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Garrard Publishing Company in Champaign, Illinois published, during the 1960's, a number of children's biographical and historical series books. These books are interesting to children and well-written.

The first four series' listed above are written for our younger children and are most suitable for the early to middle elementary years. As soon as children have attained basic fluency, they can begin reading through these books independently, thus creating a storehouse of names, dates, and places which familiarize them for a later, more detailed study of American and later world history.

I prefer these series' to other historical series books for this age level because they give an account, with suitable detail, of the character as an adult, outlining the accomplishments for which he is best known. I would suggest that you, as a parent, look through the following list of titles in the Discovery, World Explorer, American Indian, and Americans All series' and make a determination which personages are most important for your children to know, at a young age.

In these series, the characters are all treated as heroes. Our family is convinced that not all of these historical figures are worthy of our emulation--probably not all of them are due the attention of a very young child. I try to present exhaustive, uncensored lists in the interest of completeness and not with the intent to convince you that these are ALL excellent books. You may prefer to pick and choose among the titles and search for those that you would most want your young children to admire rather than attempt to acquire complete sets of these books.

The later three series listed above are written at a higher reading level and are more detailed. They would be most suitable for mid-elementary use. The Colony Leader books that I have seen so far do well correlating the leaders' characters and decisions with their Christian beliefs, when appropriate.

Abigail Adams, "Dear Partner," by Helen Stone Peterson
Abraham Lincoln, For the People by Anne Colver/Polly Anne Graff
Alexander Graham Bell, Man of Sound by Elizabeth Rider Montgomery
Amelia Earhart, Pioneer in the Sky by John Parlin
Andrew Jackson, Pioneer and President by John Parlin
Annie Oakley, the Shooting Star by Charles P. Graves
Benjamin Franklin, Man of Ideas by Charles P. Graves
Booker T. Washington, Leader of His People by Lillie Patterson
Buffalo Bill, Wild West Showman by Mary Richmond Davidson
Charles Lindbergh, Hero Pilot by David R. Collins
Clara Barton, Soldier of Mercy by Mary Catherine Rose
Daniel Boone, Taming the Wilds by Katherine E. Wilkie
David Glasgow Farragut, Our First Admiral by Jean Lee Latham
Davy Crockett, Hero of the Wild Frontier by Elizabeth Robards Mosely
Dolly Madison, Famous First Lady by Mary Richmond Davidson
Dorothea L. Dix, Hospital Founder by Mary Malone
Eleanor Roosevelt, First Lady Of The World by Charles P. Graves
Eli Whitney, Great Inventor by Jean Lee Latham
Elizabeth Blackwell, Pioneer Woman Doctor by Jean Lee Latham
Ernest Thompson Seton, Scout and Naturalist by Wyatt Blassingame
Florence Nightingale, War Nurse by Anne Colver/Polly Anne Graff
Francis Marion, Swamp Fox of the Carolinas by Elizabeth and Carl Carmer
Francis Scott Key, Poet and Patriot by Lillie Patterson
Franklin D. Roosevelt, Four Times President by Wyatt Blassingame
Frederick Douglass, Freedom Fighter by Lillie Patterson
George Rogers Clark, Frontier Fighter by Adele deLeeuw
George W. Goethals, Panama Canal Engineer by Jean Lee Latham
George Washington, Father of Freedom by Stewart Graff
George Washington Carver, Negro Scientist by Samuel and Beryl Epstein
Harry S. Truman, People's President by David Collins
Helen Keller, Toward the Light by Stewart and Polly Anne Graff
Henry Clay, Leader in Congress by Helen Stone Peterson
Henry Hudson, Captain of the Ice Bound Seas by Carl Carmer
Jane Addams, Pioneer of Hull House by Helen Peterson
Jed Smith, Trailblazer and Trapper by Frank Brown Latham
Jim Beckwourth, Black Trapper and Indian Chief by Wyatt Blassingame
Jim Bridger, Man of the Mountains by Willard and Celia Luce
John F. Kennedy, New Frontiersman by Charles P. Graves
John James Audubon, Bird Artist by James Sterling Ayars
John Paul Jones, Sailor Hero by Stewart Graff
John Muir, Friend of Nature by Margaret Goff Clark
Juliette Low, Girl Scout Founder by Ruby L. Radford
Kit Carson, Pathfinder to the West by Nardi (Reeder) Campion
Lafayette, French-American Hero by Claire Huchet Bishop
Leif the Lucky, Discoverer of America by Erick Berry
Liliuokalani, Queen of Hawaii by Mary Malone
Linda Richards, First American Trained Nurse by David R. Collins
Lucretia Mott, Foe of Slavery by Doris Faber
Luther Burbank, Partner of Nature by Doris Faber
Marcus and Narcissa Whitman, Oregon Pioneers by Marian T. Place
Maria Mitchell, Stargazer by Katharine E. Wilkie
Martha Washington, First Lady of the Land by LaVere Anderson
Mary McLeod Bethune, Teacher with a Dream by LaVere Anderson
Mary Todd Lincoln, President's Wife by Lavere Anderson
P. T. Barnum, King of the Circus by Lynn Groh
Paul Revere, Rider for Liberty by Charles P. Graves
Rachel Carson, Who Loved the Sea by Jean Lee Latham
Richard E. Byrd, Adventurer to the Poles by Adele deLeeuw
Ringling Brothers, The, Circus Family by Richard and Sally Glendinning
Robert E. Lee, Hero of the South by Charles P. Graves
Robert E. Peary, North Pole Conqueror by Erick Berry
Robert Fulton, Steamboat Builder by Joanne Landers Henry
Robert H. Goddard, Space Pioneer by Milton Lomask
Sacagawea, Indian Guide by Wyatt Blassingame
Sam Houston, Hero of Texas by Jean Lee Latham
Samuel F. B. Morse, Artist-Inventor by Jean Lee Latham
Stephen Decatur, Fighting Sailor by Wyatt Blassingame
Tad Lincoln, Abe's Son by Anderson Lavere
Theodore Roosevelt, Man of Action by James C. Beach
Thomas Alva Edison, Miracle Maker by Mervyn D. Kaufman
Thomas Jefferson, Author of Independence by Anne Colver/Polly Anne Graff
Ulysses S. Grant, Horseman and Fighter by Colonel Red Reeder
William Penn, Friend to All by Katherine E. Wilkie
Wright Brothers, The, Kings of the Air by Mervyn D. Kaufman

A World Explorer: ...
Amerigo Vespucci by Faith Yingling Knoop
Christopher Columbus by Mervyn D. Kaufman
Ferdinand Magellan by Lynn Groh
Francisco Coronado by Faith Yingling Knoop
Fridtjof Nansen by Erick Berry
Henry Morton Stanley by Charles Parlin Graves
Hernando Cortez by Stewart Graff
Hernando De Soto by Elizabeth Rider Montgomery
James Cook by Adele deLeeuw
John Smith by Charles P. Graves
Lewis and Clark by Elizabeth Rider Montgomery
Marco Polo by Charles P. Graves
Ponce de Leon by Wyatt Blassingame
Roald Amundsen by Cateau deLeeuw
Robert Falcon Scott by Joan Bristow
Sir Edmund Hillary by Faith Yingling Knoop
Sir Francis Drake by John T. Foster
Sir Walter Raleigh by Adele deLeeuw
Vasco Nunez de Balboa by FaithYingling Knoop

Black Hawk, Indian Patriot by LaVere Anderson
Chief Joseph, Guardian of His People
by Elizabeth Rider Montgomery
Chief Seattle, Great Statesman by Elizabeth Rider Montgomery
Crazy Horse, Sioux Warrior by Enid LaMonte Meadowcroft
Jim Beckworth, Black Trapper and Indian Chief by Wyatt Blassingame
Massasoit, Friend of the Pilgrims
by Virginia E. Voight
Osceola, Seminold War Chief by Wyatt Blassingame
Pocahontas, Indian Princess by Katharine E. Wilkie
Pontiac, Mighty Ottawa Chief by Virginia F. Voight
Quanah Parker, Indian Warrior for Peace by LaVere Anderson
Red Cloud, Sioux War Chief
by Virginia F. Voight
Sequoyah, The Cherokee Who Captured Words by Lillie Patterson
Sitting Bull, Great Sioux Chief by Lavere Anderson
Squanto, Indian Adventurer by Stewart and Polly Anne Graff
Tecumseh, Shawnee Warrior-Statesman by James McCague

Adam Bradford, Cowboy by Don Russell
Allan Pinkerton, First Private Eye by LaVere Anderson
Andrew Carnegie, Giant of Industry by Mary Malone
Benjamin Banneker, Astronomer and Scientist by Margaret Goff Clark
Cesar Chavez, Man of Courage by Florence Meiman White
Coretta Scott King (no subtitle) by Lillie Patterson
Duke Ellington, King of Jazz by Elizabeth Rider Montgomery
Enrico Fermi, Father of Atomic Power by Sam and Beryl Epstein
Father Flanagan, Founder of Boys Town by Charles Parlin Graves
Gordon Parks, Black Photographer and Film Maker by Terry Harnan
Grandma Moses, Favorite Painter by Charles Parlin Graves
Harriet Tubman, Guide to Freedom by Sam and Beryl Epstein
Harry Houdini, Master of Magic by Robert Kraske
Henry Ford, Automotive Pioneer by Elizabeth Rider Montgomery
Jacqueline Cochrane, First Lady of Flight by Marquita O. Fisher
Jake Gaither, Winning Coach by Wyatt Blassingame
Jim Thorpe, All Around Athlete by George Sullivan
Knute Rockne, Notre Dame's Football Great by George Sullivan
Lou Gehrig, Iron Man of Baseball by Willard and Celia Luce
Louis Armstrong, Ambassador Satchmo by Jean Gay Cornell
Mahalia Jackson, Queen of Gospel Song by Jean Gay Cornell
Malcolm X, Black and Proud by Florence Meiman White
Martin Luther King, Jr., Man of Peace by Lillie Patterson
Milton Hershey, Chocolate King by Mary Malone
Nellie Bly, Reporter for the World by Charles Parlin Graves
Phillis Wheatley, America's First Black Poetess by Miriam Morris Fuller
Quanah Parker, Indian Warrior for Peace by LaVere Anderson
Ralph Bunche, Champion of Peace by Jean Gay Cornell
Robert F. Kennedy, Man Who Dared to Dream by Charles Parlin Graves
Sojourner Truth, Fearless Crusader by Helen Stone Peterson
Susan B. Anthony, Pioneer in Women's Rights by Helen Stone Peterson
Walt Disney, Master of Make-believe by Elizabeth Rider Montgomery
Walter Reed, Pioneer in Medicine by Lynn Groh
Whitney Young, Jr., Crusader for Equality by Peggy Mann
Will Rogers, Cowboy Philosopher by Elizabeth Rider Montgomery
William Beebe, Underwater Explorer by Wyatt Blassingame
William C. Handy, Father of the Blues by Elizabeth Rider Montgomery

A Colony Leader: ...
Anne Hutchinson by Doris Faber
James Edward Oglethorpe by Ruby Radford and Charles Parlin Graves
Peter Stuyvesant by Adele de Leeuw
Roger Williams by Helen Stone Peterson
William Bradford by Charles Parlin Graves

Bent's Fort, Crossroads of the Great West by Wyatt Blassingame
Brave Balloonists, America's First Airmen by Esther M. Douty
Circus Days Under the Big Top by Richard Glendinning
Flatboat Days on Frontier Rivers by James McCague
Lumberjacks of the North Woods by Lillie Patterson
Mississippi Steamboat Days by James McCague
Mr. Jefferson's Washington by Esther M. Douty
New Amsterdam, Old Holland in the New World by Caroline D. Emerson
Old Ben Franklin's Philadelphia by Elizabeth Rider Montgomery
Pilgrims, The, Brave Settlers of Philadelphia by Lynn Groh
Stagecoach Days and Stagecoach Kings by Virginia Voight
Sutter's Fort, Empire on the Sacramento by Willard and Celia Luce
When a Ton of Gold Reached Seattle by Elizabeth Rider Montgomery
When Americans Came to New Orleans
by Frances Cavanah
When Cape Cod Men Saved Lives by Edward C. Janes
When Chicago Was Young by James McCague
When Clipper Ships Ruled the Seas by James McCague
When Cowboys Rode the Chisholm Trail by James McCague
When Jamestown was a Colonial Capital by Mary Evans Andrews
When Men First Flew by James McCague
When Men Panned Gold in the Klondike by Edward C. Janes
When Mountain Men Trapped Beaver by Richard Glendinning
When Nantucket Men Went Whaling by Enid LaMonte Meadowcroft
When Pioneers Pushed West to Oregon by Elizabeth Rider Montgomery
When the Rails Ran West by James McCague
When Wagon Trains Rolled to Santa Fe by Erick Berry
Young Paul Revere's Boston by Samuel and Beryl Epstein

The Amazon, River Sea of Brazil by Armstrong Sperry, Armstrong
The Chagres, Power of the Panama Canal by Jean Lee Latham
The Colorado, Mover of Mountains by Alexander L. Crosby
The Columbia, Powerhouse of North America by Jean Lee Latham
The Congo, River into Central Africa by Patricia Lauber
The Ganges, Sacred River of India by Violet Weingarten
The Hudson, River of History by May McNeer
The Indus, South Asia's Highway of History by Jane Werner Watson
The Jordan, River of the Promised Land by Violet Weingarten
The Mackenzie, River to the Top of the World by Beatrice Lambie
The Mississippi, Giant at Work by Patricia Lauber
The Niger, Africa's River of Mystery by Jane Werner Watson
The Nile, Lifeline of Egypt by Violet Weingarten
The Rhone, River of Contrasts by Francis Willard Von Maltitz
The Rimac, River of Peru by Alexander L. Crosby
The Rio Grande, Life for the Desert by Alexander L. Crosby
The Sacramento, Golden River of California by Samuel and Beryl Epstein
The St. Lawrence, Seaway of North America by Anne Terry White
The Seine, River of Paris by Hazel Wilson
The Shannon, River of Loughs and Legends by Nina Nowlan
The Susquehanna, From New York to the Chesapeake by Carl and Elizabeth Carmer
The Thames, London's River by Noel Streatfield
The Tiber, The Roman River by Nina Nowlan
The Volga, Russian's River of Five Seas by Jane Werner Watson
The Yangtze, China's River Highway by Cornelia Spencer

Baden-Powell, Chief Scout of the World by Wyatt Blassingame
Omar Nelson Bradley by Colonel Red Reeder
Sequoyah, The Cherokee Who Captured Words by Lillie Patterson