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Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

Thomas Jefferson: A Picture Book Biography. James Cross Giblin, illus by Michael Dooling. Scholastic, 1994. Hardcover. Ages 8-12. 48 pages.

"An illustrated portrait of Thomas Jefferson introduces young readers to a writer, statesman, inventor, educator, architect, author of the Declaration of Independence, and the third president of the United States."

Fair-Good ex-library. Nice copy, but there is a very hard abrasion along the edge of the back cover. $4


Kate Shelley: Bound for Legend. Robert D. San Souci, illus by Max Ginsburg. Dial, 1995. Hardcover. Ages 8 and up. Picture book with extra text.

"A lyrical account of 15-year-old Kate Shelley's feat of averting a major train disaster during a tremendous storm on the night of July 6, 1881. Based on scholarly research, as well as on Kate and her younger sister's own commentary, the story helps readers to feel the tension building to a crescendo, mirroring the fury of the storm, as Kate realizes what she must do to stop the midnight express from flying off the destroyed Honey Creek Bridge. The young woman battles not only the ferocious elements and the clock as she makes her way across the railroad ties of the Des Moines River Bridge to Moingona Station, but also her personal fears.... [This] captures the drama, as it also gives life to the characters, particularly Kate and her widowed mother. The excitement is enhanced by the luminous oil paintings, as each page evokes an emotional response to Kate's predicament and difficult choices." -- School Library Journal

Very Good ex-library. $5


 Starry Messenger: Galileo Galilei [Caldecott Honor Book]. Peter Sis. Foster, 1996. Hardcover. Ages 7-11. Picture Book.

Pictures and review here.

Very Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $6


 Shipwrecked: The True Adventures of a Japanese Boy. Rhoda Blumberg. Harper, 2001. Hardcover. Ages 10 and up. 80 pages.

"In the 1800's, the Japanese government had strict isolation laws. By decree, foreigners and ideas from outside Japan were forbidden. So when fourteen-year-old Manjiro and four other fishermen were shipwrecked on a small rocky island 300 miles from shore, they wondered if they would ever be allowed to return home. In time, Manjiro became the first Japanese to come to the United States and his impressions of the country give us vivid glimpses of 19th century American life in Gold Rush California and later went on to play an important role in opening his country."

Very Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $5


 Charles A. Lindbergh: A Human Hero. James Cross Giblin. Clarion, 1997. Hardcover. Ages 12 and up. 212 pages. 

Giblin writes well. "The story of Lindbergh's rise to fame and abrupt descent into disgrace is told here with frankness and understanding. The meticulously researched text and generous selection of archival photographs present a lively and rounded portrait of a man who earned his place in aviation history."

Very Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $5


Orphan Train Rider: One Boy's True Story. Andrea Warren. Houghton, 1996. Hardcover. Ages 12 and up. 80 pages.

Very touching book alternates a general history of the orphan trains with the true story of Lee Nailling, who lost both his parents in the 1920's (his mother to death, his father by abandonment) and then found a new home with a Christian family. This excellent book for young adults brings the ethical questions of the orphan trains and adoption into sharp focus. It would be a good one for parents and children to share together. 

Very Good. $7


 Ancient Egypt: The Hands-on Approach to History [Make it Work]. Andrew Haslam and Alexandra Parsons. Scholastic, 1995. Softcover. Ages 6-14. 64 pages.

And outstanding activity book with intricate, instructive but inexpensive projects illuminating all aspects of Egyptian culture. This is an excellent series. I always pick them up when I find them! 

Very Good ex-library. Cover is laminated for longer life. $5


 Day of Darkness, Night of Light. C. L. G. Martin, illus by Victoria M. Williams. Dial, 1989. Hardcover. Ages 7 and up. 46 pages. 

"Thirteen-year-old Daniel helps to save his town of Menominee, Michigan, from a devastating fire that swept through the dry western Great Lake states on October 7, 1871."

Very Good. Small smudge on front endpaper. $5


 Westward Adventure: The True Stories of Six Pioneers. William O. Steele, maps by Kathleen Voute. Harcourt, 1962. Hardcover. Ages 11 and up. 188 pages.

"There were many and varied reasons why the colonists on the Atlantic Coast pushed westward beyond the Appalachian Mountains into the region south and west of the thirteen colonies, the land of the Western Waters. Using little-known source material--diaries, journals, old books--Mr. Steele tells the stories of five men and one woman who faced harships and danger in a broad new land." Boys especially like Steele's books.

Very Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $6


   David Macaulay's Books. Houghton/Trumpet, 1973-77. Softcover. Ages 8 and up. 80 pages.

Impressive work, with Caldecott Honors for two of these! When our first daughter was a baby, and we were deciding to educate her at home, I knew right away that I would need to find a copy of Macaulay's brilliant Motel of the Mysteries. How happy I was to discover that Macaulay wrote many more books! These are outstanding, both in illustration and text. Very detailed. Do not let a young artist, engineer, or historian miss them!

Pyramid. Very Good ex-library. $4

Castle. Like New. $6

Cathedral. Like New. $6


 Streams of Civilization, Volume One. Mary Stanton & Albert Hyma. Christian Liberty Press, 1976, 2000, recent reprint. Hardcover. Ages 14 and up. 

Most history textbooks are written from a secular viewpoint, but this introductory text is different! Providing a comprehensive look at Western, African, and Asian civilizations from creation to 1620, it affirms the biblical view of creation (though it discusses evolution) and gives your kids insight into other cultures and religions from a Christian perspective. Includes vocabulary questions, exercises, maps, and black-and-white illustrations. Ideal for grades 9 and up. 410 pages, hardcover from Christian Liberty Press.

Like New, $12


    Sower Series Books. Various authors. Mott Media, 1976-1985. Softcover. 145-183 pages. Ages 12 and up. 

Christian biographies for young adults. "Read for yourself...from the actual pen of these noted people from world history...of their relationship to Jesus Christ...and how that relationship affected their decisions...and the course of human history! See history come alive...learn of many hidden facts involving famous men and women from the pages of their own diaries, letters to friends, books they wrote, etc. You'll be amazed at what has been left out of our history books! All Like New. $5 each. 


 Games from Long Ago [Historic Communities]. Bobbie Kalman, illus by Barbara Bedell. Crabtree, 1995. Hardcover. 32 pages. 

Parlor games, guessing games, word games, table games, board games, work-party games, holiday games, outdoor games, and more! From a wonderful series.

Very Good ex-library. Spine ends a bit bumped. $4


 Mummies Made in Egypt. Aliki. Harper, 1979. Hardcover. Ages 8/9 to 12. Picture book with extra, more detailed text.

"A mummy is a mystery--hidden in layers of ancient bandage, bedecked with priceless jewels. Why did the Egyptians of long ago prepare and wrap their dead to last forever? And how did they do it? Step by step, follow the process that took seventy days--from the embalmer's slab, where hte corpse was made ready, down into the tomb, where the mummy was sealed away."

This may be too graphic for some children, but it's discreetly written and accurate. (I wanted my children to understand how the Egyptians' false religion affected their views of life and death.)

Good ex-library. $6


 David Livingstone: Missionary and Explorer [Heroes of the Faith]. Sam Wellman. Barbour, 1995. Softcover. 

One in a popular series of Christian biographies for young adults. "To go where no missionary had ever been, to smell the smoke of unknown villages, to witness to peoples beyond the vast Kalahari, such were the dreams of David Livingston. Born into poverty in Scotland, and educated in medicine, he was first sent to South Africa in 1840 but at once recognized the dearth of missionaries in the northern regions. Exhaustion, serious illness, and wild animals, not to mention the murderous activities of slave traders, become commonplace as Dr. Livingstone traveled. Driven by his faith, and his sense of outrage, Livingstone's life and writings would ignite the Dark Continent as never before."

Like New. $4


Early Village Life [Early Settler Life Series]. Bobbie Kalman. Crabtree, 1991. Hardcover. Ages 8-13. 64 pages.

"Explains why the first settlers had to be self-sufficient, describes the important functions provided by a village, and looks at the craftspeople who would be found in a village."

Very Good ex-library. Especially beautiful copy. $5


 Arthur and the Sword. Robert Sabuda. Atheneum, 1995. Hardcover. Ages 6-10. Picture book.

"The dramatic tale of a humble boy designed to be King of all England. Each your young Arthur travels with his family to the old church of Londontown to attend the celebration of Christ's birth. But this year something magical occurs...." Brilliantly illustrated in the style of stained glass. 

Very Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $5


 An I Can Read Book Series. Various authors. Hardcover. Ages 5 and up. 62 pages.

I love this series of history books for first readers! They're well written and fun.


Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire [Rulers and their Times]. Miriam Greenblatt. Benchmark, 2002. Ages 9 and up. 80 pages. 

Well-written biography. "In this book, you will read how Genghis Khan rose from poverty and obscurity to become a mighty ruler. You will learn how the people in a nomadic society lived--the clothes they wore and the foods they ate, as well as the houses, sports, and arts they carried with them from place to place. Finally, you will read some folktales and sayings in which the Mongols tell us about themselves in their own words."

Very Good ex-library. $5


 The Roman Empire. Isaac Asimov. Houghton, 1967. Hardcover. Ages 13 and up. 277 pages.

I usually don't take a picture to display my particular copy, but in this case I made an exception! Do you see why? A child has decorated the plain cloth cover with a Roman statue and title lettering in marker. (It's nice work, too!)

Most know Asimov as a science fiction writer and are not aware that he wrote several outstanding, comprehensive histories for young people. While he could not write from a Christian perspective, he was fair and engaging with history, and I like his books very much. They are very hard to find.

Fair, due to the added cover art. :-) Some smudging and tape shadows on the cover. No dust jacket. Endpapers show tape marks and scuffs. Text pages are bright, crisp, and clean. A sturdy ex-library copy! Very hard to find. $25


 Patriotic & Historical Plays for Young People: One-act Plays and Programs about the People and Events that Made our Country Great. Ed. by Sylvia E. Kamerman. Plays Inc., 1987. Softcover. Ages 8 and up. 229 pages.

"The history of our country is rich in stirring events and the achievements of the courageous and dedicated people who set forth the ideals and the basis of the laws by which we have lived and been governed for more than 200 years. These memorable episodes and documents are dramatized and highlighted in the plays and program material in this book. Young people will be inspired by the actions of such heroic figures as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Paul Rever, and many lesser known but vital figures in the historical panorama that saw America grow to greatness. To provide for flexible programming, this book also includes short dramatic pieces and choral readings that require little or no memorization and only a minimum of rehearsal time. These shorter items are ideal for informal use, or in combination with the longer plays here presented. Production notes include simple settings and costumes."

Good ex-lib. Laminated cover. Minor moisture ripple to top edge of last several pages. Nice clean text. $5 


 The Best of James Herriot: Favourite Memories of a Country Vet. James Herriot. Readers Digest, 1982. Hardcover. Ages 13 and up. 503 pages.

Beautiful and well-illustrated with full-page color photos and detail drawings in the margins and with additional material added. "The warm and magical writings of James Herriot...have endeared him to more readers that probably any other living storyteller. Fifty favorite stories are here lavishly presented in a splendid large format that includes over 100 pages of breathtakinig photographs. These are, as James puts it, "the stories my family and I have laughed at over the years and the ones my readers have said they most enjoyed". Yorkshire, England in the 30's and 40's.

Good. Very slight ripple just at the edge of the last few pages. Quite nice. Pictorial cover, no dust jacket. $5


 The Greenleaf Guide to Ancient Egypt: History for the Thoughtful Child. Cyndy Shearer. Greenleaf, 1989, 1999. Softcover. Elementary & Middle School. 46 pages.

These guides "emphasize biography, so that you can focus on issues of character and the consequences, both temporal and eternal, of the choices that historical figures made". Ten short units help children discover the wonders and disgraces of Ancient Egypt.

Very Good. $4


 Ancient History: A Literature Approach, First Edition. Rea Berg. Beautiful Feet, 1995, Comb-bound softcover. For Middle School/Junior High and High School with additional notes for younger students. 34 pages. 

Study guide uses our lovely living books to learn history. Excellent reading recommendations, schedule, study ideas and questions.

Like New. $8


 Mary Slessor: Forward into Calabar [Christian Heroes: Then & Now]. Janet & Geoff Benge. YWAM, 1999. Softcover. Ages 9 and up. 204 pages.

Missionary biography for children. 

Very Good, $5


 Gladys Aylward: The Adventure of a Lifetime [Christian Heroes: Then & Now]. Janet & Geoff Benge. YWAM, 1999. Softcover. Ages 9 and up. 204 pages.

Missionary biography for children. 

Very Good, $5


 Life in the Great Ice Age. Michael & Beverly Oard, illus by Earl & Bonita Snellenberger. Master Books, 1996. Hardcover. 72 pages. 

An Answers in Genesis selection. "After Noah's Flood the earth and its climate were undergoing drastic charges. The stage had been set for the Great Ice Age. Noah's descendents had to learn how to survive in a strange and often hostile land. In part one, we'll spend a summer with Jabeth and his family as they survive a saber-toothed tigeter attack, battle a cave bear, and go on a woolly mammoth hunt. Part two explains the scientific reasons for the Ice Age, what caused it, and how long it lasted." Biblical perspective, young earth creationism.

Very Good. A bit of wear at the tips of the corners. $8


 Rembrandt. Elizabeth Ripley. Walck, 1955. Hardcover. Ages 8 and up. 71 pages.

Well-illustrated with drawings, etchings, and paintings by Rembrandt. Very well-written, appealing biography.

Very Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $5


Geography & Cultures
Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30.
Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

 International Children: A Special book of Customs, Costumes, and Flags of 22 Different Nations. Karen Sevaly. Teacher's Friend Publications, 1991. Softcover. Ages 3 - 8. 128 pages.

Reproducible for classroom use, and I've used mine for years. Coloring pages for a boy and girl in each of 22 countries along with details for putting together a unit on each country. "Students will gain a wealth of information regarding each country--the capital city, the language, currency, costumes, religions, national flag, holidays, important facts, and famous people. Includes suggestions for making and enjoying international foods."

Good. Very clean pages, worn cover corners with a very little bit of creasing. $7


Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30.
Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

Crinkleroot's Guide to Knowing Animal Habitats. Jim Arnosky. Simon, 19927. Hardcover. Ages 6-12. 25 pages.

This is delightful and almost entrancing to children interested in nature, or art. Arnosky's detailed, accurate watercolors compliment his enthusiastic text! Crinkleroot, er, Arnosky loves nature and wants children to love it too.

Very Good ex-library. Pictorial library binding. This is very hard to find of the Crinkleroot books. $20



Let's-Read-and-Find Out Series. Various authors. Harper, 1995. Hardcover. Ages 6 and up. About 30 pages each. Most are ex-library with dust jackets in Mylar.

Well-written, colorful science readers. $4 each or all 8 for $28.


  The Bird Alphabet Book. Jerry Pallotta, illus by Edgar Stewart. Charlesbridge, 1987. Hardcover.

These are not alphabet books for preschoolers. They are part of a series of very beautifully illustratrated, often humorous, more detailed books for older children, ages 7-12. My young artists love the paintings in them. 


 Christian Liberty Nature Reader, Book 1, Second Edition. Florence Bass, ed by Wendy Kramer. Christian Liberty Press, 1890, 1996. Softcover. Ages 5-8. 162 pages.  

"Designed not only to improve a child's reading skills and comprehension, but also to increase his understanding and delight in God's wonderful creation. Children need to see the glory of Christ in all of nature, as it reveals God's eternal wisdom and power."

Very Good. $5


 Fish Facts & Bird Brains: Animal Intelligence. Helen Roney Sattler. Lodestar, 1984. Hardcover. Ages 11 and up. 127 pages. 

"Honeybees dance to communicte with other bees? Several birds can make their own tools? Circus elephants have learned to play cricket? Sattler draws on scientific research to present amazing stories about animals, from flatworms and fish to primates and cetaceans." (May have some evolutionary content.)

Very Good. Dust jacket in Mylar. $4

Meadow [Look Closer Series]. Barbara Taylor. Dorling Kindersley, 1991. Hardcover. Ages 7 and up. About 30 pages each.

Incredible, detailed, close-up photography! "Look Closer is an innovative series of information books for young readers. Each larger-than-life photograph illustrates animals and plants in closer detail than ever before."

Very Good ex-library. $5


 Seasons. Melvin Berger, illus by Ron Jones. Doubleday, 1990. Hardcover. Ages 9 and up. 45 pages.

Well and abundantly illustrated in color throughout, this is an appealing and detailed look at the seasons. "Did you ever wonder why the weather is sometimes warm and sometimes cold? Why the days are sometimes long and sometimes short? Plants grow and die and then grow again? Animals show up at certain times and disappear at other times? These changes occur because the year is divided into periods we call seasons."

Good. Very clean and crisp inside, but cover is bumped and scratched. Still a good, sturdy copy. $5


 Famous Experiments & How to Repeat Them. Brent Filson, illus by Brigita Fuhrmann. Messner, 1986. Hardcover. Ages 10 and up. 71 pages.

This is excellent. My friend Deputy Headmistress talks about it here.

Very Good Ex-library. $6


 Garden Crafts for Kids: 50 Great Reasons to Get Your Hands Dirty. Diane Rhoades. Sterling, 1995. Hardcover. Ages 12 and up. 

This is an intense, appealing book for children who really want to know and understand all aspects of gardening. "Become an adventurer, explorer, scientist, chef, inventor, and friend of the earth--all in one. Design your perfect garden. Maybe you'd like to have a big one in your backyard, filled with carrots, tomatoes, and corn; or try a fragrant assortment of fresh herbs growing in pots on your windowsill. Plant potatoes in a stack of tires, flowers in an old bathtub orboot, and a village full of bean tepees. Learn to test foil, make friends with earthworms, and see how to use the moon as a planting calendar." 

Very Good. Close to new with light rubbing to the dust jacket. $5


 Butterfly Alphabet. Kjell B. Sandved. Scholastic, 1996. Softcover. 58 pages. Ages 5 and up.

Brilliant, wonderful book. Sandved has done numerous closeup images of butterfly wings, finding every letter of the alphabet in them. Rhyming couplets with brilliant images from butterfly wings. The following poster reproduces images from this book--

Very Good. $5


 Are You a Snail? [Backyard Books]. Judy Allen and Tudor Humphries. Kingfisher, 2000. Hardcover. Picture book.

I'm a great fan of this creative series--and so are my children! Little kids adore them. Each book invites children to imagine life as some small creature and then makes fun contrasts between insect life and human life. This one ends, "You are not a snail. You are a human child. You have no shell on your back. You have no horns and your eyes are not on stalks. But you can do lots of things that snails can't do. You are not afraid of thrushes or foxes. Most humans like you. Best of all, you are not in the least bit slimy."

These are terrific for introducing children to fun science concepts--and discussing what it means to be uniquely made in the image of God.

Good ex-library. A bit shaken. $5


Math & Logic
Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30.
Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

If you have purchased any of the following Nasco math books, would you mind sending me a few words as a review to be added here?
Nasco is in my area, and I bought the last of their reproducible math books when they went out of print.
I think your review could be very helpful to those who haven't seen them. 


If You Made a Million. David M. Schwartz, illus by Steven Kellogg. Lothrop, 1989. Hardcover. Ages 7-11. 36 pages. 

The Schwartz/Kellogg math books are brilliantly illustrated, educationally sound, and favorites of children. Excellent.

Very Good. Dust jacket has a bit of bumping and a minor repair. $5


 Count to a Million. Jerry Pallotta, illus by Rob Bolster. Scholastic, 2003. Softcover. Ages 6-8. 30 pages.

This was never published in hardcover, as far as I can tell. It's a beautifully illustrated and very well-written introduction and explanation for the concept of place value. Very nice!

Very Good ex-library. $4 (2 copies available)


 Sea Sums. Joy N. Hulme, illus by Carol Schwartz. Hyperion, 1996. Hardcover. Ages 6-9. Picture book.

An especially beautiful and entrancing living math book. Addition and subtraction among a host of brightly colored, interesting sea creatures, including lionfish, coral polyps, stingrays, clams, sea birds, and more. 

Like New in a lovely dust jacket. $7


 Poker Chip Math. Jan Pellington and Sandra DiGiaimo. Nasco, 2002. Spiral-bound softcover. For use with ages 8-13.

I see poker chips at thrift stores all the time. Large, attractive plastic disks, usually they are quality, nicely weighted plastic. Here, they function as a comfortable, readily available math manipulative for some very creative math activities. Poker Chip Math is designed to teach a variety of mathematics skills and to provide students with experiences in logic and problem-solving. Some games and activities are teacher-directed. Most are self-directed.  

My friend Rebekah Wilson has agreed to review some of the math books that I have in stock right now. She writes, "Poker Chip Math has incredible links between hands-on/tangible learning and the visual need to see math worked out physically. This combination is an exceptional approach to teaching math, or re-teaching what a child has forgotten or missed. Poker Chip Math makes math meaningful and real, bringing abstract concepts into the realm of reality for students."

Read Rebekah's more detailed review of Poker Chip Math. 

New. Multiple copies available. May have minor wear from boxing and shelving. $3


 Reproducible Nasco Math Practice Series. Evelyn B. Christensen. Nasco, 2006. Spiral-bound softcovers. Reproducible, so these can be used with multiple students. As students solve math facts, the answers to problems provide a key for coloring the squares to reveal a hidden picture or pattern. 

New. Multiple copies available. May have minor wear from boxing and shelving. Set of 5 for $15.


 Reproducible Nasco Math Map Puzzles. Spiral-bound softcovers. Reproducible, so these can be used with multiple students. These puzzles increase in difficulty. Students mentally figure the problems to find the missing link. Puzzles use only whole numbers. No fractions or decimals.

New. Multiple copies available. May have minor wear from boxing and shelving. Set of 3 for $10.

Domestic Arts and Crafts
Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30.
Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

 Help! Around the House: A Mother's Guide to Getting the Family to Pitch in and Clean Up. Don Aslett. Adams, 2006. Softcover. Ages 12 and up. 260 pages.

When he was writing it, Aslett asked mothers to submit our ideas for motivating children to clean up, so I am quoted in this book somewhere.  Includes a tear-out checklist for children.

Like New. $4


 From 1904: The Good Housekeeping Hostess: An Old-Fashioned Guide to Gracious Living.Hearst, 1904, recent reprint. Hardcover. Ages 14 and up. 320 pages. 

"Although this fascinating book reflects the social life of the last century, good taste and manners endure and never change. And so you will find a wealth of advice about entertaining that still applies today." Entertainment, party ideas, hospitality, and recipes for all occasions.

Very Good. Bright, glossy dust jacket. $5


Grandmother's Hope Chest Series: The Running Rooster, Lucie's Snowflakes, and The Button Jar.
Rebekah Wilson. Hope Chest Legacy, 2004-2005. Hardcover. Ages 6 and up. About 50 pages each.

These heirloom treasures have been out of print for several years. Each is a hardcover picture book with lots of text, including not only a story for Christian children but also a creative project teaching handsewing skills. When my older children were young they benefited so much from Mrs. Wilson's wonderful creativity. I'm so glad that my younger ones can also enjoy these same wonderful stories and products. 

New. Set of 3. $40. (Multiple sets available. Books are also available individually for $14 each.)


 The Hope Chest: A Legacy of Love. Rebekah Wilson. Hope Chest Legacy, 2003. Softcover. Ages 11 and up. 376 pages.

A wonderful book written by a dear, dear friend. How to help our daughters prepare for marriage, homemaking, hospitality, and lifelong service to others. Out-of-print. Old Schoolhouse Review.

New $8


Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30.
Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

 Jacob Lawrence [Getting to Know the World's Great Artists]. Mike Venezia. Children's Press, 1999. Ages 7-10. 32 pages.

"Mike believes the best way to introduce art and artists is through fun. If children can learn about art in a fun way, and think of artists as real people, the exciting world of art will be open to them the rest of their lives." We avidly collect Venezia's biographies. My children have found them very absorbing!

Good ex-library. This has a flaw to the front cover. When the library cut away the bar code as part of the discard process, a small rectangle of the surface paper was also lost. $5


 Andrew Wyeth [First Impressions].  Richard Meryman. Abrams, 1991. Ages 14/16 and up. 91 pages.

I really like the First Impressions biographies for older children. They are very well written, with multiple examples of the artists' works in color. These do sometimes include discreet information about the sins of the artists that are typically left out of biographies for younger children and sometimes nudes as well, so parental prereading might be recommended, but I like them very much for a child who is ready to learn more of the artists' stories and styles.

Like New. Remainder mark at bottom edge. Dust jacket has just a bit of shelf rubbing. $8


 Art Appreciation Series [Metropolitan Museum of Art]. Richard Muhlberger. Viking, 1990's. Softcover. Ages 10 and up. About 50 pages each. 

We love these books! They focus on style--what makes one artist's work different from others? Each focuses on 12 masterpieces to discuss color, line, shape, composition, and subject matter. We like them very much for children who are ready for the next level of art appreciation, after James Mayhew and Mike Venezia.


 Degas: The Painted Gesture [Art for Children Series]. Jacqueline Loumaye. Chelsea House, 1992-1993. Ages 9 and up. About 60 pages each. 

This series introduces great painters in the context of fictional stories about intent, curious children today. They are abundantly illustrated in color, with many reproductions of the painters' works.

Very Good ex-library. $5


Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30.
Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

 Frederic Chopin [Getting to Know the World's Great Composers]. Mike Venezia. Children's Press, 1999. Ages 7-10. 32 pages.

"Mike believes the best way to introduce music and composers is through fun. If children can learn about music in a fun way, and think of composers as real people, the exciting world of music will be open to them the rest of their lives." We avidly collect Venezia's biographies. My children have found them very absorbing!

Very Good ex-library. Looks like it was never read. $5


Holidays & Traditions
Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30.
Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.


 A Valentine Fantasy. Carolyn Haywood, illus by Glenys & Victor Ambrus. Morrow, 1976. Hardcover. Ages 6 and up. Picture book.

By the author of the "Eddie" and "Betsy" books, this is Haywood's Valentine's Day story. "She pictures the young Valentine growing up in a royal kingdom where castles and towns are surrounded by forests and wild creatures. Perhaps because of his gentle nature, Valentine considered even the birds and animals his friends and even came to know the rares of all birds, the golden bluebird, believed to have a heart of gold. But the day comes when the king asks for the bluebird's golden heart, leaving Valentine with a difficult choice."

Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $4


Picture Books

Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30.
Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.


A Cache of Jewels and Other Collective Nouns. Ruth Heller. Grosset, 1987. Hardcover. Ages 7-11.

A cache, a batch, a school, a gam, a fleet. Learning about collective nouns! Heller's gramar books are beautiful, evocative, and clear. Richly educational and very appealing.

Good ex-library. $4


 Come Out, Muskrat. Jim Arnosky. Lothrop, 1989. Hardcover. 

Arnosky is an amazing nature artist who has created many appealing books for children. This one is a picture book for smaller children. "Simple, accurately observed, and beautifully rendered, Come Out, Muskrat is the perfect book to read at bedtime, or to evoke the quiet of nightfall at any time.

Very Good. Dust jacket in Mylar. $5


 Mr. Gumpy's Outing [Five-in-a-Row go-along]. John Burningham. Weekly Reader Book Club, 1970. Hardcover. 

This book precedes the Five-in-a-Row book, Mr. Gumpy's Motor Car. 

Very Good. Bright pages. $4


 Little Mouse's Birthday Cake. Thacher Hurd. Harper, 1992. Hardcover.

"It seems that Little Mouse's friends have forgotten his birthday, and so he climbs Mouse Mountain and enjoys the fabulous view and a warming cup of cocoa--by himself. The ski run down is really brisk, and Little Mouse takes quite a tumble into a snowbank. Lost, he climbs a big oak tree to get a better view. But still, everything looks the same as from down below--all trees! He snuggles into a crook of the big tree, closes his eyes and soon is fast asleep. He is awakened by someone calling his name and finds his three friends waiting for him below. They all ski back to Little Mouse's house where a wonderful party, planned by his friends, awaits him. Although the crispness of a bright winter day permeates each illustration, the warmth of genuine friendship overrides any chills that Little Mouse feels on his solitary perch. Young audiences will thrill with the adventuresome mouse, and fairly feel the wind whipping by as they fly down the mountain with him. They will feel too, the warmth and kindness of friendship through the sweeping watercolor illustrations and anticipatory text. In addition to this being a sound read-aloud for a group story time, it's perfect for second graders to share with younger siblings. A true 'Please read this one' story." -- School Library Journal

Very Good. No dust jacket. $4


 A Chocolate Moose for Dinner. Fred Gwynne. Aladdin, 1976, recent reprint. Hardcover. 

Sequel to The King Who Rained. This is brilliant. Fred Gwynne knows how to make homonyms fun, funny, and memorable. 

Very Good ex-library. Looks like it was never read. $12


 Pondlarker. Fred Gwynne. Simon & Schuster, 1990. Hardcover. 

Pondlarker has heard all the stories of princesses and what their kisses can do, and he eagerly anticipates the princely life. A fun and funny book which suggests that hypocrisy and pretense are no way to live.

Very Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $7


 Chanticleer and the Fox, Adapted from the Canterbury Tales [Caldecott Medal]. Geoffrey Chaucer, Barbara Cooney. Crowell, 1958, reprint. Hardcover.

Beautiful children's book, well deserving of the Caldecott Medal.

Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. Little page-turning bends from small children turning the pages. $5


 Brian Wildsmith's Puzzles. Brian Wildsmith. Millbrook, 1970, reprint. Hardcover. Ages 3-6

Brilliant illustrations, simple picture puzzles. 

Veru Good ex-library. $5


 Snowflake Bentley [Caldecott Medal]. Jacqueline Briggs Martin, illus by Mary Azarian. Houghton, 1998. Hardcover. 

So lovely. "From the time that he was a small boy, Wilson Bentley thought of the icy crystals of snow as small miracles, and he determined to find a way to capture their beauty for others. Often misunderstood in his time, Bentley took pictures that even today reveal two important truths about snowflakes: first, that no two are like, and second, that each one is startlingly beautiful. This book gives children into  man who had not only a scientist's vision and perseverance, bu a clear passion for the wonders of nature."

Almost Like New. Book appears to be unread. Dust jacket has very minor wear and slight bumping. $8


 Casey at the Bat: A Ballad of the Republic Sung in the year 1888 [Caldecott Honor Book]. Ernest Thayer, illus by Christopher Bing. Scholastic, 2001. Oversized Hardcover.

This is brilliant, and I love it. Not only is it a wonderful poem, but Bing has elaborately illustrated it with illustrations reminiscent of engravings, newspaper clippings, and other fictional ephemera. It is certainly worthy of the Caldecott Honor.

Like New. $7


 The Rag Coat [Five in a Row]. Lauren Mills. Little Brown, 1991. Hardcover.

Beautifully illustrated. Set in Appalachia, in a poverty-stricken family. Papa always said that all people really need in life is one another. When the women of the community work together to quilt a coat for Minna, it gives her great joy until the other children tease and mock her for wearing it. 

Very Good ex-library. $9


 Blaze and the Mountain Lion. C. W. Anderson. Macmillan, 1959. Hardcover. Ages 4-8. 47 pages.

A favorite EASY READER for young children. Well-written with wonderful, appealing illustrations throughout.

Fair with lots of page-turning bends and minor finger smudges, dust jacket in Mylar, dust jacket has a little chipping at the head of the spine. $8


 Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening [Five in a Row]. Robert Frost, illus by Susan Jeffers. Dutton, 1923, 1978, recent reprint. Hardcover.

Beautiful picture book of the classic poem. Dramatic black-and-white illustrations with splashes of color.

Very Good. $5


 The Christmas Day Kitten. James Herriot, illus by Ruth Brown. St. Martin's, 1976, 1986. Hardcover.

Beautifully illustrated children's picture book by the author of All Creatures Great and Small.

Very Good. Gift inscription inside. Dust jacket has some minor wear and a couple of acid-free repairs. $5


 Moses the Kitten. James Herriot, illus by Ruth Brown. St. Martin's, 1974, 1984. Hardcover.

Beautifully illustrated children's picture book by the author of All Creatures Great and Small.

Very Good. Name partly crossed out on title page. Dust jacket is price-clipped with a crease on the back flap. $5


 The Velveteen Rabbit, or How Toys Become Real [Deluxe Edition]. Margery Williams, illustrated by Michael Green. Running Press, 1998, First Printing for this deluxe edition. Hardcover.

Printed on high quality paper that looks like parchment. Heavy endpapers. I believe the cover is bonded leather. Beautiful pictorial paste-down makes the cover illustration. Well-illustrated with charming pictures. I like this one very much! 

Like New. $6

Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30.
Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

All fiction is unabridged, unless noted.


 Little Rascal. Sterling North, illus by Carl Burger. Dutton, 1965. Hardcover. Ages 7-10. 79 pages.

This is a beautiful and beautifully illustrated edition of Rascal, produced for younger readers. The illustrations are accurate and striking.

Good ex-library. Cover does not look like the one above. Patterned library binding. $5


 The Wheel on the School [John Newbery Medal]. Meindert DeJong. Harper, 1958. Hardcover. Ages 8 and up. 172 pages. 

Another terrific book by Meindert DeJong!

Good ex-library. $4


 Ginger Pye [John Newbery Medal]. Eleanor Estes. Harcourt, 1951. Hardcover. Ages 8 and up. 250 pages.

"Once again Eleanor Estes has written with tenderness and humor a family story in which children will find all the realities of their world and grownups will catch echos of years gone by. Who can resist the Pyes? There is Mrs. Pye, the youngest mother in the town of Cranbury; Mr. Pye, a famous bird man who is often called down to Washington for consultation; Rachel and Jerry who see the world through fresh eyes and sometimes react surprisingly; Uncle Bennie, who is their real uncle although he is only three years od; Gramma and Grampa; and many delightful friends."

Good ex-library. Small repair to half-title page. $4


 Sarah, Plain and Tall [1986 Newberry Medal]. Patricia MacLachlan. Harper, 1985. Hardcover. Ages 8 and up. 58 pages.

Wonderful story. Caleb and Anna lost their mother when Caleb was a newborn baby. When their father places an ad in the newspaper, seeking a wife, Sarah responds. Set in the western US during pioneer times.

Like New. Beautiful dust jacket. $7


 Dave Dawson: The War Adventure Series. R. Sidney Bowen. Saalfield, 1942-1943. Hardcover. Ages 9 and up. About 250 pages each.

World War II adventure series for boys, published during the war. You can find a review of one of the books here

Very Good. Because these were published during wartime, the paper used was less expensive. It is therefore age-toned, or browned, but these are solid, clean, attractive copies, good for collecting and reading. Both have bright, clean dust jackets. with minor wear and slight chipping at the edges. The second book has a small bookworm hole in the margin, long since evacuated. $12 each.


 Master & Commander. Patrick O'Brian. Harper, 1970, recent reprint. Softcover. Ages 13 and up. 403 pages.

I've not read about these, but I have wanted to! I found one for you and one for me today! Here is a review. (Since I've not read these, I can't say whether some content might be objectionable for some readers.)

Very Good. $4


 The Riverside Shakespeare. William Shakespeare. Houghton, 1974. Hardcover. Ages 15 and up. 1927 pages.

An outstanding complete works of Shakespeare in one-volume, with commentary. A scholar's favorite and a classic in its own right. 

Very Good. Solid, clean copy. Minor wear at corners. Very minor smudges at outside edges. $15


 Ozma of Oz. L. Frank Baum, illus by John R. Neill. Konecky, undated. Hardcover. 267 pages. Ages 10 and up.

One of the later books in the Oz series. Beautiful facsimile edition with all the original text and illustrations.

Like New. Beautiful copy in a nearly perfect dust jacket with just a touch of wrinkling to back top edge. $8


 Service with a Smile. P. G. Wodehouse. Arrow, 1962, recent reprint. Softcover. 236 pages. Ages 12 and up.

"As a peer of the realm, Clarence, Ninth Earl of Emsworth, has an occasional duty to leave the Empress of Blandings, surely the most considerable pig in the whole world, and travel to London for the opening of Parliament. It comes hard to him, for he has a proper sense of the priorities in life, which rate pigs and flowerbeds higher than politicians." Humor.

Like New. $4


 Charlotte's Web [Newbery Honor Book]. E. B. White. 1952, 1980. Hardcover. 184 pages. 8 and up. 

Very Good. This is so cute. Bright, clean copy, but a small child has this written on a front blank page: "Read all of the book and read agin." :-) $5


 Brother Cadfael's Penance. Ellis Peters. Warner, 1994. Hardcover. 292 pages. Ages 14 and up. Ages 14 and up.

First Printing. Very Good. Book is tight, feels unopened. Slight dust freckling at top edge. Dust jacket has only a bit of rubbing. $7


Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories Five Volume Set.
Arthur Maxwell. Southern, 1976. Hardcover. 960 pages. Use with ages 4-5 and up.

Almost 1000 pages of well-illustrated vintage character building stories in a five volume set. 

Very Good. Bright and clean with minimal signs of use. $70


 McGuffey's  Original Eclectic Readers, 7 Volume Set: Eclectic Primer, Eclectic Pictorial Primer, Eclectic First Reader, Eclectic Second Reader, Eclectic Third Reader, Eclectic Fourth Reader, Eclectic Progressive Speller. William H. McGuffey, Mott Media, 1982. Hardcover, slip-cased set. Ages 5-14. 

This is the original McGuffey content from the 1849 edition, not one of the later content editions which removed and replaced much of the Christian content. 

Very Good. The books are essentially NEW, never read. However, the Speller has a bumped upper right corner. The slipcase has minor staining and has been repaired. $40


Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30.
Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

  Poetry for Young People Series. Sterling. Hardcover. 1994-1995. Ages 7-12. 48 pages each.

These are my favorite books for introducing children to great poets! The selections are carefully made and each book includes full-page, full-color artwork especially designed to compliment the poet's style. Every book ends with a short biographical sketch. 


Theology & Christian Discipleship
Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30.
Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.


 Age of Opportunity: A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens. Paul David Tripp. P&R, 1997. Softcover. Ages 18 and up. 253 pages.

By the author of Shepherding a Child's Heart. "Are you hoping to merely survive your teenagers? With compassion, wit and wisdom, Tripp uncovers the heart issues affecting families during the often chaotic adolescent years. Gain assurance of God's provision for parenting success and discover ways to seize the countless opportunities to deepen communication, learn, and grow with your teens."

Very Good. $5


 Family Worship: In the Bible, in History, & in Your Home. Donald S. Whitney. Center for Biblical Spirituality, 2006. Softcover. Ages 12 and up. 64 pages.

"Many Christian families have never experienced the joys and benefits of family worship, but it is a practice rootedin the Bible and common througout Christian history. How can people unfamiliar with family worship lead it? How do busy households recover faithfulness to it? This practical book shows the way."

Very Good. $5


 Humble Orthodoxy: Holding the Truth High without Putting People Down. Joshua Harris. Multnomah, 2013. Hardcover. Ages 12 and up. 83 pages.

Are humility and doctrinal faithfulness mutually exclusive? This small book explores that question.

Like New, $7


 [photo shows box, not Bible] Black Leather NKJV New King James Version Study Bible. Thomas Nelson, 2008. Black bonded leather, gold stamped.

Beautiful student Bible. Includes complete cross-reference system, study notes, Bible times and culture notes, 114 articles on key Bible doctrines, 350 word studies, maps, charts, harmony of the Gospels, concordance, and much more. Beautiful gold-stamped Bible with gilt page edges.

Like New in original box. This originally came with a CD copy of the Bible; that's not included. $30


 The Peacemaker. Ken Sande. Baker House, 2004. Softcover. Ages 14 and up. 318 pags.

Sande shows how to avoid peace-breaking and peace-faking in favor of genuine peace-making.

Good. Mild wear, a bit of smudging at the edges. Nice reading copy. $6


Passion & Purity: Learning to Bring Your Love Life under Christ's Control. Elisabeth Elliot. Revell, 1984, 2003. Softcover. Ages 13 and up. 191 pages.

"In her classic book, Elisabeth Elliot candidly shares her love story with Jim Elliot through letters, diary entries, and memories. She is honest about the temptations, difficulties, victories, and sacrifices of two young people whose commitment to Christ took priority over their love for each other."

Good. Nice copy with some minor smudging at the edges. Small remainder mark at bottom edge. $5


 Edges of His Ways: Selections for Daily Reading from the Notes of Amy Carmichael. Amy Carmichael. CLC, 1955, 1984. Softcover. Ages 12 and up. 197 pages. 

Thought-provoking devotional readings.

Very Good, $5


 Christian Living in the Home. Jay Adams. Presbyterian & Reformed, 1972, recent reprint. Softcover. Ages 14 and up. 142 pages.

"Christians will find this volume full of practical, biblical advice on Christ-centered family living, communicating with family members, family guidance and discipline, living with an unbelieving spouse, and many other areas. Pastors, counselors, and study groups will value this work for its insight, clarity, and faithfulness to God’s Word. This best-selling title will challenge, encourage, and aid the reader in the development of a truly Christian home."

Like New. $5


 The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers & Devotions. Ed by Arthur Bennett. Banner of Truth, 2007. Softcover. Ages 14 and up. 223 pages.

"[I]n the Puritan tradition there are many written prayers and meditations which constitute an important corpus of inspiring devotional literature. Too often ex tempore prayer lacks variety, order and definiteness. The reason for this lies partly in a neglect of due preparation. It is here that the care and scriptural thoroughness which others found necessary in their approach to God may be of help. This book has been prepared not to 'supply' prayers but to prompt and encourage the Christian as he treads the path on which others have gone before."

Very Good. Gift inscription in front. $9


 The Reformed Pastor. Richard Baxter. Banner of Truth, 2001. Softcover. Ages 16 and up. 256 pages.

"J.I. Packer describes him as the most outstanding pastor, evangelist and writer on practical and devotional themes that Puritanism produced."

Good. Bright, crisp copy has some neat underlining and a few neat notes. $5


 The Power of Prayer in a Believer's Life. Charles Spurgeon. Emerald, 1993, recent reprint. Softcover. 192 pages. Ages 12 and up. 

Like New, $5


 John (St. Andrew's Expositional Commentary). R. C. Sproul. Reformation Trust, 2009. Hardcover. Ages 14 and up. 408 pages.

"In John, Dr. Sproul confesses that he attained a new depth of understanding of the Gospel when he preached through the book. Nevertheless, he came to the Gospel after much study of it, and that familiarity is readily apparent from the first chapter on the Prologue of John's Gospel to the final chapter on Peter's restoration. John includes fifty-seven chapters, each of which began as a St. Andrew's sermon. Dr. Sproul deals with major themes as he moves through the book passage by passage. Though the book is an expositional commentary that is, it does not deal with each and every verse, it unpacks major themes in Dr. Sproul's easily understandable style."

New. In factory shrinkwrap. $17


 Romanian-English. Lessons from Nature [Învăţături din lumea naturii]. John Bunyan, Romanian translation by Anton Horvath. Back Home Industries, 1998. Hardcover.

Do you know any Romanian child who is learning English as a second language? John Bunyan's work for children presented as a parallel translation in both English and Romanian. Would be useful for language instruction. Cheerful illustrations.

New. $15


 English Standard Version (ESV) Bible. Crossway/Youth for Christ. Hardcover. All ages.

Complete ESV Bible. Two columns, 9.5 point type, 5.5″ x 8.5″. 

This is a tight, unmarked copy. It appears to be new. It feels like it's never been read. $9


Teacher Helps, Reference, & Supplemental Materials
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None at this time.

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