

These books are hard-to-find! Wouldn't someone with the calling to do so bring them back in print?

Boy from Northfield: The life of Dwight L. Moody in Story Form

Concentration Camp Hero: The Story of Martin Niemoeller for Young People

The "Deep River" Girl: The Life of Marian Anderson in Story Form

Doctor Livingstone, I Presume? Henry M. Stanley's Search for David Livingstone in the Jungles of Africa

Honest Abe: The Story of Abraham Lincoln

Mr. Penney; the life of J. C. Penney in Story Form

Music Maker: The life of Johann Sebastian Bach in Story Form

The Peanut Man: The Life of George Washington Carver in Story Form

The following two books are not part of of the Biographies for Young Readers series, but are equally excellent and strongly recommended for ages 12 and up!

Samuel, My Friend

Twentieth-century Onesiphorus, the story of Leslie M. Anglin and the Home of Onesiphorus

If you decide to read the last two books, or even if you don't, please visit Kids Alive International.