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World Book Encyclopedia 2009.
Very Good. Bright & clean, just as pictured. Most volumes feel like they were never opened. Ex-library but with no exterior labels, so it looks new on the shelf. Acid-free reinforcement to the turn-in on each cover. (Not from a Christian perspective obviously, but a beautiful reference set.)

$199, including insured Media Mail shipping (1-3 weeks).



Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30. Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

Zellie Blake: Lowell, Massachusetts, 1834 [American Diaries]. Kathleen Duey. Aladdin, 2002.

(I haven't read this one.) Historical fiction, mystery. "Grandmamma has died and Zellie has no other family. She desperately needs her job with mean-spirited Mrs. Gird, who runs a boardinghouse for the girls who work at the textile mills. When Mrs. Gird tells Zellie to eavesdrop and report what she hears, Zellie is surprised. The girls' conversations seem ordinary to her."

Very Good. $3

Castle. David Macaulay. Houghton Mifflin, Ages 10 and up. 80 pages.

Impressive work, with Caldecott Honors for two of these! When our first daughter was a baby, and we were deciding to educate her at home, I knew right away that I would need to find a copy of Macaulay's brilliant Motel of the Mysteries. How happy I was to discover that Macaulay wrote many more books! These are outstanding, both in illustration and text. Very detailed. Do not let a young artist, engineer, or historian miss them! See my page on David Macaulay.

Very Good. Book itself is close to new. Bright dust jacket is Very Good with some edge wear and a few tiny tears at the top edge. Jacket also has fa few impressions like someone was briefly using it to support a paper for writing or drawingr. $8

Tutankhamen's Gift. Robert Sabuda. Atheneum, 1994. Hardcover. Ages 6 and up. Picture book.

Wonderful pictures! "fWith astonishing artwork created from cut paper and inks on genuine handmade Egyptian papyrus, this simply written account of one of Egypt's most fabled kings follows Tutankhamen from his frail childhood through his brief but magnificent reign. A New York Times Notable Children's Book."

Good- ex-library. Pages are bright and crisp. Three cover corners are heavily worn. $3

The Story of King Arthur and His Knights. Howard Pyle. Scribner/Atheneum, 1903, recent reprint. Hardcover. Ages 13/14 and up. 313 pages.

This is my favorite unabridged edition with the original illustrations by Howard Pyle.

Close to new. Dust jacket is bright and glossy with just a hint of shelf wear. $6

Cleopatra. Diane Stanley and Peter Vennema. Morrow, 1994. Hardcover. Ages 8 and up. 48 pages.

"Cleopatra's name still glitters across history, evoking opulence, ambition, and tragedy. Raised in the shadow of the mighty Roman Empire, she dared to dream of a world united under Egyptian rule. She almost succeeded, and if she had, we would live in a far different world today. Cleopatra was not the renowned beauty of legend--her strength lay in her intelligence, courage, and charm, and she would need all three in her short and perilous reign. She became Queen of Egypt at eighteen and by twenty had been driven from her throne. But she raised an army and won the support of the great Julius Caesar, who helped her return to rule. We will never know what these two brilliant and ambitious people might have accomplished together, for Caesar soon fell to Roman assassins. Instead, it was Mark Antony, another famous Roman, who risked everything with Cleopatra in pursuit Of world power."

Like New book. Very Good dust jacket. $10

Ancient Egypt [A Civilization Project Book]. Susan Purdy and Cass R. Sandak. Watts, 1982. Hardcover. Ages 9 and up. 32 pages.

"A hands-on approach to learning about various civilizations with a wide range of projects associated with each culture." Projects include building a paper model of The Great Pyramid, a paper-mâché sarcophagus, a scroll illustrated in hieroglyphics, and more.

Good ex-library. $4

The Flu Epidemic [American Adventure #37]. JoAnn A. Grote. Barbour, 1998. Softcover. Ages 8 and up. 143 pages.

"History comes alive for eight-to-twelve year olds in this close-up, fun-to-read, multi-generational story of a fictional family spanning three centuries of actual historical events. God's hand is seen at work in people's lives and in the events that shaped our nation."

Good. Small damp-stain on front cover. Nice clean copy. $3

Confucius: The Golden Rule. Russell Freedman, illus by Frédéric Clément. Scholastic, 2002. Hardcover. Ages 9 and up. 48 pages.

"America's premier biographer for young people illuminates the remarkable life and far-reaching influence of the famous Chinese philosopher. Born in China in 551 B. C., Confucius rose from poverty to the heights of his country's ruling class. But then he quit his high post for the life of an itinerant philosopher. "The Analects" collects his teachings on education and government, the definition of nobility, the equality of man and the right way and purpose of living, ideas that eventually spread to the West and influenced the great thinkers of the Enlightenment."

Confucius is a very important figure in world history. Christian parents will want to discuss some of the issues the book raises.

Very Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. Mylar is slightly rippled. $5

Secrets from the Rocks: Dinosaur Hunting with Roy Chapman Andrews. Albert Marrin. Dutton, 2002. Hardcover. Ages 11 and up. 64 pages.

Roy Chapman Andrews grew up near my home. Some say that the character "Indiana Jones" was modeled after him. "'I was born to be an explorer. I couldn't do anything else and be happy.' Starting in 1922, Roy Chapman Andrews, working for the American Museum of Natural History, conceived a whole new 'team' way of searching for fossils and led five car-and-camel expeditions to the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. His team's discoveries-of dinosaur eggs, new dinosaur species, and the earliest mammals-changed the way we think about the great Age of Dinosaurs. In deft, vivid strokes, master storyteller and historian Albert Marrin captures the excitement and the science of the expedition's encounters not only with fossils but with suffocating sandstorms, snakes, bandits, a strange culture, political turmoil, and more."

Like New in a bright, glossy dust jacket. $6

Stephen Biesty's Cross-Sections: Man-of-War: See Inside an Amazing 18th-century Warship. Stephen Biesty. DK, 1993. Hardcover. Ages 7 through adult, but younger children will like the pictures. 30 pages.

Absorbing and amazing. "The author of Incredible Cross-Sections takes a detailed look inside an eighteenth-century warship, providing fascinating facts about the ship and the people aboard it"

Fair ex-library. This is a HURT BOOK. A bit loose, page-turning bends, some tears, light smudges in margins, a worn cover. $3

Goin' Someplace Special [Coretta Scott King Award]. Patricia C. McKissack, illus by Jerry Pinkney. Atheneum, 2001. Hardcover. Ages 5 and up. Picture Book.

"There's a place in this 1950s southern town where all are welcome, no matter what their skin color...and 'Tricia Ann knows exactly how to get there. To her, it's someplace special and she's bursting to go by herself. When her grandmother sees that she's ready to take such a big step, 'Tricia Ann hurries to catch the bus heading downtown. But unlike the white passengers, she must sit in the back behind the Jim Crow sign and wonder why life's so unfair. Still, for each hurtful sign seen and painful comment heard, there's a friend around the corner reminding 'Tricia Ann that she's not alone. And even her grandmother's words -- "You are somebody, a human being -- no better, no worse than anybody else in this world" -- echo in her head, lifting her spirits and pushing her forward. Patricia C. McKissack's poignant story of growing up in the segregated South and Jerry Pinkney's rich, detailed watercolors lead readers to the doorway of freedom."

Very Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $4

Martin Luther King, Jr.: Free at Last. David A Adler, illus by Robert Casilla. Holiday, 1988. Hardcover. Ages 7 and up. Picture Book.

"A biography of the Baptist minister who worked unceasingly for his dream of a world without hate, prejudice, or violence, and was assassinated in the attempt."

Very Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $4

Home for Good. Erna Oleson Xan. Ives Washburn, 1952. Hardcover. Ages 13 and up. 276 pages.

Fictionalized autobiography. A Wisconsin, Norwegian-American childhood in the 1910's. A second generation sequel to her book, Wisconsin My Home.

Good. No dust jacket. From a church library. Minor stains on cover and edges. $9

Tortured for Christ. Richard Wurmbrand. Living Sacrifice, 1967, 1998. Softcover. Ages 16 and up. 170 pages.

Especially difficult for younger or more sensitive readers. "After years of imprisonment and solitary confinement, enduring inhumane torture, Richard Wurmbrand emerges with a powerful testimony of courageous faith. Even today, believers are suffering and dying for Christ, yet their faith will not falter under the most unthinkable persecutions. In this stirring account, Wurmbrand (founder of The Voice of the Martyrs) encourages us to remember those in chains and equips us to help our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ around the world."

Very Good. $4

Early Health and Medicine [Early Settler Life Series]. Crabtree, 1983. Hardcover. Ages 11 and up. 64 pages.

"Describes the health care of the settlers, looks at natural medicines, Indian remedies, nutrition, and common ailments, and discusses epidemics, hospitals, and the development of vaccinations."

Fair to Good. Very clean pages. Sturdy copy. Heavier wear to cover with spine covered with clear tape. $3

Sports [DK Eyewitness Books]. Tim Hammond. DK, 1988. Hardcover. Ages 8 and up. 64 pages.

"Discover the equipment, history, and rules of the world's most popular sports in fascinating close-up."

Very Good. $3

Ancient Egypt [DK Eyewitness Books]. Michele Byam. DK, 1988. Hardcover. Ages 8 and up. 64 pages.

"Here is a spectacular and informative new guide to the fascinating story of Ancient Egypt. Stunning, real-life photographs of everything from jewels to tools and toys to mummies offer a unique 'eyewitness' view of the history and people of Ancient Egypt."

Very Good. $5

Secrets, Lies, Gizmos, and Spies: A History of Spies and Espionage. Janet Wyman Colemand with The International Spy Museum. Abrams, 2006. Softcover. Ages 11 and up. 116 pages.

Abundantly illustrated. "Published in conjunction with the International Spy Museum in Washington DC, this heavily illustrated volume details the secret history of spies and espionage through the ages. From the Trojan War to World War II, from James Bond to Austin Powers, all aspiring secret agents will learn about extraordinary and harrowing tales of famous spies and classified operations. Featuring many photos of concealed weapons and covert gadgets, interviews with real spies, guides to key terms, and other death-defying spy stories, Secrets, Lies, Gizmos, and Spies will reveal the unbelievable and unpredictable world of artful deception."

Very Good. $3

Hieroglyph It! Discover the Picture Language of Ancient Egypt. Sue and Steve Weatherill. Barron's, 1995. Softcover kit. Ages 7 or 8 and up.

Includes activity and fact book, glyph stencils, color stickers, paper, cards, envelopes, and 3 pages of master glyphs.

New and sealed but outer plastic sleeve is worn. $5

Famous Animals in History and Legend. Noelle Brun, illus by Lise Marin, Jean Giannini, Rene Peron, and Marek Rudnicki. Lion Press, 1968. Hardcover. Read aloud for ages 6 and up. 64 pages.

Larger format. Beautiful anthology of 2-page bedtime stories, each well-illustrated in color. Different art styles all characteristic of the 1960's. The stories are well-written and engaging. Very hard-to-find.

Includes the stories of Noah's Gentle Dove, Diana's Hind, She-Wolf of Rome, The Capitol Geese [Rome & the Gauls], Alexander's Horse Bucephalus, The King's Elephant [Porus of India], Actee's Tigress [Actee, the Christian--Roman Colisseum], and over 20 more.

Fair-Good. Pictorial cover as pictured. Bright clean pages. Good and sturdy. Cover has HEAVY edge wear, spine is covered with worn cloth library tape, new spine label applied by the library. Front free endpaper has been removed. $18

Badger Tales [Wisconsin State History for Children, 2nd Edition]. Clara Tutt. Lyons & Carnahan, 1940, 1955. Hardcover. Ages 9 and up. 216 pages.

This is the 1955 second edition which has the same content with a supplemental chapter on famous Wisconsinites. Well-illustrated school reader includes Before White Men Came to Wisconsin, Missionaries and Fur Traders, Earliest Settlers, Early Ways of Travel, People from Across the Sea, In the Lumber Country, Wisconsin's Dairy Products, Exploring Wisconsin's Resources, and Studying Wisconsin.

An excerpt--
"Jean Nicolet was disappointed. This trip had taken weeks of hard traveling. He had come across many lakes and rivers. He had listened to the Indian tales of a great nation by the side of a Big Sea Water and had hoped that the Indians were talking about China. All the world wanted to find a short route to that rich land. Jean Nicolet had wanted very much to be the first man to find that short route to China."

Fair-Good. This nice, sturdy copy has clean pages but a WORN cover with fraying at the edges and corners. $10

The Shipwrecked Sailor: An Egyptian Tale with Hieroglyphs. Tamara Bower. Atheneum, 2000. Hardcover. Picture Book.

Very Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $8

Greek Myths for Young Children. Marcia Williams. Walker, 1991. Hardcover. Ages 8 and up. 32 pages.

My kids have been so excited to see each new Marcia Williams books as they've come out. They are fun, funny, memorable, creative, and educational.

"Retells eight of the best-known Greek myths, including "Pandora's Box," "The Twelve Tasks of Heracles," "Theseus and the Minotaur," and others, using simple language and a colorful comic strip format."

Good. $10

Hooray for Inventors. Marcia Williams. Candlewick, 2005. Hardcover. Ages 8 and up. 32 pages.

"What are your eight favorite inventions, and who were the persevering minds behind them? In a style as vivacious and accessible as ever, Marcia Williams honors the fine folks who brought us the printing press, the steam condenser, the steam train, the electric light, all of them stepping stones to ever more awesome inventions to come. Interspersed are brief snapshots of more than a hundred other inventions, from toothpaste to toilet paper rolls, the World Wide Web to, yes, sliced bread. There's also a tribute to women inventors — the force behind such indispensable items as windshield wipers, submarine telescopes, and bulletproof vests."

Very Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $6

What People Wore: A Visual History of Dress from Ancient Times to Twentieth-century America. Douglas Gorsline. Bonanza, 1952. Hardcover. Ages 8 and up. 269 pages.

Intended for adults but mostly pictures. I am feeling the pangs of nostalgia. This has been one of the most used and best beloved books in our history library, but since I am no longer educating 7 daughters together, I no longer need THREE copies! Hundreds of detailed black-and-white line drawings are perfect for copying into history notebooks, designing doll dresses & costumes, dressing characters in storybooks, and much more. I have reviewed numerous books on this subject, and this is my favorite. (My daughters saw them all, and they agreed. If they were all here this afternoon, I would hear a chorus of, "Oh! THAT book!")

Good. Nice and clean. No dust jacket. Very faintly musty. $8

 Joseph. Brain Wildsmith. Eerdmans, 1997. Hardcover. Ages 8 and up. 32 pages

"The story of Joseph and his coat of many colors is a favorite Bible story-full of dramatic events and enduring lessons in love and faith. Because Joseph is Jacobs favorite son, Josephs brothers are jealous. Their jealousy deepens when Jacob gives Joseph a beautiful coat, and they decide to sell Joseph as a slave for twenty pieces of silver. But God is watching over Joseph, and he survives imprisonment, captures Pharaohs interest and respect, and becomes a powerful ruler in Egypt. Eventually he meets his brothers again, and his family, by the grace of God, is reunited. The tale of eleven brothers who sell their favored brother into slavery is a story about envy, greed, and power, but also a story about love, compassion, and forgiveness. Above all, it is a story about the power and mercy of God as he draws a bitterly divided family back together and in the process changes the course of nations."

Good-Very Good. Sturdy, very clean pages, cover is bumped & lightly scratched. $8

 Sarah, Plain and Tall [1986 Newbery Medal]. Patricia MacLachlan. Harper, 1985. Hardcover. Ages 8 and up. 58 pages.

Wonderful story. Caleb and Anna lost their mother when Caleb was a newborn baby. When their father places an ad in the newspaper, seeking a wife, Sarah responds. Set in the western US during pioneer times.

Like New. Beautiful dust jacket. $5

We Were There at The Battle of the Bulge. David Shepherd, illus by George Kraynak. Grosset, 1961. Ages 8 and up. 181 pages.

My grandmother had a set of We Were There... books. I read her copy of We Were There at the Oklahoma Land Run when I was six years old. I have never forgotten the thrill of anticipation as settlers lined up, waiting to run, waiting to discover what land would be theirs! See my page on the We Were There series.

Good-Very Good ex-library. Mild edge wear to the cover, just a hint of fraying at the spine ends. Very bright, very clean pages. $6

Winding Valley Farm: Annie's Story. Anne Pellowski, illus by Wendy Watson. Saint Mary's, 1982, 1998. Softcover. Ages 8 and up. 192 pages.

Standing alone as a story, but second in a series of five children's novels, this tells the story of a young girl, the child of Polish immigrants, as she grows up happily on her family's farm in Wisconsin. In the early 1900's, living on a farm meant hard work for everyone, but Annie loved the farm and could not imagine living any other way. Lively stories of her life--picnics, Christmas gatherings, and the courting songs of young men--fill this true-to-life novel, continuing the saga of a Polish-American family.

Like New. $5

The Art of Ancient Greece. Shirley Glubok. Atheneum, 1963. Hardcover. Ages 10 and up. 48 pages.

Well-illustrated children's overview of Greek art. Shirley Glubok was an elementary school teacher who had children assist her with the creation of her books. They helped to choose the pictures, and she tried illuminated the lives of the artists and their times with her vivid text.

Good ex-library. No dust jacket. Mild fraying at the corners. $4

The Courage of Sarah Noble [Newbery Honor]. Alice Dalgliesh, illus by Leonard Weisgard. Aladdin, 1954. Softcover. Ages 7 and up. 54 pages.

"In 1707, young Sarah Noble and her father traveled through the wilderness to build a new home for their family. "Keep up your courage, Sarah Noble," her mother had said, but Sarah found that it was not always easy to feel brave inside. The dark woods were full of animals and Indians, too, and Sarah was only eight! The true story of Sarah's journey is inspiring. And as she cares for her father and befriends her Indian neighbors, she learns that to be afraid and to be brave is the greatest courage of all."

Very Good. $2

Harbors and High Seas: An Atlas and Geographical Guide to the Complete Aubrey-Maturin Novels of Patrick O'Brian [Third Edition]. Dean King. Owl, 2000. Hardcover. Ages 14 and up. 258 pages.

"Travel along with Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin in this definitive edition of the indispensable companion to the beloved seafaring tales of Patrick O'Brian. For every novel in the series, you will find a corresponding chapter describing the location of the action; providing background information on remote cities, key ports, and essential geographical features; and touching on significant events, though never giving away the twists in the plot. A final chapter includes maps depicting sea voyages, overland routes, battles, storms, landings, and other important events."

Very Good. $5

Martha: Daughter of Virginia. Marguerite Vance, illus by Nedda Walker. Dutton, 1947. Hardcover. Ages 10 and up. 190 pages.

Marguerite Vance is a very fine children's author. I love her books, and Nedda Walker's soft drawings are very nice. See my page on Marguerite Vance.

Fair ex-library. No dust jacket. This has some spots and stains, some fraying at the edges. and a moisture line and ripple on the front endpaper and first few pages preceding the text. $4

A Picture of Freedom, The Diary of Clotee, A Slave Girl: Belmont Plantation, Virginia, 1859 [Dear America]. Scholastic, 1997. Ages 8 and up. 195 pages.

Like New. $3

Landmark Books. Various award-winning authors and illustrators. Random House, 1950's and 1960s. Hardcover. Ages 10 and up. 180-190 pages.

See my page about the Landmark Books.

Hardcover Landmark Books--

Softcover Landmark Books--

World War II [American Heritage New Illustrated History of the United States]. Robert G. Athearn. American Heritage, 1963. Hardcover. Ages 10 and up. 84 pages.

One volume in the multi-volume history of America for young people.

Good. Clean with light cover wear. $2

Early Health & Medicine [Early Settler Life Series]. Bobbie Kalman. Crabtree, 1983, 1991. Hardcover. Ages 10 and up. 64 pages.

"Today, we take our health for granted. We have good food to eat, vitamins to take, and doctors who can cure us if we get sick. In the days of the early settlers, getting sick was more frightening than facing a pack of wolves in the dark. Any illness, no matter how small, could become serious enough that the patient could die. If serious illnesses did not cause death, some of the popular settler remedies might!"

Very Good ex-library. Harder to find in this excellent series. $4

Thomas Jefferson: A Picture Book Biography. James Cross Giblin, illus by Michael Dooling. Scholastic, 1994. Hardcover. Ages 8-12. 48 pages.

"An illustrated portrait of Thomas Jefferson introduces young readers to a writer, statesman, inventor, educator, architect, author of the Declaration of Independence, and the third president of the United States."

Fair-Good ex-library. Nice copy, but there is a very hard abrasion along the edge of the back cover. $3

 Ancient Egypt: The Hands-on Approach to History [Make it Work]. Andrew Haslam and Alexandra Parsons. Scholastic, 1995. Softcover. Ages 6-14. 64 pages.

And outstanding activity book with intricate, instructive but inexpensive projects illuminating all aspects of Egyptian culture. This is an excellent series. I always pick them up when I find them! 

Very Good ex-library. Cover is laminated for longer life. $3

 Streams of Civilization, Volume One. Mary Stanton & Albert Hyma. Christian Liberty Press, 1976, 2000, recent reprint. Hardcover. Ages 14 and up. 

Most history textbooks are written from a secular viewpoint, but this introductory text is different! Providing a comprehensive look at Western, African, and Asian civilizations from creation to 1620, it affirms the biblical view of creation (though it discusses evolution) and gives your kids insight into other cultures and religions from a Christian perspective. Includes vocabulary questions, exercises, maps, and black-and-white illustrations. Ideal for grades 9 and up. 410 pages, hardcover from Christian Liberty Press.

Like New, $10

 Mummies Made in Egypt. Aliki. Harper, 1979. Hardcover. Ages 8/9 to 12. Picture book with extra, more detailed text.

"A mummy is a mystery--hidden in layers of ancient bandage, bedecked with priceless jewels. Why did the Egyptians of long ago prepare and wrap their dead to last forever? And how did they do it? Step by step, follow the process that took seventy days--from the embalmer's slab, where the corpse was made ready, down into the tomb, where the mummy was sealed away."

This may be too graphic for some children, but it's discreetly written and accurate. (I wanted my children to understand how the Egyptians' false religion affected their views of life and death.)

Good ex-library. $4

The Best of James Herriot: Favourite Memories of a Country Vet. James Herriot. Readers Digest, 1982. Hardcover. Ages 13 and up. 503 pages.

Beautiful and well-illustrated with full-page color photos and detail drawings in the margins and with additional material added. "The warm and magical writings of James Herriot...have endeared him to more readers that probably any other living storyteller. Fifty favorite stories are here lavishly presented in a splendid large format that includes over 100 pages of breathtaking photographs. These are, as James puts it, "the stories my family and I have laughed at over the years and the ones my readers have said they most enjoyed". Yorkshire, England in the 30's and 40's.

Good. Very slight ripple just at the edge of the last few pages. Quite nice. Pictorial cover, no dust jacket. $4

 Ancient History: A Literature Approach, First Edition. Rea Berg. Beautiful Feet, 1995, Comb-bound softcover. For Middle School/Junior High and High School with additional notes for younger students. 34 pages. 

Study guide uses our lovely living books to learn history. Excellent reading recommendations, schedule, study ideas and questions.

Like New. $4

Geography & Cultures

Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30. Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

Charlotte in Giverny. Joan MacPhail Knight, illus by Melissa Sweet. Hardcover. Ages 8 and up. 62 pages.

Delightful. "It's 1892 and Charlotte is bound for Monet's famous artist colony in Giverny, France, where painters like her father are flocking to learn the new style of painting called Impressionism. In spite of missing her best friend, Charlotte becomes enchanted with France and records her colorful experiences in her journal. She makes new friends, plants a garden, learns to speak French, and even attends the wedding of Monsieur Monet's daughter! Illustrated with beautiful museum reproductions and charming watercolor collages, Charlotte inGiverny includes a French glossary as well as biographical sketches of the featured painters. This delightful journal of a young girl's exciting year will capture readers' imaginations and leave a lasting impression."

Very Good. One very small spot on the front cover. $5

Paddle-to-the-Sea [Caldecott Honor]. Holling Clancy Holling. Houghton, 1941. Recent reprint. Softcover. Ages 9 and up. 58 pages.

"A young Indian boy carves a little canoe with a figure inside and names him Paddle-to-the-Sea. Paddle's journey, in text and pictures, through the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean provides an excellent geographic and historical picture of the region."

Very Good. $5

Tree in the Trail. Holling Clancy Holling. Houghton, 1942. Recent reprint. Softcover. Ages 9 and up. 58 pages.

"The history of the Great Plains and the Santa Fe Trail is told in text and pictures by focusing on a cottonwood tree and the events that happen around it."

Very Good. $5

 International Children: A Special book of Customs, Costumes, and Flags of 22 Different Nations. Karen Sevaly. Teacher's Friend Publications, 1991. Softcover. Ages 3 - 8. 128 pages.

Reproducible coloring and fact pages for classroom use, and I've used mine for years. Coloring pages for a boy and girl in each of 22 countries along with details for putting together a unit on each country. "Students will gain a wealth of information regarding each country--the capital city, the language, currency, costumes, religions, national flag, holidays, important facts, and famous people. Includes suggestions for making and enjoying international foods."

Good. Very clean pages, worn cover corners with a very little bit of creasing. $4



Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30. Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

Birds: Wild Birds of North America, Appearance, Habits, and Habitats [Fandex Field Guide]. Workman, 1998. Tab-bound cards. All ages.

50 large, individually die-cut, shaped cards, tab-bound together. "The images are large, the details sharp, the colors bright. There are instantly accessible details about each bird's habitat, range, diet, nest, eggs and conservation status, as well as appearance, habitats and even song pattern, Plus "pigeon milk" and the Indigo Bunting's ability to navigate by starlight, how the Killdeer fakes injury to distract predators, and Benjamin Franklin's surprising nominee for America's national bird."

Good. Edges worn. $4

Mammals [Peterson Field Guides.] Houghton, 1980. Hardcover. Adult field guide, suitable for ages 8 through adult. 289 pages.

"Descriptions of 380 species include size, weight, color, markings, number of teeth, habitat, habits, and comparisons with similar species. Superb color illustrations and line drawings show 230 animals. Range maps as well as photos of skulls and drawings of animal tracks, dens, nests, and burrows."

Good. $3

The Usborne Great Wildlife Search: Over 4000 Animals to Find. Caroline Young and Kate Needham, illus by Ian Jackson. Usborne, 1998. Softcover. Ages 4/5 and up through early teens. 112 pages.

This is a lot of fun--very absorbing, with wonderful pictures. It's a bind-up of three books: The Great Animal Search, The Great Undersea Search, and The Big Bug Search.

Very Good. $6

Reptiles and Amphibians: A Guide to Familiar American Species [A Golden Nature Guide, Revised edition]. Herbert S. Zim. Golden, 1953, 1956, probable 1970's printing. Hardcover. Ages 8 and up. 160 pages.

A child's field guide to the snakes, frogs, turtles, and salamanders of North America

Good. $2

The Magic School Bus at the Waterworks. Joanna Cole, illus by Bruce Degan. Scholastic, 1986. Hardcover. Ages 6 and up. Picture Book.

"The classic title that started the award-winning series! Join Ms. Frizzle and her students as they follow the trail of water, from its sky-high source to the school bathroom sink on this wet and wild field trip. After parking the school bus on a cloud and shrinking to raindrop size, Ms. Frizzle's class gets to see the waterworks from the water's point of view."

Good ex-library. Slightly shaken and thumbed. Dust jacket in Mylar. $4

The Moon of the Gray Wolves [The 13 Wolves, Second Edition]. Jean Craighead George, illus by Sal Catalano. Ages 9 and up. 48 pages.

"The story of the gray wolf and its struggle to survive during the month of November, in its home on the Alaskan tundra."

Very Good ex-library. Nice laminated dust jacket. $4

Bird Sounds: How and Why Birds Sing, Call, Chatter, and Screech. Barry Kent MacKay. Stackpole, 2001. Softcover. Ages 16 and up: ADULT READING LEVEL. 147 pages.

A book for the more serious birder. "A thorough and engaging examination of the variety of sounds birds make, from the familiar singing of songbirds and the hammering of woodpeckers to the harsh cacklings of crows. The hows and whys of bird vocalization, regional variation and speciation, and communication among species are discussed. Describes both native and exotic bird behavior and includes the latest research-all illustrated with full-color paintings by the author."

Very Good. $3

A Desert Year. Carol Lerner. Morrow, 1991. Hardcover. Ages 11 and up. 48 pages.

"This exquisite nature study, with its lucid prose and true-to-life paintings, explores how plants and animals commonly found in the Southwestern U.S. adapt to the rigors of their environment through the seasons."

Very Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $3

Our Living World Series. Jenny Tesar and Edward R. Ricciuti. Blackbirch, 1993. Hardcover. Ages 9 and up. 64 pages each.

Exceptionally clear, vivid photographs and illustrations, some evolutionary content. "The basic patterns of life are common to all living things. Every living thing needs food for energy, has a role in reproduction or raising the young of its species, and reacts and adapts to changes in its environment. This series focuses on the ways in which all living things are similar. As you discover the wonders of science, you'll see the connections in nature, and you'll make connections of your own."

"When a spider senses a change in its environment, this information is related along never fibers that connect the sense organs to the brain. The brain then responds by sending a signal to another part of the body. For example, when a trap-door spider's sense organs signal the brain that a beetle is approaching ,the brain signals muscles in the spider's front legs. This causes the legs to grab the beetle. The entire process takes only a fraction of a second."

Very Good ex-library. Set of 7, $20

Rain Forest: A Close-up Look at the Natural World of the Rain Forest [DK Look Closer]. Barbara Taylor, illus by Frank Greenaway. DK, 1992. Hardcover. Ages 7 and up. Picture book.

"Examines the variety of life found in a rain forest, including the flying gecko, poison dart frog, and curly-haired tarantula." Wonderful pictures.

Good. $4

Dinosaurs of Eden: A Biblical Journey through Time. Ken Ham, illus by Earl and Bonita Snellenberger. Master Books, 2001. Hardcover. Ages 10 and up. 64 pages.

"Readers of all ages will take a thrilling ride in a time machine to the past when dinosaurs lived - a ride not through millions of years, but to a time not so long ago! Filled with stunning artwork, this fun family book will transport you on a breathtaking journey through the "time-gate" of the Bible, the true history book of the universe!"

Very Good. Former owner's name inside front cover. $5

How the Earth Works [Reader's Digest How It Works Series]. John Farndon. RD, 1992. Hardcover. Ages 9 and up. 192 pages.

"Here is a stimulating introduction for the whole family to the secrets of planet Earth. Packed with hundreds of experiments that let you discover the way the Earth works. Create your own "home laboratory."

Good ex-library. Clean, sturdy, worn corners. $4

How the Body Works: 100 Ways Parents and Kids Can Share the Miracle of the Human Body. Steve Parker. Reader's Digest, 1994. Hardcover. For use by adults and children, with children 7-14 and up. 192 pages.

Fun, educational, really worthwhile activities and experiments. "Here are the basic facts about the complex and amazing machine that is the human body. Hundreds of practical, safe experiments help the whole family learn by doing. An educational and entertaining way to learn the secrets of the body."

Outside and Inside Birds. Sandra Markle. Bradbury, 1994. Hardcover. Ages 8 and up. 40 pages.

"Full-color, close-up photographs and a clear, explanatory text provide an information-packed study of the world of birds, answering questions about anatomy, characteristics, habitats, life cycles, and more."

Very Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $3

Dinosaurs by Design. Duane T. Gish, illus by Earl and Bonnie Snellenberger. Master Books, 1992, 2004. Hardcover. Ages 11 and up. 88 pages.

Current version as pictured. "Everyone wants to know about dinosaurs! Dinosaurs by Design takes you into the exciting world of dinosaurs to find out what they were really like. Discover how fossils are formed, dug up, and assembled for museums. Travel with the dinosaurs as they board Noah’s ark and then enter the strange new world after Noah’s Flood. Find out what happened to the dinosaurs and if there are any alive today. Join us on an exciting adventure to learn more about these magnificent creatures that God designed and created."

Like New. $6

Inside the Burrow: The Life of the Golden Hamster [A Carolrhoda Nature Watch Book]. Heiderose and Andreas Fischer-Nagel. Carolrhoda, 1984. Hardcover. Ages 8 and up. 47 pages.

Very close, clear, colorful pictures of the golden hamster in the wild, throughout its life cycle. The text is clear and interesting. This ends with two pages on caring for a pet hamster.

Very Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $3

It Couldn't Just Happen: Fascinating Facts about God's World. Lawrence O. Richards. Word, 1989. Softcover. Ages 12 and up. 191 pages.

"With thousands of evidences to prove He created and sustains the universe, It Couldn't Just Happen will fascinate kids with fun activities and examples of God’s marvelous works."

Very Good. $4

Electricity [Make it Work]. Wendy Baker and Andrew Haslam. World Book, 1997. Hardcover. Ages 10 and up. 48 pages.

"The Make it Work! science series, recipient of the American Institute of Physics Science Writing Award, offers a new, hands-on approach to learning. Be a scientist and conduct your own experiments. Discover science facts through imaginative activities. Develop your scientific thinking by making science work." Magnets, motors, power, and more, "from the natural power of a streak of lightning to the complex mechanics of an electromagnetic crane". Excellent!

Good ex-library. Tips of corners worn through. $3

Let's-Read-and-Find Out Series. A Nest Full of Eggs. Priscilla Belz Jenkins, illus by Lizzy Rockwell. Harper, 1995. Hardcover. Ages 6 and up. About 30 pages each.

Very Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $3

 Fish Facts & Bird Brains: Animal Intelligence. Helen Roney Sattler. Lodestar, 1984. Hardcover. Ages 11 and up. 127 pages. 

"Honeybees dance to communicate with other bees? Several birds can make their own tools? Circus elephants have learned to play cricket? Sattler draws on scientific research to present amazing stories about animals, from flatworms and fish to primates and cetaceans." (May have some evolutionary content.)

Very Good. Dust jacket in Mylar. $2

Math & Logic

Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30. Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy. 

The puzzle books listed below are serious, intensive puzzle books, definitely more for exercising the math muscle than for killing time. They generally have a variety of puzzles from easier ones that most upper elementary students can solve over time to much harder ones that will be beyond some of our students.

The Everything Kakuro Challenge Book. Charles Timmerman. Adams, 2006. Softcover. Ages 12 and up. 272 pages.

"Packed with more than 200 all-new puzzles ready to stump the sharpest of minds, these tricky cross sums will challenge you from the very first number. You'll find page after page of grids and clues inviting you to pull up a chair and puzzle away for as long as you can. Solve one-and you're hooked! Puzzle expert Charles Timmerman offers you: Easy-to-understand rules and strategies Tips and tricks for faster solving 200+ puzzles for hours of fun Put your logic skills to the ultimate test with The Everything Kakuro Challenge Book!"

Very Good. $4

Frank Unger Presents...Puzzles, Problems, Tricks & Fun for the Whole Family. Frank J. Unger. Tech/Data, 1992. Softcover. Ages 6 through adult. 196 pages.

"A lifetime collection of puzzles, problems, tricks, and interesting items arranged in a progressive series of simple problems for all members of the family and more and more difficult and challenging problems for college students."

Good. Nice clean pages. Good sturdy copy. Long crease on front cover. $3

Mathematical Games. C. Lukács and E. Tarján. Walker, 1963. Hardcover. Ages 8 through adult. 200 pages.

"Mathematics can be fun, and here is a book to prove it. The apparent paradoxes of ruthless logic, the twists and tricks of simple arithmetic, are the delightful thorns in every intelligent person's intellectual flesh. Games of skill and chance intrigue us all, from nine to ninety. Here is a mine of brain-teasers and brain-trainers, to while away the idle hour of improving your mathematical skills." Some for children, some for adults. All answers supplied.

Good ex-library. Front free endpaper removed and front hinge reinforced. Sides of page block smudged. Dust jacket in Mylar. $3

Mathematics and the Imagination. Edward Kasner and James Newman, illus by Rufus Isaacs. Simon & Schuster, 1940, 1958. Ages 16 and up. 380 pages.

"Anyone who gambles, plays cards, loves puzzles, or simply seeks an intellectual challenge will love this amusing and thought-provoking book. With wit and clarity, the authors deftly progress from simple arithmetic to calculus and non-Euclidean geometry."

Good ex-library. No dust jacket. Tape stains on the cover. Endpapers scarred where tape has been pulled away. $5

Brainstrains Eye-popping Puzzles. Frank Coussement, Peter De Schepper, & Keith Key. Sterling, 2004. Softcover. Ages 10 to adult. 352 pages.

"These challenging and brilliantly colorful puzzles will work out the brain and amaze the eye. Many of the pictures have a trick to fool the puzzler, from vivid optical illusions to 3-D effects that dazzle. Other problems feature a mathematical component—but even before doing the arithmetic, you’ve got to figure out the logic behind the question. So it’s important to look hard and pay close attention. Five bright soccer balls look almost the same. Which ball isn’t like the others? A group of bike racers ride across the page in an astounding array. But wait: one of the riders is wearing the wrong number. Hint: the colors of the shirts are the key to the answer."

Like New. $4

Perplexing Puzzles and Tantalizing Teasers. Martin Gardner, illus by Laszlo Kubinyi. Dover, 1969, 1977, recent reprint. Softcover. Ages 10 and up. 113 pages.

This is two volumes bound as one. It includes both Perplexing Puzzles and Tantalizing Teasers and More Perplexing Puzzles and Tantalizing Teasers. "Here's a bonanza of 93 stimulating brainteasers ideal for limbering and strengthening young mental muscles. Many of the puzzles are classics, while others are presented here for the first time. Ridiculous riddles, tantalizing teasers, intricate mazes, deceptive illusions, tricky questions, and a host of unusual word and picture puzzles, offer young readers hours of challenging fun. Youngsters will love such intriguing mind-builders as The Maze of Minotaur, the Dime-and-Penny Switcheroo, Mr. Bushyhead's Problems, Knock, Knock…Who's There?, Mrs. Windbag's Gift, Find the Duck, Bee on the Nose, The Flatz Beer Goof, and many more."

Very Good. $4

Perplexing Puzzles and Tantalizing Teasers. Martin Gardner, illus by Laszlo Kubinyi. Simon and Schuster, 1969. Hardcover. Ages 10 and up. 95 pages.

"This is the first volume from the above book, but printed in hardcover. A wide variety of fascinating puzzles for young readers. Many of the puzzles are classics, while others are presented here for the first time. Ridiculous riddles, tantalizing teasers, intricate mazes, deceptive illusions, tricky questions, and a host of unusual word and picture puzzles, offer young readers hours of challenging fun."

Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $4

The Scientific American Book of Mathematical Puzzles and Diversions. Martin Gardner. Simon and Schuster, 1959. Hardcover. Ages 16 and up. 178 pages.

"The element of play, which makes recreational mathematics recreational, may take many forms: a puzzle to be solved, a competitive game, a magic trick, paradox, fallacy, or simply mathematics with any sort of curious or amusing fillip. Are these examples of pure or applied mathematics? It is hard to say. In one sense, recreational mathematics is pure mathematics, uncontaminated by utility. In another sense it is applied mathematics, for it meets the universal human need for play."

Good. No dust jacket. Very clean inside with faint cover smudging, one corner has a hint of fraying. $5

501 Sudoku & Kakuro Puzzles from Beginner to Expert. Parragon, 2006. Wire-bound softcover. Ages 8 and up. 384 pages.

Includes instructions. Printed on nice paper.

Very Good. Clean copy. Unmarked. Last answer page has a few smudges. Back cover has a slight crease. $3

Life Picture Puzzle Books. Life, 2006-2007. Softcover. Ages 6 through adult. 144-176 pages.

"Picture Puzzle" book has four levels; novice, master, expert, and genius. Devoted puzzlers, renowned for their sharp eyes, will recognize some photos that have been previously published in "LIFE". These have been reworked with all-new clues. They'll also notice that some pictures repeat two or three times within the book, in slightly different forms. Each is a distinct puzzle, with its own set of alterations to spot.

Like New. $4 each. All three for $10

Math and Logic Games: A Book of Puzzles and Problems. Franco Agostini. Facts on File, 1980. Softcover. Ages 13 and up. 181 pages.

"Discusses games with numbers, geometrical figures, logic, probability, and paradoxes, and looks at their mathematical basis"

Very Good. $4

About Teaching Mathematics: A K-8 Resource. Marilyn Burns. MSP, 1992. Softcover. For teacher use with ages 5-14. 286 pages.

I'm a big fan of Marilyn Burns and have collected most of her math books, both those written for children and those written for teachers. She is very creative and encouraging. Activities for measurement, probability and statistics, geometry, logic, patterns and functions, number, place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, percents, and more. Includes numerous reproducible blackline masters.

Very Good. Former owner's name on half-title page and fore edge. Nice clean copy. $7

The Penguin Dictionary of Curious and Interesting Geometry. David Wells. Penguin, 1991. Ages 16 and up. 285 pages.

"What do the Apollonian gasket, Dandelin spheres, interlocking polyominoes, Poncelet's porism, Fermat points, Fatou dust, the Vodernberg tessellation, the Euler line and the unilluminable room have in common?"

Very Good. Remainder mark at bottom edge. Pages very slightly age-toned. $7

The Penguin Dictionary of Curious and Interesting Numbers, Revised Edition. David Wells. Penguin, 1997. Ages 16 and up. 231 pages.

"This dictionary of numbers, arranged in order of magnitude, exposes the fascinating facts about certain numbers and number sequences. The aim of the book is to entertain and enthrall the reader, which it certainly does."

Very Good. Remainder mark at top edge. Pages very slightly age-toned. $8

Fun with Codes and Ciphers Workbook. Norma Gleason. Dover, 1987. Softcover. Ages 10 and up. 43 pages.

"No, it's not a foreign language, but an actual message written in code--a transposition cipher, to be precise, and all you have to do to find out what it says is read it backwards. Solving puzzles and deciphering secret messages have always held a special fascination for youngsters as well as puzzlers of all ages. Now, with cryptographer Norma Gleason's latest volume, amateur cryptanalysts can learn to send and receive a variety of coded messages."

Fair-Good. Worn. $2

The Dell Book of Logic Problems: Easy, Medium, Hard, Challenger and The Dell Book of Logic Problems II: Easy, Medium, Hard, Challenger. Dell Puzzle, 1984, 1986. Softcover. Ages 11 and up. 172 pages each.

"A good logic problem is hard to find. But the Dell Puzzle Editors has been on the prowl, searching out original Logic Problems by the world's top puzzle creators. Now they have gathered 75 of the most irresistible never-before-published brainteasers for you." (Each book includes 75 puzzles. Solving requires close attention to detail with filling out diagrams or grids to solve the problems. See here for an example of this kind of problem.)

Very Good. Both books unmarked. First book has an abrasion on the front cover where a sticker was apparently removed. Both together for $7

Mathematics Magic and Mystery. Martin Gardner. Dover, 1956. Softcover. Ages 13 and up. 176 pages.

"Why do card tricks work? How can magicians do astonishing feats of mathematics mentally? Why do stage 'mind-reading' tricks work? As a rule, we simply accept these tricks and 'magic' without recognizing that they are really demonstrations of strict laws based on probability, sets, number theory, topology, and other branches of mathematics."

Good. $3

Solve It! A Perplexing Profusion of Puzzles. James F. Fixx. Doubleday, 1978. Hardcover. Ages 10 and up. 94 pages.

"Young people are often quicker to find inventive solutions to difficult problems than the average adult. Now here's a chance for them to try their hands at over one hundred brain-tickling puzzlers, written specifically for young people of above-average intelligence."

Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $4

Mathematical Puzzles. Martin Gardner, illustrated by Anthony Ravielli. Crowell, 1961. Hardcover. Ages 11 and up. 114 pages.

"Here is a book of mathematical puzzles that is entertaining and that provides, as Martin Gardner says, 'stimulating glimpses into the fascinating, endless patterns of mathematics'. The puzzles are a mixture of the old and the new, some of them likely dating back to the ancient Greeks. They have been grouped into sections, each covering a different area of mathematics. There are arithmetic puzzles, money puzzles, speed puzzles, plane and solid geometry puzzles, topology puzzles, miscellaneous puzzles, and tricky puzzles."

Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $5

Fiendish Su Doku: The Official Utterly Addictive Number-placing Puzzle. Wayne Gould. New York Post, 2006. Softcover. Ages 8 and up. 200 pages of puzzles, plus solutions.

"200 New Puzzles -- From Fiendish to Super Fiendish. Su Doku, 'the crossword without words', comes with a warning: it is seriously addictive. You don't need to be a mathematical genius to solve these puzzles; it is simply a question of logic and a little patience."

Good. Five of 200 puzzles have been completed. Gift inscription in front. $3

Math Smart Junior [The Princeton Review, Second Edition]. Marcia Lerner, Doug McMullen. Random, 2002. Softcover. Ages 11 and up. 353 pages.

"A hot summers’ day leads Sondra, Jennifer, and Taylor to do strange things, like approximating how many leaves are on the oak tree they’re sitting under or figuring out how to make HUGE quantities of lemonade. As you follow these kids and their feline friend Beauregard around the neighborhood on a hot summer day, you’ll learn approximation, rates and averages, fractions, decimals, geometry, and algebra. You’ll also learn some ingenious ways to beat the heat!Math Smart Junior is one in a series of books that helps kids in grades 6—8 master the basics in many subjects using a fun, relaxed, interactive approach to learning."

Good. Spine covered with clear type. This particular edition was originally bundled together with a Standard Deviants sample DVD, but that is not included here. $3

The Mathematical Puzzles of Sam Loyd. Martin Gardner. Dover, 1959. Softcover. Ages 12 and up. 165 pages.

"Bizarre imagination, originality, trickiness, and whimsy characterize puzzles of Sam Loyd, America's greatest puzzler. Present selection from fabulously rare Cyclopedia includes the famous 14–15 puzzles, the Horse of a Different Color, and 115 others in various areas of elementary math. 150 period line drawings."

Good. Spine covered with clear tape. $3

The Complete Chess Course. Fred Reinfeld. Doubleday, 1959. Hardcover. Ages 14 and up. 692 pages.

Originally published as eight separate volumes, and now conveniently collected in one edition, The Complete Chess Course offers a summarized review of the basic principles of chess as well as the fine points of the world's most challenging game. For beginners and experts alike. Includes everything from chess fundamentals to advanced strategy.

Very Good. No dust jacket. A few early exercises have a small mark by their titles. $4

Underwater Counting: Even Numbers. Jerry Pallotta, illus by David Biedrzycki. Scholastic, 2001. Softcover. Ages 6-8. 30 pages.

This was never published in hardcover, as far as I can tell. It's a beautifully illustrated and includes lots of fascinating detail on animals that live underwater. Very nice!

Very Good ex-library. $3

 Poker Chip Math. Jan Pellington and Sandra DiGiaimo. Nasco, 2002. Spiral-bound softcover. For use with ages 8-13.

I see poker chips at thrift stores all the time. Large, attractive plastic disks, usually they are quality, nicely weighted plastic. Here, they function as a comfortable, readily available math manipulative for some very creative math activities. Poker Chip Math is designed to teach a variety of mathematics skills and to provide students with experiences in logic and problem-solving. Some games and activities are teacher-directed. Most are self-directed.  

My friend Rebekah Wilson has agreed to review some of the math books that I have in stock right now. She writes, Poker Chip Math has incredible links between hands-on/tangible learning and the visual need to see math worked out physically. This combination is an exceptional approach to teaching math, or re-teaching what a child has forgotten or missed. Poker Chip Math makes math meaningful and real, bringing abstract concepts into the realm of reality for students.

Read Rebekah's more detailed review of Poker Chip Math. 

New. Minor wear from boxing and shelving. $3 (13 copies available)

 Reproducible Nasco Math Practice Series. Evelyn B. Christensen. Nasco, 2006. Spiral-bound softcovers. Reproducible, so these can be used with multiple students. As students solve math facts, the answers to problems provide a key for coloring the squares to reveal a hidden picture or pattern. 

New. Out-of-print. Minor wear from boxing and shelving. Individual titles, $3. Set of all four books $10.

Reproducible Nasco Math Map Puzzles. Spiral-bound softcovers. Reproducible, so these can be used with multiple students. These are so creative for developing stronger math skills. Children will develop a greater understanding of the operations and their inverses. These increase in difficulty. Puzzles use only whole numbers. No fractions or decimals.

New. Multiple copies available. May have minor wear from boxing and shelving. $3 each. Set of 3 for $7

Arts, Crafts, Games & Sports

Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30. Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

Fairie-ality: The Fashion Collection from the House of Ellwand. Eugenie Bird, David Downton, and David Ellwand. Candlewick, 2002. Hardcover. Ages 6 and up. 130 pages.

I have not read all the text, so I do not know if there might be something inappropriate for some children, but this is a breathtaking work of art. Presented as a catalog of the latest fashions for fairies, from underclothing to evening gowns, this is very creative and has been delightful for my girls ever since it came out! Ellwand has crafted the most amazing and intricate clothing for fairies from all sorts of botanicals. These are just the things little girls play at with daisy petals and dandelion fuzz times ten thousand. Incredible botanical sculpture.

"Prepare to be enchanted! While humans go about their workaday lives, there is a secret world of well-dressed fairies flitting about in fragile fashions that would take your breath away - if only you could see them. Well, now you can. For the first time ever, elusive fairie couturier Ellwand allows mortals a peek at his ethereal designs in FAIRIE-ALITY, a catalogue so spectacularly crafted it befits a fairie queen herself. Showcased are nearly 150 creations - including dresses, jackets, trousers, shoes, hats, and delicate unmentionables - fashioned wholly from feathers, flower petals, shells, seeds, and other materials from nature. Consider these special features:

"Extraordinary production elements, including three specially selected paper stocks; metallic inks; fold-out booklets; vellum envelope with removable fashion card; and numerous half-, third-, and quarter-pages, notably to showcase garments for a playful mix & match, offering dozens of outfits to create."

Good. Dust jacket is rubbed and has been repaired. $6

Klutz Spool Knit Jewelry. Anne Akers Johnson. Klutz, 2004. Spiral-bound cardboard cover. Ages 8 to adult. 48 pages.

Projects require a knitting spool. Book was originally issued as a kit with thin cord, a knitting spool, and some beads, but you can supply your own.

Book only. Good. $4

Kiteworks: Explorations in Kite Building and Flying. Maxwell Eden. Sterling, 1989. Hardcover. Ages 13 and up. 286 pages.

"By using the latest high-tech materials and principles of weight and lift capacity, a kite maker can construct dozens of different, exciting new kites--all the way up to a 22-foot-wide, 10-foot-high delta kite. Numerous photographs and diagrams. 57 detailed kite projects.

Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. Front endpaper neatly trimmed. $4

The Klutz Yo-yo Book: Yo-yo Tips, Tricks, and History. Klutz, 1998. Softcover. Ages 9 and up. 62 pages.

Original packaged with a yo-yo, this is just the book. Includes instructions and numerous tricks along with yo-yo science and history.

Fair-Good. Front cover has two long creases. $2

Yo-yo Magic: Master the Art of 26 Fantastic Yo-yo Tricks. David Oliver. Barnes, 1999. Hardcover. Ages 9 and up. 48 pages.

"This fun-packed guide shows you exactly how to perform 26 yo-yo tricks, ranging from the simple to the highly skilled."

Good. Cover is somewhat bumped/scratched but book is clean and bright. $3

A Treasury of Games. Carl Withers, illus by Garry MacKenzie. Grosset, 1964. Ages 7 and up. 189 pages.

A delightful book! This really is a treasury of childhood fun and games. Charming illustrations and instructions for singing games, rhymes, funny games, outdoor games, chanting games, indoor games, fun with words, fun with numbers, tricks, travel games, riddles, tongue twisters, stunts, and more.

Fair. This is sturdy but the cover is in rough condition and has been taped (not very neatly) along the spine. $4

Jacks around the World. Mary D. Lankford, illus by Karen Dugan. Morrow, 1996. Hardcover. Ages 10 and up. 40 pages. (Games can be played by younger children.)

"An inviting, multicultural offering [with] overviews of and instructions for fourteen variations of the game of jacks from around the world."--Horn Book. "A good choice for teachers seeking multicultural games as well as for children who enjoy jacks."--Booklist.

Very Good. Bright, glossy dust jacket. $4

Mark Wilson's Greatest Card Tricks. Mark Wilson. Courage, 1975, 1993. Hardcover. Ages 10 and up. 88 pages.

"Wilson shares the secrets behind his favorite card tricks. He then explains why the hand is quicker than the eye and describes 60 card tricks in detail. Step-by-step illustrations.

Very Good. Bright dust jacket. $4

Magic across the Table. Bill Severn, illus by Katharine Wood. McKay, 1972. Hardcover. Ages 11 and up. 112 pages.

Tricks for beginners in step-by-step form. These are wonderfully simple tricks are confounding and fun to perform. Illustrated.

Very Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $4

There are No Problem Horses only Problem Riders. Mary Twelveponies. Houghton, 1982. Hardcover. Ages 13 and up. 228 pages.

"If the horse is not responding properly, we are doing something wrong. This easy-to-read guide offers sensible advice on every common problem you may have in handling your horse, and provides highly effective solutions."

Very Good. $4

Complete Book of Games and Stunts. Darwin A. Hindman. Prentice-Hall, 1956. Hardcover. Ideas for all ages. 415 pages.

An enormous collection of outdoor games and parlor games. Everything from mixers, skits, and mathematical puzzles to outdoor contests and races.

Good. Solid color library binding has a frayed split at the top of the spine. $4

In-line Skating Basics. Cam Millar, photos by Bruce Curtis. Sterling, 1996. Hardcover. Ages 11 and up. 96 pages.

"Packed with photos, this unique, handy guide by a top coach can help anyone join in the action. The sequential approach presented here provides a sound base of balance and stay-in-shape technique that prepares you for all forms of more advanced in-line skating, like roller hockey and dancing. Find out how to choose the right pair of skates and appropriate protective gear, and then get ready to roll! "

Good ex-library. $2

The Ultimate Book of Kid Concoctions: More than 65 Wacky, Wild, and Crazy Combinations. John E. Thomas and Danita Pagel. Kid Concoctions, 1998. 80 pages.

We love this series! Make your own Gooey Gunk (which my kids have made time and time again), Scratch 'n' Sniff Watercolors, Bathtub Finger Paints, Silly Putty, Sidewalk Paint, and much more. More than 65 recipes!

Good. Name inside front cover. Little smudge on title page. $3

The Real Book of Baseball. Lyman Hopkins, illus by Bill McHale. Garden City, 1951, 1958. Hardcover. Ages 9 and up. 190 pages.

"A blend of authoritative information and lively anecdote, this is a treasury of baseball lore, with tips on playing each position; suggestions to fans on watching the game; a chapter on professional baseball, how it is organized and how sandlotters become big leaguers; stories of the vivid personalities who give baseball its genuine human appeal."

Very Good. Dust jacket has been repaired and has some small edge chips. $3

Louisville Slugger: The Making of a Baseball Bat. Jan Arnow, 1984. Hardcover. Ages 9 and up. 39 pages.

How a baseball bat is made. We meet the workers, from the forester who selects the trees to the wood-turning specialist who makes the bat to exacting specifications. Filled with black-and-white photos.

Very Good. Dust jacket in Mylar. $3

The Usborne Book of Juggling. Clive Gifford. Usborne, 1995. Softcover. Ages 8 and up. 32 pages.

Learning to juggle, starting with easy exercises. Includes ball selection, how to stand, juggling three balls, performing tricks, and juggling with friends.

Fair-Good. Worn but sturdy. $2

Grandmother's Hope Chest Series: The Running Rooster, Lucie's Snowflakes, and The Button Jar. Rebekah
Wilson. Hope Chest Legacy, 2004-2005. Hardcover. Ages 6 and up. About 50 pages each.

These heirloom treasures have been out of print for several years. Each is a hardcover picture book with lots of text, including not only a story for Christian children but also a creative project teaching hand-sewing skills. When my older children were young they benefited so much from Mrs. Wilson's wonderful creativity. I'm so glad that my younger ones can also enjoy these same wonderful stories and products. 

New. Set of 3. $40. (Multiple sets available. Books are also available individually for $14 each.) 

The Hope Chest: A Legacy of Love. Rebekah Wilson. Hope Chest Legacy, 2003. Softcover. Ages 11 and up. 376 pages.

A wonderful book written by a dear, dear friend. How to help our daughters prepare for marriage, homemaking, hospitality, and lifelong service to others. Out-of-print. Old Schoolhouse Review.

New $8


Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30. Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

Henri Matisse [Art for Children]. Ernest Raboff. Lippincott, l988. Ages 8 and up. 27 pages.

I have reviewed this wonderful series here.

Close to New. Tiny nick in the dust jacket. $15

Christmas Origami 3: Gift Wrap and Cards. Froebel, 1984. Softcover. Ages 7 and up. 13 pages.

Comes with a packet of origami paper. Origami gift wrapping, gift envelopes, flower holders, pop-up cards.

Like New, but I do not know if the paper packet is 100% full. $2

Drawing Cats. Katy Bretum. Grosset, 2002. Softcover. Ages 9 and up. 30 pages plus 32 page built-in sketchpad.

Step-by-step instructions for drawing accurate cats, from basic shape outlining to filling in the final details. Includes 32 nicely bordered sketching pages.

Very Good. $3

1-2-3 Draw Cartoon People: A Step-by-Step Guide. Steve Barr. Peel, 2002. Softcover. Ages 7 and up. 64 pages.

"Starting with simple shapes, young artists can quickly learn to create their own cartoon figures, for hours of fun and learning."

Very Good. Cover lightly bumped. $3

Paint for Fun -- Paint for a Hobby. Vera Petrie. Petrie, 1946, 1964. Spiral-bound softcover. Ages 12 and up. 39 pages.

Decorative folk painting, or peasant painting. Floral, birds, hearts, embellishments, Dutch themes. Includes a simple method for getting proper proportions in the human figure.

Good. $3

Tiny Treasures: Amazing Miniatures You Can Make! [American Girl Library]. Pleasant Company, 1998. Spiral-bound hardcover. Ages 6 and up. 84 pages.

"This book shows girls how to turn everyday items into dozens of amazing miniatures. Make pies from bottle caps, plates from buttons, a table from balsa wood and golf tees! Includes a special feature--a 'little room' in the back of the book folds out to give girls a place to display and play with their tiny treasures. Full-color illustrations."

Good. Clean pages. Cover bumped and worn. $3

Linnea in Monet's Garden. Christina Bjork and Lena Anderson. R&S, 1985. Hardcover. Ages 8 and up. 53 pages.

A precious book! "Linnea has been in Paris. And she has visited the painter Claude Monet's garden! She even stood on the same little Japanese bridge that Monet painted so often in his pictures. In Paris, Linnea got to see many of the real paintings. Now she can understand what it means to be called an Impressionist, and she knows a lot about Monet's life in the pink house where he lived with his eight children."

Like New in dust jacket. $6

Draw 50 Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals. Lee Ames. Doubleday, 1977. Ages 8 and up. 50 pages.

Great book from a wonderful series that teaches children how to make accurate, proportioned drawings step-by-step.

Good-. Dust jacket in Mylar. Mild cover wear. Clean pages overall with some minor marks and smudges. Little smudge on rear endpaper. $4

Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists. Mike Venezia. Childrens Press, early 1990's. Ages 8 and up. 32 pages each.

My kids have loved these!


Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30. Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

The Usborne Book of Easy Recorder Tunes. Philip Hawthorne. Usborne, 1989. Softcover. Ages 6 and up. 64 pages.

"This book has over a hundred easy tuns for beginner recorder players, with color illustrations on every page. Friendly "jelly people" provide helpful hints and reminders about fingering, playing techniques, and symbols and terms. The tunes are carefully graded throughout the book, introducing new notes and skills at appropriate points. Styles include jazz, folk, classical, and modern--some arranged for two players or piano accompaniment. Some tunes have been specially composed for the book."

Very Good. $3

The Spectrum of Expressive Touches [The Art of Piano Performance]. Peter Coraggio, illus by Jon J. Murakami. Kjos, 1997. Ages 8 and up. 40 pages.

This uses a comic book format to introduce expression and touch. A high level of instruction in a very appealing format. One of the female characters is not conservatively dressed. She's not shocking, but might not be wanted in some families.

Very Good. $3

Pedaling--"The Soul of the Piano" [The Art of Piano Performance]. Peter Coraggio, illus by Jon J. Murakami. Kjos, 1997. Ages 8 and up. 40 pages.

This uses a comic book format to introduce the pedals and basic pedaling. A high level of instruction in a very appealing format. One of the female characters is not conservatively dressed. She's not shocking, but might not be wanted in some families.

Very Good. $3

Great Composers. Piero Ventura. Putnam, 1988. Hardcover. Ages 11 and up. 124 pages.

"An invitation to understand the works of the most famous musicians of all time, in the context of the time and place in which their talents unfolded and with an emphasis on their artistic personalities. These were, of course, extraordinary persons, but in this book we refer to this only occasionally, for the essential thing is to comprehend the emotions and ideas that these composers have succeeded in communicating by means of the most pure of all the arts--music."

Good ex-library. Spine taped. Heavier cover wear. $3

Leonard Bernstein's Young People's Concerts, Revised and Expanded Edition. Leonard Bernstein. Simon & Schuster, 1970. Hardcover. Ages 12 and up. 233 pages.

"Leonard Bernstein writes about music with enough charm to engage the tone-dear, enough authority to win the respect of scholars, and such clarity that children can immediately comprehend. Here he has done just that, in a newly revised and expanded edition of his outstanding book based on his nationally acclaimed television series of Young People's Concerts. The book is written for young people, ages 12-18, but his writing proves just as fascinating to adults. With elegance, wit, and genuine respect for both his subject and his audience, he reveals the method, language, techniques, and joy of music."

Very Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $5

Stories from the Classical Ballet. Belinda Hollyer, illus by Sophy Williams. Viking, 1995. Hardcover. Ages 8 and up. 127 pages.

"Illustrated with pastels, this handsome book retells the stories of eight ballets that children might see performed, including CoppeliaGiselleThe FirebirdThe Nutcracker, and Swan Lake. The writing is fluid, and the impressionistic artwork brings out the special quality of each piece. Young dancers will particularly enjoy the general introduction by former ballerina Irina Baranova. Following the story of each ballet are Baranova's personal "performance notes," usually her memories of the principal roles she danced with the Ballets Russes. A useful, attractive addition to arts collections."--Booklist

Very Good in a lovely dust jacket (2 copies) $5

The Usborne Story of Music. Eileen O'Brien, illus by David Cuzik. Usborne, 1997. Softcover. Ages 8 and up. 32 pages.

A history of music. "Traces how instruments, styles and techniques have gradually developed and changed."

Very Good. $3

Standard History of Music: A First History for Students of All Ages. James Francis Cooke. 1910, 1925. Hardcover. Ages 10 and up.

Textbook format. "Forty-two illustrated Story Lessons in the development of musical arts, adapted for beginners, musical clubs, private teaching, classwork, and general reading."

Very Good. Very solid, clean copy. Slight fraying at both spine ends and one corner. $4

The Illustrated Book of Ballet Stories. Barbara Newman, illus by Gill Tomblin. DK, 1997. Hardcover. Ages 9 and up. 65 pages.

Some notes about ballet in general followed retellings of the complete stories of The Sleeping Beauty, Giselle, Coppélia, Swan Lake, and The Nutcracker.

Very Good. $4

Music Tells the Tale: A Guide to Programme Music. Geoffrey Palmer & Noel Lloyd. Warne, 1967. Hardcover. Warne, 1967. Hardcover. Ages 12 and up. 152 pages.

Discusses music that tells a story. Includes Beethoven's Sympony No. 6 (Pastoral), Berlioz' Fantastic Symphony, Debussy's Children's Corner, Dukas' Sorcerer's Apprentice, and other.

Very Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $3

Holidays & Traditions

Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30. Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

None at this time.

Picture Books

Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30. Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

Flip and the Cows. Wesley Dennis. Viking, 1942, 1966. Hardcover. Ages 4 and up.

Sweet old picture book with beautiful black-and-white illustrations. A sequel to Flip.

Fair. It's a rough copy. Pages mostly clean, an occasional smudge. Little page-turning bends, little scrawl on front blank endpaper. Occasional acid-free repair to a tiny tear. Pictorial library binding has minor wear. $4

Eyes of the Dragon. Margaret Leaf, illus by Ed Young. Lothrop, 1987. Hardcover. Ages 5 and up.

"An artist agrees to paint a dragon on the wall of a Chinese village, but the magistrate's insistence that he paint eyes on the dragon has amazing results." [A story similar to The Pied Piper.]

Good. Front free endpaper neatly removed. Thumbed. Dust jacket in Mylar. $4

Make Way for Ducklings [1942 Caldecott Medal]. Robert McCloskey. Viking, 1941, 1980's reprint. Hardcover. Ages 5 and up.

Large format like the original. Not one of the small format reprints.

Very Good. Gift inscription inside the front cover. $5

Richard Scarry's Busy Day Storybooks. JB, 1997. Hardcover. Ages 3 and up.

Very Good. All 3 for $5

 The Christmas Day Kitten. James Herriot, illus by Ruth Brown. St. Martin's, 1976, 1986. Hardcover. Ages 5 and up.

Beautifully illustrated children's picture book by the author of All Creatures Great and Small.

Very Good. Gift inscription inside. Dust jacket has some minor wear and a couple of acid-free repairs. $3

 Moses the Kitten. James Herriot, illus by Ruth Brown. St. Martin's, 1974, 1984. Hardcover. Ages 5 and up.

Beautifully illustrated children's picture book by the author of All Creatures Great and Small.

Very Good. Name partly crossed out on title page. Dust jacket is price-clipped with a crease on the back flap. $3


Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30. Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

All fiction is unabridged, unless noted.

The Magic Summer. Noel Streatfeild, illus by Edward Ardizzone. Random, 1967. Hardcover. Ages 9 and up. 270 pages.

Very hard to find from the author of the Shoes stories for girls (Ballet Shoes, Skating Shoes, and others). Here are some reviews.

Fair-Good. Solid copy with clean pages. Damp stain to top edge. Clean pages. Ex-library with corners bumped and a bit worn. Tape stains to covers where a dust jacket was formerly attached. $25

By the Great Horn Spoon. Sid Fleischman. Little Brown, 1963. Hardcover. Ages 8 and up. 193 pages.

My kids have loved this! "In this rollicking adventure set during the California Gold Rush, Jack's aunt is forced to sell her beloved mansion to meet her debts. She is still unable to raise enough money to pay her creditors, and twelve-year-old Jack goes to California in search of gold to help her. Joined by his trusty butler, Praiseworthy, Jack finds adventure and trouble at every turn. Will Jack strike gold in San Francisco or come home empty-handed?"

Good/Very Good hardcover. Dust jacket in Mylar. Crisp but pages are slightly age-toned. $4

The Chronicles of Narnia Complete 7-Volume Set. C. S. Lewis. Harper Collins. Hardcover. Ages 8 and up.

This is the set pictured except--

Very Good. All volumes are hardcover in the style as pictured. Bright and clean, in excellent condition. $29

Eldest [Inheritance Cycle #2]. Christopher Paolini. Knopf, 2005. Hardcover. Ages 11 and up. 681 pages.

Sequel to Eragon. "Darkness falls…despair abounds…evil reigns… Eragon and his dragon, Saphira, have just saved the rebel state from destruction by the mighty forces of King Galbatorix, cruel ruler of the Empire. Now Eragon must travel to Ellesmera, land of the elves, for further training in the skills of the Dragon Rider: magic and swordsmanship. Soon he is on the journey of a lifetime, his eyes open to awe-inspring new places and people, his days filled with fresh adventure. But chaos and betrayal plague him at every turn, and nothing is what it seems. Before long, Eragon doesn’t know whom he can trust."

Good. No dust jacket. Mild cover wear and some minor smudging to outside edges. $4

The Whipping Boy [Newbery Medal]. Sid Fleischman, illus by Peter Sis. Greenwillow, 1986. Hardcover. Ages 8 and up. 90 pages.

"A Prince and a Pauper . . . Prince Brat and his whipping boy inadvertently trade places after becoming involved with dangerous outlaws. The two boys have nothing in common and even less reason to like each other. But when they find themselves taken hostage after running away, they are left with no choice but to trust each other."

Very Good. Dust jacket has some wear and rubbing. $3

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. John Tenniel and Bessie Pease Gutmann. Longmeadow, 1988. Hardcover. Ages 11 and up. 247 pages.

A beautiful edition with Tenniel's original black-and-white illustrations and Gutmann's full-page color prints. Nicely bound and printed on high quality paper.

Very Good. Almost like new with a gift inscription in front. $6

The Story of Doctor Dolittle [Junior Deluxe Editions]. Hugh Lofting, illus by Murray Tinkelman. Lippincott, 1920, 1948, early 70's printing. Ages 8 and up. 145 pages.

Very Good. Lovely dust jacket with early 70's illustration as pictured. Book Club Edition. $6

The Secret Garden. Frances Hodgson Burnett, illus by Scott McKowen. Sterling, 1911, 2004. Hardcover. Ages 10 and up. 240 pages.

Like New in a beautiful, slightly rubbed dust jacket. $5

Anne of Green Gables. Lucy Maud Montgomery. Sterling, 1908. Hardcover. Ages 11 and up. 304 pages.

Like New in a beautiful, slightly rubbed dust jacket. $5

The Golf Omnibus: Thirty-one Humorous Tales from the Green by the Master of Comic Fiction. P. G. Wodehouse. Wings, 1920's, 1996. Hardcover. Ages 12 and up. 467 pages.

"31 perfect golf shots from the pen of P.G. Wodehouse. Play the game the P.G. Wodehouse way—with wit, charm, and a touch of mischief. You'll discover:

Stories that will keep you on course...and keep you laughing!"

Very Good. Lovely dust jacket. $6

Here There be Dragons. Jane Yolen, illus by David Wilgus. Harcourt, 1993. Hardcover. Ages 9 and up. 149 pages.

"In Here There Be Dragons, dragons appear in every guise--ghastly, ghoulish, gentle, gargantuan--always endowed with the author’s ingenious touches. Each piece is introduced with the fascinating, and often revealing, story of its making and is illustrated with the intricate, moody pencil drawings of David Wilgus."

Very Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $3

Magic by the Lake. Edward Eager. Odyssey, 1957, recent reprint. Softcover. Ages 8 and up. 190 pages.

"Further adventures of Mark, Katherine, Jane, and Martha, who find their source of magic in a lake near which they are spending the summer."

Very Good. $3

Ella Enchanted [Newbery Honor]. Gail Carson Levine. Scholastic, 1997. Softcover. Ages 8 and up. 232 pages.

"At her birth, Ella of Frell was given a foolish fairy's gift—the 'gift' of obedience. Ella must obey any order given to her, whether it's hopping on one foot for a day or chopping off her own head! But strong-willed Ella does not tamely accept her fate. She goes on a quest, encountering ogres, giants, wicked stepsisters, fairy godmothers, and handsome princes, determined to break the curse—and live happily ever after."

This is worth reading and discussing. Who should we obey? How far should that go?

Good. $2

The Trumpet of the Swan. E. B. White. Harper, 1970, 2000. Hardcover. Ages 8 and up. 252 pages.

"Like the rest of his family, Louis is a trumpeter swan. But unlike his four brothers and sisters, Louis can't trumpet joyfully. In fact, he can't even make a sound. And since he can't trumpet his love, the beautiful swan Serena pays absolutely no attention to him Louis tries everything he can think of to win Serena's affection, but nothing seems to work. Will a real brass trumpet make all the difference?"

Very Good. Solid, tight copy. No dust jacket Remainder mark. Minor smudges at the edges. $3

E. B. White Treasury: Charlotte's Web, Stuart Little, The Trumpet of the Swan, Three Volume Set in Slipcase. E. B. White. Scholastic, 1945-1970, recent reprints. Softcover. Ages 8 and up.

Three delightful children's classics from this wonderful author. Would make a very nice gift!

Very Good. $5

The Book of Virtues: A Treasury of Great Moral Stories. ed. by William J. Bennett. Simon & Schuster, 1993. Hardcover. Ages 10 and up. 831 pages.

"Responsibility. Courage. Compassion. Honesty. Friendship. Persistence. Faith. Everyone recognizes these traits as essentials of good character. In order for our children to develop such traits, we have to offer them examples of good and bad, right and wrong. And the best places to find them are in great works of literature and exemplary stories from history. William J. Bennett has collected hundreds of stories in The Book of Virtues, an instructive and inspiring anthology that will help children understand and develop character -- and help adults teach them. From the Bible to American history, from Greek mythology to English poetry, from fairy tales to modern fiction, these stories are a rich mine of moral literacy, a reliable moral reference point that will help anchor our children and ourselves in our culture, our history, and our traditions -- the sources of the ideals by which we wish to live our lives. Complete with instructive introductions and notes, The Book of Virtues is a book the whole family can read and enjoy -- and learn from -- together."

Very Good. Nice dust jacket. Gift inscription inside front cover. $4

The Moral Compass: Stories for a Life's Journey. ed. by William J. Bennett. Simon & Schuster, 1995. Hardcover. Ages 10 and up. 824 pages.

A companion volume to The Book of Virtues above, filled with more. In The Moral Compass, Bennett uses great works of literature and stories from history to show us examples of good and bad, right and wrong. Organized by the stages along life's journey, these stories and poems serve as reference points on a moral compass, guiding the reader through the ethical and spiritual challenges along the pathway of life: leaving home, entering into marriage, easing the burdens of others, nurturing one's children, and fulfilling the obligations of citizenship and leadership.

Very Good. Nice dust jacket. Gift inscription inside front cover. $4

The [Complete, Unabridged] Riverside Shakespeare. William Shakespeare. Houghton, 1974. Hardcover. Ages 15 and up. 1927 pages.

An outstanding complete works of Shakespeare in one-volume, with commentary. A scholar's favorite and a classic in its own right. 

Very Good. Solid, clean copy. Minor wear at corners. Very minor smudges at outside edges. $10

 Service with a Smile. P. G. Wodehouse. Arrow, 1962, recent reprint. Softcover. Ages 12 and up. 236 pages.

"As a peer of the realm, Clarence, Ninth Earl of Emsworth, has an occasional duty to leave the Empress of Blandings, surely the most considerable pig in the whole world, and travel to London for the opening of Parliament. It comes hard to him, for he has a proper sense of the priorities in life, which rate pigs and flowerbeds higher than politicians." Humor.

Like New. $3


Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30. Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

None at this time.

Theology & Christian Discipleship

Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30. Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

Herein is Love Commentary Series. Nancy E. Ganz. Shepherd Press, 2002. Softcover. For use with ages 8 and up--but this is flexible as smaller children are taught to sit quietly and listen.

This series "has captured parents and children with creative, gripping, and beautiful portrayals of what truly happened in the beginning. The beginning books of the Bible are essential to our understanding of God's redemptive story. The author creatively focuses our attention on the events that bring this story to life. The series has the richness of well-written literature and the depth of understanding inherent in a commentary. The result is a series of books whose details live and sing. They help parent and child understand the Christ-centered Word, and they are enjoyable reading for both. Your own faith will be strengthened while reading to your children, and your children will be encouraged, lesson by lesson, to believe in the Lord Jesus."

Little Pilgrim's Progress. Helen L. Taylor. Moody, 1989. Softcover. Ages 8 and up. 256 pages.

"To most children the record of Christian's pilgrimage is attractive simply as a story of adventure. But now Helen L. Taylor has simplified the vocabulary and concepts for younger readers, while keeping the story line intact. The result is a classic for youth, a delightful book with a message they can understand."

Very Good. $4

Little Pilgrim's Progress. Helen L. Taylor. Moody, 1989. Softcover. Ages 8 and up. 256 pages.

"To most children the record of Christian's pilgrimage is attractive simply as a story of adventure. But now Helen L. Taylor has simplified the vocabulary and concepts for younger readers, while keeping the story line intact. The result is a classic for youth, a delightful book with a message they can understand."

Very Good. $4

The Heart of Anger: Practical Help for the Prevention and Cure of Anger in Children [Calvary Press Christian Counsel Series]. Lou Priolo. Calvary, 1997. Softcover. Ages 15 and up. 203 pages.

"Does your children ever speak to you in angry, disrespectful tones? Christian families, especially those in which children are home for most of the day, especially episodes of frustration and anger. This new book deals with anger's root causes, offering corrective advice from a biblical perspective."

Good. Clean copy. Mild wear. Two pages have highlighting. $4

The Seven Sayings of the Saviour on the Cross. Arthur W. Pink. Baker, 1958, recent reprint. Softcover. Ages 15 and up. 138 pages.

"The words Christ spoke from the cross can inform Christians of the purpose, the meaning, the sufferings, and the sufficiency of his death. After an introduction that discusses the nature of Christ's death as natural, unnatural, preternatural, and supernatural, Dr. Arthur W. Pink clearly illustrates the lessons that can be drawn from Christ's words lessons on forgiveness, salvation, affection, anguish, suffering, victory, and contentment. This comprehensive and accessible volume is useful for both sermon preparation and personal study."

Very Good. Almost like new with a tiny remainder mark at the bottom edge. $4

The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate. Gary Chapman. Northfield, 2004. Softcover. Ages 16 and up. 203 pages.

"Chapman guides couples in identifying, understanding, and speaking their spouse’s primary love language—quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, or physical touch."

Very Good. $4

ABC Bible Storybook: Favorite Stories Adapted for Young Children. Elsie Egermeier. Warner, 2006. Hardcover. Ages 4 and up. Picture Book.

"Egermeier's ABC Bible Storybook is a delightful storybook that uses each letter of the alphabet to highlight some of the best-loved stories in the Bible. Captivating illustrations combine with Egermeier's text to create a collection of stories that will be read over and over again. Teachers and parents will love the way this book helps kids strengthen their knowledge of the alphabet while growing their faith through Bible stories."

Very Good. Abrasion inside the back cover where a sticker or paper was removed. Otherwise very nice. $5

Discover 4 Yourself: Inductive Bible Studies for Kids. Kay Arthur. Harvest House, 1999-2005. Softcover. Ages 8-12. 93-205 pages.

And the Bride Wore White: Seven Secrets to Sexual Purity with the Companion Guide: An Interactive Journaling Experience, Two Volume Set. Ages 13 and up.

These are nearly new and appear to be unread with just slight shelf wear, except that one of the companion guides has a name written inside the back cover.

Heritage Builders. Jim Weidmann and Mark DeNooy, with Kurt Bruner. Focus on the Family, 1997-1999. Softcover. All Ages. 105-122 pages.

The Family Night Tool Chest curriculum helps families bring fun and spiritual growth together to pass along a spiritual heritage to the next generation. Can be used with individual families or small family groups. I don't have Book 1 available.

Very Good. Book 2 has minor damage to the back cover. Complete set of five, $15.

 Age of Opportunity: A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens. Paul David Tripp. P&R, 1997. Softcover. Ages 18 and up. 253 pages.

By the author of Shepherding a Child's Heart. "Are you hoping to merely survive your teenagers? With compassion, wit and wisdom, Tripp uncovers the heart issues affecting families during the often chaotic adolescent years. Gain assurance of God's provision for parenting success and discover ways to seize the countless opportunities to deepen communication, learn, and grow with your teens."

Very Good. $4

 Family Worship: In the Bible, in History, & in Your Home. Donald S. Whitney. Center for Biblical Spirituality, 2006. Softcover. Ages 12 and up. 64 pages.

"Many Christian families have never experienced the joys and benefits of family worship, but it is a practice rooted in the Bible and common throughout Christian history. How can people unfamiliar with family worship lead it? How do busy households recover faithfulness to it? This practical book shows the way."

Very Good. $3

The Peacemaker. Ken Sande. Baker House, 2004. Softcover. Ages 14 and up. 318 pages.

Sande shows how to avoid peace-breaking and peace-faking in favor of genuine peace-making.

Good. Mild wear, a bit of smudging at the edges. Nice reading copy. $4

 Christian Living in the Home. Jay Adams. Presbyterian & Reformed, 1972, recent reprint. Softcover. Ages 14 and up. 142 pages.

"Christians will find this volume full of practical, biblical advice on Christ-centered family living, communicating with family members, family guidance and discipline, living with an unbelieving spouse, and many other areas. Pastors, counselors, and study groups will value this work for its insight, clarity, and faithfulness to God’s Word. This best-selling title will challenge, encourage, and aid the reader in the development of a truly Christian home."

Like New. $3

 Romanian-English. Lessons from Nature [Învăţături din lumea naturii]. John Bunyan, Romanian translation by Anton Horvath. Back Home Industries, 1998. Hardcover.

Do you know any Romanian child who is learning English as a second language? John Bunyan's work for children presented as a parallel translation in both English and Romanian. Would be useful for language instruction. Cheerful illustrations.

New. $10

 English Standard Version (ESV) Bible. Crossway/Youth for Christ. Hardcover. All ages.

Complete ESV Bible. Two columns, 9.5 point type, 5.5″ x 8.5″

This is a tight, unmarked copy. It appears to be new. It feels like it's never been read. $5


Education & Reference

Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30. Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

Educating for Liberty: The Best of Imprimis 1972-2002. ed by Douglas A. Jeffrey. Hillsdale, 2002. Hardcover. Ages 14 and up. 326 pages.

"The fact that our government today appears indifferent, or even hostile, to the kind of education America’s Founders thought vital to preserving liberty – the kind of education offered at Hillsdale College – suggests that in many ways our government has grown indifferent, or even hostile to liberty itself. Under these circumstances, a large part of the work of Hillsdale College is devoted to promoting liberty and its underlying moral principles nationwide.  Central to this mission is Imprimis, a national monthly speech digest of presentations made at Hillsdale conferences and seminars by leaders, writers, and scholars who support limited government, free enterprise, individual rights, personal responsibility and strong national defense. Educating for Liberty collects thirty of the first 360 speeches published in Imprimis."

Very Good. Bright dust jacket. $3

Reading between the Lines: A Christian Guide to Literature. Gene Edward Veith, Jr. Crossway, 1990. Softcover. Ages 16 and up. 254 pages.

"Here is a guidebook for those who want to learn how to recognize books that are spiritually and aesthetically good--to cultivate good literary taste. Gene Edward Veith presents basic information to help book lovers understand what they read--from the classics to the bestsellers. He explains how the major genres of literature communicate. He explores ways comedy, tragedy, realism, and fantasy can portray the Christian worldview. These discussions lead to a host of related topics--the value of fairy tales for children, the tragic and the comic sense of life, the interplay between Greek and Biblical concepts in the imagination, and the new 'post-modernism' (a subject of vital importance to Christians)."

Very Good. $5

The New College Latin & English Dictionary. John C. Traupman. Bantam, 1966, 1979. Mass market paperback. Ages 11 and up. 502 pages.

Very Good. Pages very slightly age-toned. $2

The Original Home Schooling Serie. Charlotte Mason. Charlotte Mason Research & Supply, 1989. Softcover. Adult reading level.

Good. Some home educators find that these two volumes are the most helpful in the series. Both books have highlighting, underlining, and mild wear. $5 for both.

Midwifery/Infant Care Books.
One of my adult daughters used these while she was pursuing midwifery studies. All softcover, Good+ to Very Good, $4 each.

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