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Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $3 service charge for orders under $35.
Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

 Tales from Shakespeare: Seven Plays Presented and Illustrated [Comic Strip Classics]. Marcia Williams. Candlewick, 1998. Hardcover.

Marcia Williams is a favorite! I think we own all of her Comic Strip Classics. I know...comic books! But these are brilliant and funny, well-written, text-rich, with very detailed, intricate illustrations. I started buying these for my children almost 15 years ago, and as each book came out there was a crowd of little heads eager to read every line. 

Very Good. Clean pages. Spine covered with clear, acid-free book tape. $10


 Bravo, Mr. William Shakespeare. Marcia Williams. Candlewick, 2000. Hardcover.

Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. Two pages have taped repairs. Still a great reading copy.$7


 Don Quixote [Comic Strip Classics]. Marcia Williams. Candlewick, 1993. Softcover.

This one is harder to find. (It's quite valuable in the hardcover edition.)

"Williams was born to interpret Don Quixote." -- School Library Journal

Good. This is a bit creased and bumped but it is a sound, sturdy copy. Cover is bright and lays nice and flat. $8


 Sinbad the Sailor [Comic Strip Classics]. Marcia Williams. Candlewick, 1994. Hardcover.

Very Good. Sturdy pictorial library binding. Ex-library. $8


 The Iliad and the Odyssey. Marcia Williams. Candlewick, 1996. Softcover. 

Good. Covers have bumping and creasing. Still a good, sturdy copy with clean pages. Spine is taped with clear, acid-free tape. $7


 Hooray for Inventors! Marcia Williams. Candlewick, 2005. Hardcover. 

The history of invention--Antonio Meucci, Alexander Graham Bell, Johannes Gutenberg, Wright Brothers, Guglielmo Marconi, and more.

Good ex-library. Pages are thumbed but bright and clean. Dust jacket in Mylar. $6


 Shh! We're Writing the Constitution. Jean Fritz. Paperstar, 1987. Softcover, ages 8 and up. 64 pages.

Very Good. $4


 Buttons for General Washington [Carolrhoda On My Own Books]. Peter and Connie Roop, illus by Peter E. Hanson. Carolrhoda, 1986. Hardcover.

The Roops have created some very nice histories for children, for all reading levels. This one is historical fiction for new readers, set in British-occupied Philadelphia, 1777. Based on a true spy mission accomplished by the Darragh family.
"Here, John," his mother said at last.
"The new buttons look
just like the old ones."
John took his coat. 
He ran his fingers over
the cloth-covered buttons.
He could not feel the small holes
inside the buttons.
Secret messages for General Washington
were hidden in those holes."

Very Good ex-lib. Dust jacket in Mylar. $4


ON HOLD>>>>> Jubal and the Prophet. Frieda Clark Hyman, illus by Bernard Krigstein. Farrar/Jewish Publication Society, 1958. Hardcover, ages 9 and up. 175 pages. 

A story from the life of Jeremiah the prophet. I like Hyman's historical fiction for ancient times. She covers characters and subjects that are rarely featured in historical fiction for children, and she writes very well.

Good. No dust jacket. Cover is smudged with mild wear. Ex-library. $10


 With Lee in Virginia: A Story of the American Civil War. G. A. Henty, illus by Gordon Browne. Donohue reprint c 1900. Hardcover, ages 10 and up. 240 pages.

Worn copy. Clean pages, new linen hinges. $5


 Little Obie and the Flood. Martin Waddell, illus by Elsie Lennox. Candlewick, 1991. Hardcover, ages 7 and up. 79 pages.

Historical fiction, American pioneer times. I haven' t read this myself, but you can find a short review here, where it's recommended for struggling older readers. Illustrated with very nice pencil drawings.

Good ex-library. $3


 Rifles for Watie [1958 Newbery Medal]. Harold Keith. Crowell, 1957. Hardcover. Ages 10 and up. 332 pages.

Historical fiction, Civil War. More balanced and fair to both sides than most children's books on this subject.

Ex-library. Good. Tattered dust jacket in Mylar. Clean, solid copy with a little smudging to the outside edges. $7


 Hero Tales: A Family Treasury of True Stories from the Lives of Christian Heroes. Dave and Neta Jackson. Bethany, 1996. Hardcover. Ages 9 and up. 192 pages. 

"Drawn from the lives of fifteen key Christian heroes, this is a beautifully illustrated treasury of forty-five exciting and educational stories designed to help foster Christian character qualities in families with elementary age children. This inspiring collection presents a short biography and three true stories for each hero.

Very Good. Like New but for a corner crease on the title page. $6


 The Letters of J. R. R. Tolkien. Selected and edited by Humphrey Carpenter, with assistance of Christopher Tolkien. Houghton, 1981. Hardcover. Ages 14 and up. 463 pages.

Very Good hardcover. Dust jacket in Mylar. $10


 The Adventures of Buffalo Bill. Colonel W. F. Cody. Harper, 1904. Hardcover. Ages 14 and up. 174 pages.

Buffalo Bill Cody's autobiography.

Good ex-library in a patterned library binding. $6


 Westward Ho! Or the Voyages and Adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh, Knight, of Burrough, in the Country of Devon, in the Reign of Her Most Glorious Majesty Queen Elizabeth, Rendered into Modern English by Charles Kingsley [Great Illustrated Classics Titan Editions]. Charles Kingsley, Dodd, 1855, 1941. Ages 14 and up. 634 pages. 

Historical fiction, England, late 16th century. "This tale of great marine battles, duels of honor, heroic rescues, and deeds of horror in the Spanish Inquisition constitutes one of the most romantic adventure stories in English literature." The words "Rendered into Modern English" are part of the title itself; this is the original text. A high quality edition with 16 full-page illustrations.

Very Good. Ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $7


 VHS HISTORY SERIES: How Should We Then Live? Francis Schaeffer. 12 episodes on 3 video tapes with study guide.

Wondering what the past teaches us about the present? Francis Schaeffer's sweeping series on the rise and decline of Western thought and culture surveys history---from the Roman Empire through the 20th century---and offers biblical answers to modern problems.

Very nice and guaranteed to play well. If you have access to a VHS player, this is an outstanding series of history videos. Very highly recommended. $5


 VHS VIDEO SERIES: Building on Firm Foundations Chronological Approach Seminar. Trevor McIlwain. 9 sessions on 4 video  tapes. 

Based on the evangelism methods of New Tribes Mission, this series explains how we can teach God’s Word chronologically to others. The goal is to equip us as believers with the ability to help others understand that the Bible is one continuous story and that the order in which God gave it to us was intentional. You will grasp the importance of beginning in Genesis, so as to lay a firm foundation and see how God progressively revealed Himself to man throughout biblical history.

Very Good. VHS tapes are guaranteed to play well. Slipcase is very worn. $5


 Tractors. John Carroll and Garry Stuart. PRC, 2003. Better quality, oversized softcover with heavy card cover and endflaps. All ages.

This is written for adults, but I have noted that this huge coffee table book packed with pictures of all sorts of tractors could be used with all ages. Any kid or adult who loves farming or tractors would enjoy it. 512 pages. THIS BOOK WEIGHS ABOUT FIVE POUNDS. This is not the usual thing I list on these pages, but it's pretty awesome! I'm hoping someone will love it. (It is gift quality.)

"This book is a comprehensive look at the history of these great machines from their earliest days right up to the most sophisticated models on the market today. Looking at all the major manufacturers from around the world--John Deere, Massey Ferguson, Mercedes, Allis-Chalmers, etc.--it is a fascinating insight into the evolution of these powerful behemoths and the people that make and use them."

Like New. $5


 Growing up in the White House: The Story of the Presidents' Children. Seymour Reit. Crowell, 1968. Hardcover. Ages 10 and up. 118 pages. 

"For a few years of their lives, the sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, stepchildren, and grandchildren of the presidents--from John Adams to Lyndon B. Johnson--called the White House home. Here is a richly detailed account of the adventures of these youngsters."

Good ex-library. A few pages have a corner crease. Very clean. Dust jacket in Mylar. $4


 The Kids' Money Book. Neale S. Godfrey. Checkerboard, 1991. Hardcover. Ages 8 and up. 125 pages.

The history, of paper money and coinage and how they are used. This is written as questions with short paragraphs as the answers. Why is metal used for money? What was used for money in Colonial America? How are checks written?

Very Good. $3


 VHS First Fruits: Zinzendorf and the Moravians. Gateway Films, 70 minutes.

Wonderful missionary classic. In 1732, two young Moravians left their comfortable community of Hernhut, Germany, convinced that they were called of God to bring the Gospel to the slaves in the West Indies. They went, willing to become slaves if necessary, to minister to these oppressed people. The Moravians pioneered a mission movement characterized by extraordinary commitment. Under the dynamic leadership of Count Nikolaus von Zinzendorf, the Moravians sent out more missionaries in 20 years than all the other Protestant groups had in 200 years. Ages 12 and up, maybe younger but you'll want to preview it for your own family.

Ex-library VHS video. Guaranteed to play well. $2


 The One Bad Thing about Father [An I CAN READ History Book]. F. N Monjo, illus by Rocco Negri. Harper, 1970. Hardcover. Ages 5-8.

The "one bad thing" is that father is president, and presidents do not always have time for little children . Fictionalizaed history book, Teddy Roosevelt.

Good ex-library, $3


 Dwight Eisenhower: The Story of the General from Abilene [Landmark Book]. Malcolm Charles Moos, illus with photos. Random House. Hardcover. Ages 12 and up. 175 pages.

Landmark Books are an excellent older history series.

Good. Small stain at top edge. Some bumping/abrasion to top right corner. Minor stains on rear endpapers. $4


 The Matchlock Gun [1942 Newbery Medal, Sonlight]. Walter D. Edmonds, illus by Paul Lantz. Troll 1941, 1990. Softcover. Ages 8 and up. 50 pages.

Historical fiction, New York, French & Indian War. 

Very Good ex-library. Clean copies with very mild cover wear. $3 each (2 copies left!)


 White Stallion of Lipizza [Sonlight]. Marguerite Henry, illus by Wesley Dennis. Rand McNally, 1964, 1979. Softcover. Ages 9 and up. 112 pages. 

Historical fiction. Vienna's Spanish Court Riding School.

Good ex-library. $5


   Cornerstones of Freedom Series!  Very Good, some ex-library. Cover formats vary. $2.50 each


 Boys and Girls from Thackeray. Kate Dickinson Sweetser. Harper, 1907. Hardcover. Ages 12 and up. 355 pages. 

Selections from Thackeray. To an unusual degree, Thackeray dwells  on the childhood and youth of the characters he depicts, lingering fondly and in details over the pranks and pastimes, the school and college days of his heroes and heroines, as though he wished to call especial attention  to the interest of that portion of their career. The same publisher also produced Boys and Girls from George Eliot and Boys and Girls from Dickens.  

Good. Very nice copy with heavy rubbing on the pictorial paste-down on the cover. $5


 America Scenic and Descriptive: From Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico, a Series of Panoramic Pictures Photographically Delineating the Superb Natural and Artistic Features of the North American Continent. Edited by George R. Clarke. James Clarke, 1894. Hardcover. About 300 pages. All ages.

This is an amazing book. It includes about three hundred 8 x 10 photographs of all kinds of scenic and architectural wonders in Canada, the USA, and Mexico. Many are populated, so you see dress, implements, manners, carriages, trolleys, etc.

Good/Fair. Front free endpaper and title page are missing. New linen hinges, front and back. Fraying at spine ends and corners. Small abrasion on front cover. Image is of my actual copy, but it is such a large book that it does not fit on my scanner to show the frayed corners. Last section of pages has a little chipping from the outer margin, which does not affect photos or text. (Rare book) $20 


Geography & Cultures
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Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

 Little Hands Celebrate America: Learning about the USA through Crafts and Activities [A Williamson Little Hands Book]. Jill Frankel Hauser. Softcover.

"Teach your young citizens about America's history, geography, and heritage through fun hands-on activities! With its down-to-earth writing style and lively illustrations, this must-have resource makes big concepts easy for your little learners to grasp. And the easy-to-do crafts, games, and projects will engage and hold their attention as they celebrate the U.S.A.!" -- From the publisher

Like New. $3


Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $3 service charge for orders under $35.
Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

 My First Science Book: A Life-size Guide to Fun Things to Make. Angela Wilkes. Knopf, 1990. Hardcover.

Like nearly all books listed on my site, we have this series in our own family library. When I pulled these out to list, a couple of teenagers exclaimed something I've heard many times over the years, "Oh! Those! I love those. You're not selling our copies are you?" Oversized picture book with brilliant, life-size photography. Bottle volcano, density of liquids, coloring carnations, homemade weather station, homemade musical instruments, fingerprinting, chromatography, paper planes, acid-base testing, magnet tricks, and more.

Good. Clean pages are thumbed from use. Solid, attractive copy. $4


 The Snail's Spell. Joanne Ryder. Puffin, 1982, 1988. Softcover. Picture book.

By the author of Chipmunk Song. We love Joanne Ryder's beginning science books--
"Imagine you are soft and have no bones inside you. Imagine you are grey, the color of smoke. You are shrinking smaller and smaller and smaller. You are two inches long, laying on the soft brown ground all soft and grey. Imagine you have no arms or legs now. Imagine you cannot walk...."

Beautifully illustrated. Children love them.

Good, clean copy. Minor bumps and bends. Nice and bright. $4


 The Slug Who Thought He was a Snail. Penny Pollock, illus by Lorinda Bryan Cauley. Putnam's, 1980. Hardcover

Very Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $4


Wildlife Fact-File. Six Volume Set. 
These were sold by mail order subscription in the early 90's, with a new pack of folded loose-leaf sheets or "cards" delivered by mail every few weeks. This set has been very carefully collated and is 95% complete with 1124 unique sheets, all in order and ready for exploration. Really complete sets, or nearly complete true sets are rare. (Single replacement cards are often available on eBay.) For more information and notes on purchasing this set, please see the bottom of this page before ordering. To see sample pages, please visit Scribd.

Very Good. Binders have light rubbing. Most cards (folded sheets) are Like New, some are Very Good. $220


Wildlife Fact-File. Four Volume Set.
This one has also been very carefully collated and is over 60% complete with over 720 unique sheets, all in order and reading for exploration. Large, collated original sets are hard to find. (Single replacement cards are often available on eBay.) 
For more information and notes on purchasing this set, please see the bottom of this page before ordering. To see sample pages, please visit Scribd.

Very Good. Binders have mild wear. $85


Wildlife Fact-File. Two Volume Set.

Starter set of about 300 cards. $35


Wildlife Fact-File. NUMEROUS REPLACEMENT CARDS. Original replacement cards (folded sheets) to go in the 3-ring binders pictured above. I have some individual replacement cards for sale, and will be adding more over the next few weeks. To see a complete list of the cards (folded sheets) that I have available for 50 cents each, please click here. (None of these sheets are needed in the sets listed above.)


 Soap Bubble Magic. Seymour Simon, illus by Stella Ormai. Lothrop, 1985. Ages 5-7. 48 pages.

Picture book format, simple science for little kids.

Good pictorial library binding. Ex-library. Nice, clean copy. $5


 Buck Wilder's Small Fry Fishing Guide: A Complete Introduction to the World of Fishing for Small Fry of All Ages. Tim Smith and Mark Herrick. Alexander & Smith, 1996. Ages 6 and up (and younger children will like the pictures). 64 pages.

Fishing kids love this! All the instruction they need, including beautiful double-page spreads of the most common American game fish. Here is a brilliant example from "Buck Wilder's" web site.

Good. Signed ("to Ethan") by Mark Herrick. Very clean pages. Webbing just visible inside front cover. Cover is nice overall but corners are worn through. $4


 Hands-On Science for Your K-3 Classroom. Janet Hale. Teacher Created Materials, 1993. Ring-bound Binder. For use with children 4-9 years old. 310 pages.

This book is includes general instruction in teaching science, lesson plans, instructions, and reproducibles. Includes many activities, including helping children to make their own science equipment--ant observatory, balance, battery, binoculars, bubble solution, bubble wands, compass, electromagnet, feeders, graduated cylinders, heater, level, magnifying glass, pinhold camera, and much more. Reproducible pages include a child's science journal and much more. While this is geared to the classroom teacher, there is much that can be adapted to home use.

Very Good. Complete, all clean and nice. $10


 Nature Crafts for Kids: 50 Fantastic Things to Make with Mother Nature's Help. Gwen Diehn and Terry Krautwurst. Sterling/Discovery, 1992. Softcover. Ages 8 and up. 144 pages.

Not how the title/cover makes it seem. This is a fascinating, in-depth art & science book for kids. Cement birdbath, barometer, wind vanes, carp kits, nesting box, finding and using natural clay, wormery, pocket sundial, ant house, fish prints, track casting, and much more.

Very Good. $3


 Eastern Birds [Peterson Field Guides]. Roger Torrey Peterson. Houghton, 1987. Heavy card cover. For children and adults. 384 pages

An indispensable reference.

Near Fine. $2


 Janice VanCleave's Guide to the Best Science Fair Projects. Wiley, 1997. Softcover. Ages 9 and up. 156 pages.

Learn how to develop a topic from any idea, and find out the best ways to create, assemble, and present projects--including special tips on how to display them. Try out some of Janice VanCleave's favorite experiments on topics from astronomy and biology to chemistry, math, and engineering. As you have fun completing these experiments, you'll be learning the secrets of science fair success.

Near Fine. $2


Math & Logic
Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $3 service charge for orders under $35.
Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

If you have purchased any of the following Nasco math books, would you mind sending me a few words as a review to be added here?
Nasco is in my area, and I bought the last of their reproducible math books when they went out of print.
I think your review could be very helpful to those who haven't seen them. 


 Counting Wildflowers. Bruce McMillan. Lothrop, 1986. Hardcover.

Brilliant full-age photographs of various wildflowers help children identify forget-me-not, wood lily, bee balm, and other wildflowers while counting to twenty. Notes at the end describe when and where to find these flowers in New England. Flowers are from the Eastern US and were photographed in Maine.

This is wone of those books that usually was extensively handled by children. It is hard to find nice copies. 

Very Good. Dust jacket in Mylar. Very nice ex-library. $7


 Eric the Math Bear. Caroline Glicksman. Knopf, 2003. Hardcover. Picture book.

"Eric even dreams about numbers! He has a very important job at the Big Bear Bank. Every day, he counts up all the bank's money and puts it i the big safe. Then he thinks up a new set of numbers for the lock and closes the safe tight. Eric is the only bear who knows the numbers!" Eric and his friend Erica foil a bank robber, Big Bad Polar Bear.

Very Good. Dust jacket in Mylar. Book is about like new but for the library markings. Ex-library. $5


 Sea Squares. Joy N. Hulme. Hyperion, 1999. Softcover. Picture book.

Brilliant, beautifully illustrated book introduces the concept of square numbers.

Good. A bit bumped and slightly worn, but it's still a nice, sturdy copy. $4


 Sudoku for Fifth Grade (Learn & Play). Pamela Dase. Shell Education, 2007. Softcover. 

A detailed description of strategy together with puzzles of increasing difficulty. This was made for the educational market, so it was given a grade level, but it is really appropriate for many children ages 8-13

New. $3


 Poker Chip Math. Jan Pellington and Sandra DiGiaimo. Nasco, 2002. Spiral-bound softcover. For use with ages 8-13.

I see poker chips at thrift stores all the time. Large, attractive plastic disks, usually they are quality, nicely weighted plastic. Here, they function as a comfortable, readily available math manipulative for some very creative math activities. Poker Chip Math is designed to teach a variety of mathematics skills and to provide students with experiences in logic and problem-solving. Some games and activities are teacher-directed. Most are self-directed.  

These are new books but with mild wear from boxing. Near Fine to Very Good. $4 each. (16 copies available)

My friend Rebekah Wilson has agreed to review some of the math books that I have in stock right now. She writes, "
Poker Chip Math has incredible links between hands-on/tangible learning and the visual need to see math worked out physically. This combination is an exceptional approach to teaching math, or re-teaching what a child has forgotten or missed. Poker Chip Math makes math meaningful and real, bringing abstract concepts into the realm of reality for students."

Read Rebekah's more detailed review of Poker Chip Math. 


 Nasco Math Practice Series. Evelyn B. Christensen. Nasco, 2006. Spiral-bound softcovers. Reproducible, so these can be used with multiple students. As students solve math facts, the answers to problems provide a key for coloring the squares to reveal a hidden picture or pattern. 


 Nasco Math Map Puzzles. Spiral-bound softcovers. Reproducible, so these can be used with multiple students. These puzzles increase in difficulty. Students mentally figure the problems to find the missing link.

Illustration from Level A. Solution for the first puzzle is 17-8+1+4-7=7. Solution for the second puzzle is 2+7+3-8+6=10

If you have purchased any of the above Nasco math books, would you mind sending me a few words as a review to be added here?
Nasco is in my area, and I bought the last of their reproducible math books when they went out of print.
I think your review could be very helpful to those who haven't seen them. 


Domestic Arts and Crafts
Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $3 service charge for orders under $35.
Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

Grandmother's Hope Chest Series: The Running Rooster, Lucie's Snowflakes, and The Button Jar.
Rebekah Wilson. Hope Chest Legacy, 2004-2005. Hardcover. Ages 6 and up. About 50 pages each.

These heirloom treasures have been out of print for several years. Each is a hardcover picture book with lots of text, including not only a story for Christian children but also a creative project teaching handsewing skills. When my older children were young they benefited so much from Mrs. Wilson's wonderful creativity. I'm so glad that my younger ones can also enjoy these same wonderful stories and products. 

New. Set of 3. $45. (Multiple sets available.)

Also available separately--


 The Hope Chest: A Legacy of Love. Rebekah Wilson. Hope Chest Legacy, 2003. Softcover. Ages 11 and up. 376 pages.

A wonderful book written by a dear, dear friend. How to help our daughters prepare for marriage, homemaking, hospitality, and lifelong service to others. Out-of-print. Old Schoolhouse Review.

New. $8 (4 copies)


Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $3 service charge for orders under $35.
Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

 My First Activity Book: A Life-size Guide to Fun Things to Make. Angela Wilkes. Knopf, 1990. Hardcover.

Oversized picture book with brilliant, life-size photography. Beautiful, fascinating projects. Like nearly all books listed on my site, we have this series in our own family library. When I pulled these out to list, a couple of teenagers exclaimed something I've heard many times over the years, "Oh! Those! I love those. You're not selling our copies are you?"

Decorating eggs, making animal masks, jewelry, paper flowers, Christmas ornaments, handmade puppets, papier-maché pottery, and creative gift wrapping.

Fair-Good. Clean pages. Above average wear, but still solid and a great reading and work copy. $3


 Art is.... Bob Raczka. Millbrook, 2003. Softcover. 32 pages.

Art is lines.
Art is shapes.
Art is a face made with applies and grapes.

"When you think of art, do you think of painting and sculpture? Bob Raczka shows us that even these traditional artistic mediums can be created in untraditional ways. Art can also be draped, chiseled, pasted and drizzled. But unusual approaches to painting and sculpture are only the beginning. We learn that art comes in many forms - a wall or a ceiling, a lamp or a rug, a goblet or a musical instrument. Simple rhyming verse pairs beautifully with reproductions of twenty-seven works of art, ranging from 17,000-year-old cave paintings to some very interesting contemporary creations. Each piece is as unique as the artist themselves, and each is included here to expand our notions of what art is." -- Publisher

Very Good. Cover lightly bumped and worn. $7


  What Makes a.... Art Appreciation series published by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. These would make beautiful Christmas gifts for any child interested in art.

NEW books individually priced according to scarcity and demand for each out-of-print title. New copies are now quite hard to find.
What Makes a Brueghel? $8

What Makes a Goya? $10
What Makes a Raphael? $11

All by Richard Muhlberger. Viking, 1990's. Softcover. Ages 10 and up. About 50 pages each. 

These focus on style--what makes one artist's work different from any other's? Each book focuses on 12 masterpieces to discuss color, line, shape, composition, and subject matter. We like them very much for children who have outgrown James Mayhew and Mike Venezia.

All books are NEW. Shrinkwrap has been removed on Brueghel only, and it has very light shelf wear as a result. 

 The Usborne Big Book of Papercraft. ed. by Alistair Smith. Usborne, 1995. Laminated softcover. 96 pages.

All kinds of fun papercraft projects, very well illustrated. Painted paper plates, Viking ship, paper pencil tops, origami paper bomb, paper houess, papier mache, greeting cards, gift boxes, paper jewels, masks, paper planes and kites, and much more.

Very Good. This has a neatly laminated cover for longer life. $2


Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $3 service charge for orders under $35.
Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

 Twenty Favorites of Steven Curtis Chapman. Piano, Vocal, Guitar. Medium Voice Range. Hal Leonard, 1997. Softcover. 

I Will be Here, For the Sake of the Call, and others. 

Good ex-library. Reinforced spine for longer useful life. Mild crease on back cover. $3


Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $3 service charge for orders under $35.
Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

 Busy Woman's S. low Cooker Cookbook: Meals Ready and Waiting. Sharon and Gene McFall and Linda Burgett. Creative, 2005. Hardcover. Ages 12 and up. 272 pages.

Over 500 slow cooker recipes each using just a few common ingredients.

Very Good. $4


 The Williamsburg Cookbook, Updated and Enlarged Edition. Compiled and adapted by Letha Booth, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Holt, 1975. Hardcover. Ages 12 and up. 172 pages.

Southern-style recipes, old and new. Includes recipes from Old Williamsburg and the southern cooking tradition since then. Illustrated with drawings and photographs. Includes menu suggestions, appetizers, soups and stews, meats, poultry, fish and seafood, eggs and cheese, salads, dressings and sauces, vegetables, breads, desserts, ice creams and sherbets, pastries, cakes and frostings, cookies, and beverages. 

Very Good. No dust jacket, decorated tan cover. $4


 Fix-it and Forget-it Cookbook: Feasting with Your Slow Cooker. Dawn J. Rank and Phyllis Pellman Good. Good Books, 2000. Comb-bound Hardcover. Ages 12 and up. 284 pages.

More than 800 recipes  that slow cookers do well. Includes tips for increasing flavor, using seasoning to maximum effect, and making your crock pot a complementary appliance. 

Very Good. It does have a dark smudge at the right lower corner. $4


 Authentic Norwegian Cooking [Ekte Norsk Mat]. Astrid Karlsen Scott. Nordic Adventures, 1995. Hardcover. Ages 12 and up. 192 pages.

All ingredient lists and instructions are in English. Very thorough, illustrated with drawings and photographic plates. Includes appetizers, open-face sandwiches, soups, salads, sauces, dessert, fish, shellfish, meat & pourltry, sandwich meats, vegetables, Norwegian cheeses and dairy, desserts, candies, breads, cakes & pastries, creams and frostings, cookies, waffles, parties, table setting, and napkin folding, with information on Norwegian spices and culture. Includes Rommegrot, Eggedosis, Julekake, Lefse, Flatbrod, Marsipankake, Kransekake, Rosetter, Krumkaker, Fattigman, Sandkaker, Vafler (waffles), and much more.

My husband is Norwegian, and I have seen many Norwegian cookbooks. My favorites are this and Xan's Time-Honored Norwegian Recipes: Adapted to the American Kitchen.

Good, nearly Very Good. Pale stain at the fore edge. A couple of pages have minor food stains. Clean and nice overall. $4


 Just for Kids Collection. Publications International, 2002. Comb-bound Hardcover. Ages 8 and up. 192 pages.

Includes Scrumptious Starters, Delicious Drinks, Magical Meals, Dessert Station, and Cakes for Any Occasion. Some of these recipes are very creative sculptures and lots of fun for kids--make a hotdog into an octopus, a sloppy joe sandwich shaped like a car, a carousel-shaped cake. Most recipes are cooking from scratch.

Very Good. $4


 Casserole Cookbook [Taste of Home]. Ed. by Heidi Reuter Lloyd. Reiman, 2001. Hardcover. Ages 12 and up. 320  pages.

Comfort food at its finest! A mainstay at everyday family dinners and pot-lucks, these recipes are hearty, tasty, and filled with down-home ingredients. 442 cherished, time-tested recipes submitted by cooks across the country.

Very Good. $4



Picture Books
Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $3 service charge for orders under $35.
Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

 Crictor. Tomi Ungerer. Harper Collins, 1958. Hardcover.

Funny classic children's book about the little old lady and her friendly pet snake.  (ALA Notable, The Horn Book Fanfare Honor Book)

Very Good. A few small spots of wear on the cover. Bright copy. $7


 Omnibeasts: Animal Poems and Paintings. Douglas Florian. Harcourt, 2004. Hardcover. Picture book. 

What a delight! My children have adored Florian's creative, humorous animal poems. This book selects his favorites from Insectlopedia, Mammalabilia, and five other books of animal poetry. 

My little boys think this first one is especially delicious--

The Jaguarundi
The jaguarundi hunts by day
Then sleeps inside its lair.
And when it wakes it likes to play
In Jaguarundi-wear.

The Vulture
Two things I know about the vulture:
It's beak
is strong.
It's weak
on culture.

The Porcupine
The porcupine
Can climb up pine.
On bark and leaves
It loves to dine.
The porcupine
Has porcupins
That sprout out from
Its porcuskin,
And if you touch one,
You'll complain:
The porcupine's
A porcupain.

If you have a child who's not so sure about poetry, give this a try first.

Good ex-lib. Minor signs of handling on the pages. Dust jacket in Mylar. $6


 Lizards, Frogs, and Polliwogs: Poems and Paintings. Douglas Florian. Harcourt, 2001. Hardcover.

The Chameleon
Chameleon, comedian,
We never know which skin you're in.
Sometimes you're yellow,
Then you're green.
Turquoise blue, or tangerine.
Chameleon, you're hard to find.
Comedian, make up your mind!

I like his pictures too! They are casual, colorful, and childlike. They make kids think, "Even I could do that!"

Very Good. Bright, clean dust jacket. $5


 Richard Scarry's Fun with Words [The Look and Learn Library]. Golden, 1975. Hardcover. 

Brilliant, beautiful, and intricate. Just the pictures that little children love. It's a children's dictionary packed with fun, creativity, and humor. 175 pages.

Fair-Good. It's a solid copy with minor cover stains and average cover wear, heavier at the corners. The outside edges of the page block are smudged and stained, but the page faces themselves are clean.  $6


 Richard Scarry's Best Stories Ever [The Look and Learn Library]. Golden, 1975. Hardcover.

A selection of delightful and beautifully illustrated stories. Includes The Wiggly Tooth, Poor Mousie, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, Chicken Little, The Country Mouse and the City Mouse, Mr. Hedgehog's Christmas Present, Froggie's Voyage, The Wolf and the Kids, Is This the House of Mistress Mouse?, and more. 175 pages.

Fair-Good. It's a solid copy with minor cover stains and average cover wear, heavier at the corners. The outside edges of the page block are smudged and stained, but the page faces themselves are clean.  Front hinge is reinforced using acid-free materials. $6


 Winter Days in the Big Woods [My First Little House Books]. Adapted by Roger L. McBride, illustrated by Renée Graef. Harper, 1987. Hardcover.

I usually don't use adapted books, but these are so very beautifully illustrated and so much for for younger children to read while Mom is reading the novels aloud. Renée Graef has done very beautiful work in these. 

Very Good. Gift inscription inside front cover. $5


 Lucy Steps through the Wardrobe. Adapted from C. S. Lewis, illus by Deborah Maze. Hardcover.

Elegantly illustrated with numerous double-page spreads in full color. This slim picture book was issued as a series of four (with Edmund and the White Witch, Aslan, and Aslan's Triumph). While this is not a substitute for the novels by any means, children who have heard, or who have read the original stories will love the artwork and will enjoy comparing the pictures in their imaginations with the ones that Maze has produced. It is very special.

Fair-Good. The pages are bright, crisp, and clean. NO dust jacket. Plain blue cover has minor stains and wear. Still a great reading copy. $3


 Where's Wallace. Hilary Knight. Harper, 1964. Hardcover.

Such fun! Wallace the anthropomorphic orange orangutan and Mr. Frumbee, his keeper, are fast friends. When Wallace decides to leave the zoo for Bumpus' Brothers Department Store to buy a suit, all manner of chaos ensues. Every other set of pages is a brilliant and highly detailed panorama, each the kind of picture that invites a child to examine every detail.

Good. Solid copy. Pages are clean overall but there is an occasional smudge in a margin or on the endpapers. Former owner's name in dark letters inside the front cover. Cover has moderate wear and above average smudges and stains. Still a decent copy of a delightful story. $8


 The Donkey's Dream. Barbara Helen Berger. Philomel, 1985. Hardcover.

Precious, poetic story of the donkey who carried Mary into Bethlehem. The donkey dreams that he is carrying a city, then a ship, next a fountain, a rose, and a lady full of Heaven. Very beautifully illustrated. 

Very Good. Book is almost like new but the dust jacket is bumped and worn. $5


 Mr. Pine's Mixed-up Signs [Wonder Books Easy Reader]. Leonard Kessler. Wonder Books, 1961. Hardcover.

I was fascinated by this fun story when I was six years old! My children have enjoyed it too.

Very Good. A bit of cover wear, but a clean, bright copy. $5


 The Great Turtle Drive. Steve Sanfield. Borzoi, 1996. Hardcover. 

"Saddle up and join an entrepreneurial young cowboy and a million dollars' worth of turtles in a twisted tall tale set in the Wild West. Someone's got to supply the turtles to Frenchy's Gourmet Eating Establishment and Pizza Parlor, where the house specialty is--you guessed it--turtle soup, and our hero reckons it might as well be him. Soon he's roaming the wide frontier, lumbering turtles in tow. There's a fortune waiting for him at Frenchy's--if he ever gets there!" -- Publisher

Very Good ex-library. $4


 You Read to Me, I'll Read to You. Mary Ann Hoberman. Little Brown, 2001. Hardcover. 

Children's poems in two voices. Lines are distinguished by color for parent and child to read together, or for two children to take the parts. They can also be read solo. 

Very Good. Dust jacket is scuffed and lightly scratched. Ex-library. $4


 Toot & Puddle. Holly Hobbie. Little Brown, 1997. Hardcover.

This postcard friendship between two little pigs, one a world traveler and the other a homebody, is rapidly becoming a classic.

Good. Very clean inside. Cover is bumped, scuffed, and lightly scratched. Ex-library. $4


 The Little House [1943 Caldecott]. Virginia Lee Burton. Houghton, 1942, 1969. Hardcover. 

A little gem of a book. 

Good. Mild cover wear, minor cover soil. Very clean and nice inside. Former owner's name in front. $5


 The Musical Life of Gustav Mole. Kathryn Meyrick. Child's Play, undated but 1980's. Hardcover.

Cute and fun, animals on instruments. Various North American animals, orchestral instruments, sections of the orchestra, forms of music, a little love story, a family with five children. 

Very Good. Hint of a ripple at the bottom edge of the pages. $7


 Gone Fishing. Earlene Long, illus by Richard Brown. Houghton, 1984.  Softcover.

Sweet, simple story of a little boy's early morning adventure with Daddy. (It also subtly provokes a little mind to consider the concepts of 'big' and 'little'. I like it very much. Fewer words per page, so it is perfect for a 2- or 3-year-old.

Good. Cover bumped with mild wear. $3


 Henry the Explorer. Mark Taylor. Atheneum, 1966. Hardcover. 

The Henry books are a wonderful series of little-boy adventures, favorites of ours. 

Very Good. First Printing. No dust jacket. Bright pictorial cover as pictured. Clean copy with minimal wear to the cover. Former owner's book plate inside front cover. $15


 Henry the Castaway. Mark Taylor. Atheneum, 1972. Hardcover.

This one is a selection for the Five-in-a-Row homeschooling curriculum.

Good. First Printing. Attractive dust jacket in Mylar. Book has hard wear along the bottom edge. Pages are clean but both endpapers have various stray marks. Ex-library. $10


 Henry Explores the Mountains. Mark Taylor. Atheneum, 1975. Hardcover.

Henry is a free little boy who goes on adventures with his dog, taking explorer flags to mark his conquests. 

Good. First Printing. Attractive dust jacket in Mylar. Book has moderate reader wear with page-turning bends and an occasional smudge or small stain. Ex-library. $8


 Henry Explores the Jungle. Mark Taylor. Atheneum, 1968. Hardcover.

Fair-Good. First Printing in a rubbed pictorial binding. Book has moderate reader wear with page-turning bends and an occasional smudge or small stain. A small child has inked page numbers into the lower corner of the pages. This is small and unobtrusive. Ex-library. $8


 Cranberry Autumn. Wende and Harry Devlin. Four Winds, 1993. Hardcover. 

Another of the fun books from Cranberryport. Here, Grandmother finds a ways to get a new winter coat for Maggie. Includes a recipe for Cranberry Squares. 

Good ex-library. Mild wear at the corners. Mild page-turning bends and an occasional little finger smudge. $11


 Never Tease a Weasel. Jean Conder Soule. Parents' Magazine Press, 1964. Hardcover.

Filled with hilarious ideas for interacting with animals, fun pictures, great rhythm, and a very good lesson--
You could make a goat a coat
With a collar trimmed in mink;
Or give a pig a wig
In a dainty shade of pink.

But never tease a weasel; 
This is very good advice.
A weasel will not like it
And teasing isn't nice.

This has some light crayon on the cover. Good. Clean pages, mild wear. $4


 The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins. Dr. Seuss. Random House, 1938, 1988. Hardcover.

Such a fun book!

Good. This has heavy wear to the corners, and the spine has been covered with book tape, but it is a good, solid copy with bright, clean pages. Minor page-turning bends, sturdy library binding. Ex-library. $5


 The Big Snow [1949 Caldecott Medal]. Berta and Elmer Hader. Macmillan, 1948, 1976. Hardcover. 

Wonderful, realistic nature drawings and paintings. Describes how animals prepare for the winter. 

Attractive dust jacket in Mylar. Clean pages, good sturdy copy. Ex-library. $5


 The Three Bears and Goldilocks [An Early Fun-to-Read Classic], Nova Nestrick, illus by Barbara Remington. Platt & Munk, 1962, 1970's printing. Softcover.

While this one isn't so labeled, it is part of Nova Nestrick's wonderful series of Early Fun-to-Read Classics. These are some of my favorite books for beginning readers. Simple, but rich with very appealing illustrations. 

Very Good. Bright, crisp, clean. $4


 The Shoemaker and the Elves. Brothers Grimm, illus by Adrienne Adams. Scribner's 1960, 1965. Hardcover.

Picture book for the classic fairy tale.

Good. Minor page-turning bends, occasional minor smudge. Book has mild wear with a hint of fraying at the tips of the corners. Ex-library. $6


 Holly Hobbie's The Night before Christmas. Clement Clark Moore, illus by Holly Hobbie. Grosset, 1976. Hardcover. 

Very Good. Cover has light rubbing. Cover is bright and clean.  Ex-library. $4


 The First Tulips in Holland. Phyllis Krasilovsky, illus by S. D. Schindler. Doubleday, 1982. Hardcover.

"Did you know that a single tulip bulb was once so valuable that it was worth the price of an entire house--or even a necklace of jewels? Perhaps you think that tulips, which grow so plentifully now, have always been around for everyone to enjoy? With an eye for detail, Schindler brings to life this period of Dutch history with amazing clarity. His glorious illustrations of Holland's streets and villages, people and flowers, bring a radiance and splendor to the pages  of this exquisite book."

We've enjoyed our own copy for years. I think this is the first time I've ever found one to sell. Beautifully illustrated historical fiction picture book. Includes a chaste love story. We think it's delightful.

Good ex-library. Bright dust jacket. Pages have minor little bends left by small children turning them. This is a large, oversize picture book. $10


ON HOLD>>>>> Goops and How to be Them: A Manual of Manners for Polite Infants. Gelett Burgess. Lippincott, 1900, undated printing, probably 1980's. Hardcover. 

In addition to coining the word blurb, Gelett Burgess had this other claim to fame. His Goops are naughty bald-headed babies with atrocious manners. Children find them equally amusing and horrifying. They--

...are gluttonous and rude,
They gug and gumble with their food;
They throw their crumbs upon the floor,
And at dessert they tease for more;
They will not eat their soup and bread
But like to gobble sweets, instead, 
And this is why I oft decline,
When I am asked to stay and dine!

This Lippincott edition is quite nice. Large format, better quality paper. Good. Clean pages. Mild wear, heavier at the corners. $10


ON HOLD>>>>> More Goops and How Not to be Them: A Manual of Manners for Impolite Infants. Gelett Burgess. Dover, 1902, undated printing, probably 1990's. Softcover.

The poem, Book-Manners, would be cute and instructive posted in any children's library--

When you scribble in your books,  
How disgustible it looks!
Here a word, and there a scrawl,
Silly pictures over all!
Take a paper, or a slate,
If you want to decorate!

Very Good, $4


 DINOPALS 12 Fun Phonics Books. Wiley Blevins & Francie Alexander, illus by Emma Dodd. Scholastic, 2005. Softcover. Boxed set of 12 booklets. 

Including 10 phonics readers and 2 activity books, these are very simple primers for first beginners. Each book gives extra practice with particular sounds--
The Dino-mite Band, Book 1, 'a' as in "band"
I am T Rex.
I can play the guitar.
I am Cam.
I can play the piano.

Time for Camp, Book 11, silent 'e'
It's time Meg.
I'm sticking my name on a case.
I will not be late.
She runs out the gate.

Books are all like new. little carrying case has a ribbon carrying handle. Case is worn. $3


 The Jolly Postman, or Other People's Letters.  Janet & Allan Ahlberg. Little Brown 1986. Hardcover.

This is so sweet! Very amusing letters and gifts are passed around storybook land. Some of the pages are envelopes into which letters have been inserted for Mr. and Mrs. Bear, the Wicked Witch, the Giant of the Beanstalk, Cinderella, Big Bad Wolf, and others. (We let our children read books that have witch characters, partly because we do not think that fairy tale witches are what is addressed in Ex. 22:18.)

Fair. Nice copy but it's MUSTY. Needs to be aired out. Includes all the letters and enclosures. Heavy wear at top right corner. This was published in two formats, a smaller one and a larger one. This is the larger one, about 8 x 10". $2


 I Spy Super Challenger! A Book of Picture Riddles. Jean Marzollo, photos by Walter Wick. Hardcover.

This is not a narrative storybook, but a delightful seach-and-find book. Detailed photographs filled with tiny objects are accompanied by challenges in poetry--
I spy an apple, a house of bricks,
Four candy canes, and eight craft sticks;
An owl, a dragon, a cricket, a bee,
Musical notes, and the number three.

Good. Very clean inside. Cover is bumped and worn. Book is very sturdy. $3


 Never Talk to Strangers. Irma Joyce, illus by George Buckett. Western, 1967. Hardcover.

We did not teach our children not to talk to strangers--our approach was a little different--but we have loved this book since our eldest children were quite small. The illustrations are wonderful and the poetry is charming. For us, this book has been a source of great fun! Do take a look at the wonderful illustrations here.

Oversized. Good. Clean pages. Cover is bumped and worn at the corners. We have done a minor repair inside the front cover. $4


 Owl at Home. Arnold Lobel. Barnes & Noble, 1975, recent reprint. Hardcover.

A book that new readers enjoy reading independently. Funny and memorable. This is a nice, large book. Bigger than most editions of this title, and printed on better paper. Very nice.

Like New. $4


 Pedro: The Angel of Olvera Street. Leo Politi. Scribner, 1946. Hardcover.

The Los Posadas Christmas tradition of Los Angeles.

Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Very Good condition. $3


 Beauty and the Beast. Jan Brett. Clarion, 1989. Hardcover

We love Brett's illustrations!

Good. Dust jacket is extremely worn. Book is crisp and clean with a little bit of soil at the bottom edge of the cover. $3


 Grandfather's Journey [Five in a Row]. Allen Say. Houghton, 1993. Hardcover.

For children, and used in the Five-in-a-Row homeschooling curriculum, these are Say's remembrances of his grandfather's life in America and Japan, written as a picture book.

Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $4


 Can't You Sleep, Little Bear? Book and Play Set. Martin Waddell, illus by Barbara Firth. Candlewick Press, 1988. Hardcover.

This would make a beautiful Christmas gift! Includes 3-D panorama, pop-out figures of Big Bear and Little Bear, and a miniature copy of Can't You Sleep, Little Bear? This is a book we love!

Complete and never used. Includes small format book, play set, and play figures. Looks brand new and appears to be unread. May have a hint of shelf rubbing. $5


 The Old Man Who Loved to Sing. John Winch. Scholastic, 1993. Hardcover.

Well-illustrated with paintings. The old man has left the hustle and bustle of the city for the quiet of the Australian outback. All the animals love to hear him sing, until the day comes that he forgets to sing. 

Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $3


 The Old Woman Who Loved to Read. John Winch. Scholastic, 1996. Hardcover.

Oh, she reminds me of myself when I was younger. I could do virtually any task with a book in my hand. There's lots of work on the Australian outback, but the Old Woman can feed a baby lamb or sheer her sheep grown up, all with her nose stuck in her book. Publisher's Weekly review

Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $3


 Thank you, Mr. Falker. Patricia Polacco. Philomel, 1998. Hardcover. 

"When Trisha starts school, she can't wait to learn how to read, but the letters just get jumbled up. She hates being different, and begins to believe her classmates when they call her a dummy. Then, in fifth grade, Mr. Falker changes everything. He sees through her sadness to the gifted artist she really is. And when he discovers that she can't read, he helps her prove to herself that she can." -- Publisher

Like New. $5


 Floss. Kim Lewis. Candlewick, 1992. Hardcover.

Lovely, pleasant picture book.

Good ex-library. $3


 Daddy Calls Me Man. Angela Johnson, illus by Rhonda Mitchell. Orchard, 1997. Hardcover.

"Family love and the shared stories and symbols that connect the generations are pervasive themes (as they are in all of Johnson's works); Mitchell embodies these themes in vivid oil illustrations by showing the boy narrator as the child of artists and introducing each of his poems with one of the parents' paintings. In the last spread, readers see the paintings hanging on the wall of the family's home studio." -- Kirkus Review

Good ex-library. Attractive dust jacket in Mylar. Clean pages, sturdy hinges, very little wear. Ex-library copy with small, neat stamps and stickers. $3


 Amber on the Mountain [Five-in-a-Row]. Tony Johnston. Dial Books, 1994. Hardcover.

Such a beautiful book!

New. $10 (2 copies)


 The Spider and the Fly [2003 Caldecott Honor Book]. Tony DiTerlizzi, Mary Howitt. Scholastic, 2002. Hardcover.

This is spooky in the style of a very old horror movie. It doesn't scare my children, who find in these dark drawings a perfect fit for Mr. Spider's terrible wickedness. The illustrations do include some almost invisible "ghost bugs", past victims warning little miss Fly to escape before it's too late. 

Based on Mary Howitt's classic children's poem--
"Will you walk into my parlor?"
Said the Spider to the Fly.
'Tis this prettiest little parlour that ever you did spy:
The way into my parlour is up a winding stair.
And I have many curious things to show you when you are there.

Good. Pages are nice, cover is bumped. $3


 Baby on the Way [Sears Children's Library]. William Sears, MD. Little Brown, 2001. Hardcover. 

Describes pregnancy, birth, and nursing for little children with suggestions for how to help their families. Includes sidebars with extra answers for very curious children.

Good. Cover has mild to moderate wear and bumping. Pages have some little bends left by small children turning the pages. $3


 Where Does the Brown Bear Go? Nicki Weiss. Greenwillow, 1989. Hardcover.

A precious book for little children. All the stuffed animals go home, to bed, to sleep with their little owner. Pleasing language, delightful rhythm for little ones, ages 1½-4. 

Fair-Good. Cover VERY worn and scratched. Pages crisp and clean. $2


 Tikki Tikki Tembo. Arlene Mosel, Blair Lent. Holt, 1968. Hardcover.

My kids have always liked this. Pride nearly causes great damage, while the little boy with almost no name at all becomes a hero.

Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. Dust jacket has a small tear at the head of the spine. Book is edgeworn, with some small spots worn through at the bottom edge. Clean pages with little page-turning bends. Good, solid copy. $3


 Water Dance. Thomas Locker. Harcourt, 1997. Hardcover.

Lovely paintings, by the author/illustrator of Sky Tree

Near Fine/Like New. $4


 Harold and the Purple Crayon. Crockett Johnson. 1955, 1983. Hardcover.

Always a delight to little children. It's one of those books that children tend to remember all their lives.

Book club edition, Good, minor stain on back cover. $3


 The Frog and Toad Treasury [An I Can Read Book]. Arnold Lobel. Harper, 1970. Hardcover.

A bind-up of three Frog and Toad books--Frog and Toad are Friends, Frog and Toad Together, and Frog and Toad All Year. 

Good. A solid reading copy but there is a tiny amount of crayon on two pages and a little wrinkling/handling of the front free endpaper, title page, and half-title page. $3

 Drawing Lessons from a Bear. David McPhail. Little Brown, 2000. Hardcover. 

Portrays the life of an artist who just happens to have been born a bear.

Very Good. Ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. Minor page-turning bends. $4


 These were given to me to sell; I haven't read them. $5 for the lot of four books.


 Edward Lear's The Scroobious Pip. Completed by Ogden Nash, illustrated by Nancy Ekholm Burkert. Harper, 1968. Hardcover.

Lavishly illustrated picture book. Ogden Nash has here completed Lear's unfinished poem. (Lear wrote "The Owl and the Pussycat".)
The Scroobious Pip went into the sea
By the beautiful shore of Jellybolee-
All the fish in the world swam round
With a splashing squashy spluttering sound.

Very Good ex-library. $3


Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $3 service charge for orders under $35.
Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

All fiction is unabridged, unless noted.

 The Dancing Bear. Michael Morpurgo, illus by Christian Burningham. Houghton, 1994. Hardcover, ages 7 and up. 53 pages.

I haven't read this myself, but you can find reviews here

Very Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $5


 The Chalk Box Kid [A Stepping Stone Book]. Clyde Robert Bulla, Thomas B. Allen. Random House, 1987. Hardcover, ages 7 and up. 59 pages. 

Bulla is a good author, but I haven't read this title. Reviews here.

Very Good. Library binding. Ex-library. $4


 The Fledgling [Newbery Honor Book]. Jane Langton. Scholastic, 1980. Softcover. Ages 9 and up. 182 pages.

I have not read this one. Here are some reviews.

Very Good. Ex-library, very nice copy. $3


 Goody Hall. Natalie Babbitt. Farrar, 1971. Hardcover. Ages 9 and up. 176 pages.

I've not read this yet, but it's by the author of The Search for Delicious, which we love!

Good. Very clean ex-library, only a hint of wear. Dust jacket in Mylar. Front free endpaper has been trimmed. $4


 Alec Forbes and His Friend Annie [George MacDonald Classics for Young Readers]. George MacDonald, edited by Michael R. Phillips. Hardcover. Ages 11 and up. 254 pages.

More information of Michael R. Phillips and his work. 

Very Good. Light scratches on the cover. $5


The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling. Henry Fielding,illus by Lawrence Beall Smith. Random House, 1964. Slip-cased Hardcover. Ages 16 and up. 721 pages. 

More mature themes, for older children. This book is on the Classical Christian Education 1000 Good Books List

Very Good hardcover in a worn slipcase. This is an especially nice edition. $6


 The Moonstone. Wilkie Collins, illus by Andre Dignimont. Heritage Press, 1868, 1959. Hardcover. Ages 13 and up. 465 pages.

Another Heritage Press edition, this is considered to be the first detective novel in the English language, this was first published by Charles Dickens. I enjoyed reading this one. Illustrated with full-page watercolor plates. 

Very Good clothbound book. Somewhat faded/darkened over the spine. $5


  Tom Swift Books. Victor Appleton. Quiet Vision Publishing, 1912-13, reprinted in 2000. Hardcover. Ages 10 and up.

Both books are new. $4 each.


 Pride and Prejudice [Barnes & Noble Classics]. Jane Austen. Barnes & Noble, 2004. Softcover. Ages 14 and up. 

Like New. $3


 Encyclopedia Brown Books [Sonlight uses some of these] by Donald Sobol. Softcover. These are in rough condition, WORN ex-library copies. Suitable for fun reading. Good except for #8, which is Fair. All four for $2


 Rabbit Hill [1945 Newbery Medal]. Robert Lawson. Softcover.

Very Good. Covers have been laminated to protect it for longer life. $2 each. (Three copies.)


 The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings [Four volume set, Ambleside]. J. R. R. Tolkien. Houghton. Softcovers in slipcase. Ages 11 and up. 

Very Good condition. Slipcase is rubbed. Each book has a sticker inside the front cover. $8


 The Little Lame Prince and The Adventures of a Brownie [Illustrated Junior Library, Ambleside]. Maria Mulock Craik, illus Lucille Corcos. Grosset & Dunlap, 1875, 1948. Hardcover. Ages 9 and up.

Fair-Good. Fraying at the corners and spine ends. A solid, clothbound reading copy. $3


 Sense and Sensibility. Jane Austen. Barnes & Noble Classics, 1811, 1996. Hardcover. Ages 13 and up. 356 pages.

Very Good. Crisp and clean. $3


 A Little Princess [Sonlight]. Frances Hodgson Burnett, illus by Tasha Tudor. Harper Collins, 1905, 1985. Hardcover. Ages 9 and up. 324 pages.

No dust jacket. Very Good. $5


Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $3 service charge for orders under $35.
Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

 Selected Poems of Robert Browning. Robert Browning, illustrated by Charles Mozley. Franklin Watts, 1970. Hardcover. Ages 12 and up. 90 pages.

A special edition for young people.

Good ex-library. Front free endpaper is corner-clipped. $2


Christian Discipleship and Theology
Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $3 service charge for orders under $35.

Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.


 Romanian-English book for Christian children. Învăţături din lumea naturii / Lessons from Nature (Romanian-English parallel translation). John Bunyan, Romanian translation by Anton Horvath. Back Home Industries, 1998. Hardcover.

You never know what I might find. John Bunyan's work for children presented as a parallel translation in both English and Romanian. Cheerful illustrations.

New. $10


  The Family Handbook of Christian Knowledge, Two Volume Set. Series editior, Josh McDowell. Author, Don Stewart. Here's Life, 1983. Hardcover. Ages 13 and up. 175 pages each.

This is the complete, abundantly illustrated two volume set, which discusses questions about God's Word and God's World for students, parents, and families.

Very Good. Beautifully clean copies. Dust jacket's have very minor wear and tear. $7


 The Universe Next Door: A Basic World View Catalog [Second Edition]. James W. Sire. IVP, 1988. Softcover. Ages 14 and up. 246 pages.

Excellent for upper high school students. Christian perspective. Explains the basics of theism, deism, naturalism, nihilism, existentialism, Eastern monism, and the new consciousness.

Fair-Good. This is a decent, clean copy, with minimal wear, but there is a very slight ripple at the top edge of the first 30 pages. It is very slight and remains an easy-to-read copy. $3


 The Power of a Praying Wife. Stormie Omartian. Harvest, 1997. Softcover. Adult. 203 pages. 

I haven't read this, but I've received many requests for copies over the years.

SLIGHT dampness ripple at bottom edge/lower right corner. It is very slight. Otherwise a bright, clean, unmarked copy. $2


 Spiritual Mothering: The Titus 2 Model for Women Mentoring Women. Susan Hunt. Crossway, 1992. Softcover. Adult. 192 pages. 

FAIR COPY. It has some minor dampness ripple to bottom edge and upper right corner. Also has notes and underlining. But it is still a very readable copy, comfortable turning the pages. Not too bad. $2

 God's Story: English Standard Version (ESV) Bible. Crossway/Youth for Christ. Hardcover. All ages.

In partnership with Youth for Christ, Crossway has created a Bible using the 3Story model. 3Story is the outreach vision and strategy of Youth for Christ using the idea that “I have a story, others have a story, and God has a story.” The goal of a believer is to intersect his or her story with each of the other two stories as much as possible to bring those who don’t know God into relationship with him. These editions of God’s Story are tools to help others build a relationship with God as their stories intersect. Two columns, 9.5 point type, 5.5″ x 8.5″.

Complete ESV Bible.

This is a tight, unmarked copy. It appears to be new. It feels like it's never been read. $6


Teacher Helps, Reference, and Supplemental Materials
Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $3 service charge for orders under $35.
Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

 McGuffey's  Original Eclectic Readers, 7 Volume Set: Eclectic Primer, Eclectic Pictorial Primer, Eclectic First Reader, Eclectic Second Reader, Eclectic Third Reader, Eclectic Fourth Reader, Eclectic Progressive Speller. William H. McGuffey, Mott Media, 1982. Hardcover, slip-cased set. Ages 5-14. 

This is the original McGuffey content from the 1849 edition, not one of the later content editions which removed and replaced much of the Christian content. 

Very Good. The books are essentially NEW, never read. However, the Speller has a bumped upper right corner. The slipcase has minor staining and has been repaired. $50


 The Oxford Companion to English Literature, Fourth Edition. Ed by Paul Harvey. Oxford, 1932. 1969. Hardcover. Ages 14 and up. 962 pages. 

An older edition, but a good, complete guide to English literature from Old English through the mid-20th century. 

"...absorbing for anyone who works with literary materials or with the written word...a work which not only includes the most sought current information, but retains the geat bounty of our past." -- Margaret Cooley, Library Journal

Very Good. Lovely, solid copy. dust jacket has minor flaws and mild fading over the spine. (The spine lettering is easy to read.) $5


Elementary Advantage 2009: A Complete Student Resource Center. Encore, 2009. PC/MAC.

System requirements: Windows Vista / XP, Mac OS X.

Including the Encyclopedia Britannica Student Edition, this software package includes instruction in math, science, social studies, English, and Spanish.

New, sealed. Returnable only if unopened. I do not know if this will work with Windows 7 or 8. $4


 Creating Books with Children. Valerie Bendt. Common Sense, 1993. Paperback. Adult. 78 pages.

Writing the stories, text layout and editing, illustrating the books, designing jackets and endpapers, assembling the books.

Very Good, $3


 For the Children' Sake. Susan Schaeffer Macaulay. Crossway, 1984, 1992. Paperback. Adult. 165 pages. 

I pick this up every time I find it. A wonderful introduction to Charlotte Mason's methods, using quality literature in education.

Very Good. A very little pen scrawl inside the front cover. Very slight dampstain top right corner. $5


 Honey for a Child's Heart. Gladys Hunt. Zondervan, 3rd edition, 1998 printing. Softcover. Adult. 224 pages.

A wonderful overview of some of the very best children's literature ever published--how to use it, and what to read.

Very Good, $3


 Just for Fun! DVD Animated Classics! I have here 28 complete animated movies on 14 DVD's in a very nice zippered case. (This originally was 15 CD's. One is missing.) I have not viewed these so I can't speak to the production quality. I believe that these are older animated movies. Republished by GoodTimes for QVC in 2004. Almost 24 hours of content. 

CD's do have light scratches but are guaranteed to play well. Complete set, $8

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