Frontiers of America

Most of these were written by Edith McCall. If you can add information to this list, see my Guestbook.

Cowboys and Cattle Drives
Cumberland Gap and Trails West
Explorers in a New World
Forts in the Wilderness
Gold Rush Adventures
Grizzly Adams by Harry Clebourne James
Heroes of the Western Outposts
Hunters Blaze the Trails
Log Fort Adventures
Mail Riders, Paul Revere to Pony Express
Men on Iron Horses
Over the Mormon Trail
by Helen Hinckley Jones
Pioneer Show Folk
Pioneer Traders
Pioneering on the Plains
Pioneers on Early Waterways
Pirates and Privateers
Settlers on a Strange Shore [AKA Adventures of the American Colonies]
Stalwart Men of Early Texas
Steamboats to the West [AKA Stories of American Steamboats]
Wagons Over the Mountains