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Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30.
Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

 The Roman Empire. Isaac Asimov. Houghton, 1967. Hardcover. Ages 13 and up. 277 pages.

I usually don't take a picture to display my particular copy, but in this case I made an exception! Do you see why? A child has decorated the plain cloth cover with a Roman statue and title lettering in marker. (It's nice work, too!)

Most know Asimov as a science fiction writer and are not aware that he wrote several outstanding, comprehensive histories for young people. While he could not write from a Christian perspective, he was fair and engaging with history, and I like his books very much. They are very hard to find.

Fair, due to the added cover art. :-) Some smudging and tape shadows on the cover. No dust jacket. Endpapers show tape marks and scuffs. Text pages are bright, crisp, and clean. A sturdy ex-library copy! Very hard to find. $35


 Ulysses S. Grant: Horseman and Fighter. Colonel Red Reeder. Garrard, 1964. Hardcover. Ages 6-9. 80 pages.

The Discovery Books are my favorite first biographies for younger readers. They are well-written and simple to decode, without the typical short sentences, stilted construction, and limited vocabulary of many early readers. Hard to find.

Good ex-library. No dust jacket. $5


 Patriotic & Historical Plays for Young People: One-act Plays and Programs about the People and Events that Made our Country Great. Ed. by Sylvia E. Kamerman. Plays Inc., 1987. Softcover. Ages 8 and up. 229 pages.

"The history of our country is rich in stirring events and the achievements of the courageous and dedicated people who set forth the ideals and the basis of the laws by which we have lived and been governed for more than 200 years. These memorable episodes and documents are dramatized and highlighted in the plays and program material in this book. Young people will be inspired by the actions of such heroic figures as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Paul Rever, and many lesser known but vital figures in the historical panorama that saw America grow to greatness. To provide for flexible programming, this book also includes short dramatic pieces and choral readings that require little or no memorization and only a minimum of rehearsal time. These shorter items are ideal for informal use, or in combination with the longer plays here presented. Production notes include simple settings and costumes."

Good ex-lib. Laminated cover. Minor moisture ripple to top edge of last several pages. Nice clean text. $5 


 The Story of the English. H. A. Guerber. American Book Company, 1898. Hardcover. Ages 11 and up. 

Brilliant young people's history by an outstanding author.

"Down to the colonial period..., English history concerns American children just as much as it does their brothers and sisters who speak the same language on the other side of the broad Atlantic. It is therefore very important that our boys and girls should...become familiar with its salient events to interest them in their own race, introduce them to their mother country, and make the past as vivid as possible....

"To enrich young minds and to emphasize the need of patient endeavour, courage, faithfulness, gentleness, truthfulness, and all other desirable qualities, all that is good has been heartily commended, and all that is base or dishonourable has been made to appear in an unfavourable light. Nevertheless, it has also been the writer's aim to cultivate a spirit of fairness and charity towards all men. 

"Much reading and research stand back of this little book, and the author is indebted to historians, biographers, novelists, poets, and artists for the material of which it is composed. It is with the hope that the road to literature and history will seem easier and more attractive, after the way has been made somewhat smoother by these little paving stones, that this book is placed before the public." -- H. A. Guerber

Good. Clean pages overall with a little smudging to the edges of the first few pages. Sturdy hinges, very little wear. Front free endpaper neatly removed. $12


 The Best of James Herriot: Favourite Memories of a Country Vet. James Herriot. Readers Digest, 1982. Hardcover. Ages 13 and up. 503 pages.

Beautiful and well-illustrated with full-page color photos and detail drawings in the margins and with additional material added. "The warm and magical writings of James Herriot...have endeared him to more readers that probably any other living storyteller. Fifty favorite stories are here lavishly presented in a splendid large format that includes over 100 pages of breathtakinig photographs. These are, as James puts it, "the stories my family and I have laughed at over the years and the ones my readers have said they most enjoyed". Yorkshire, England in the 30's and 40's.

Good. Very slight ripple just at the edge of the last few pages. Quite nice. Pictorial cover, no dust jacket. $5


 The Greenleaf Guide to Ancient Egypt: History for the Thoughtful Child. Cyndy Shearer. Greenleaf, 1989, 1999. Softcover. Elementary & Middle School. 46 pages.

These guides "emphasize biography, so that you can focus on issues of character and the consequences, both temporal and eternal, of the choices that historical figures made". Ten short units help children discover the wonders and disgraces of Ancient Egypt.

Very Good. $5


 Ancient History: A Literature Approach, First Edition. Rea Berg. Beautiful Feet, 1995, Comb-bound softcover. For Middle School/Junior High and High School with additional notes for younger students. 34 pages. 

Study guide uses our lovely living books to learn history. Excellent reading recommendations, schedule, study ideas and questions.

Like New. $10


 Sam the Minuteman [An I CAN READ History Book]. Nathaniel Benchley, illus by Arnold Lobel. Harper, 1969. Hardcover. Ages 5 and up. 62 pages.

I love this series of history books for first readers! 

Good ex-library. Nice clean pages. A little damaged area along one side of the spine. $5


 Mary Slessor: Forward into Calabar [Christian Heroes: Then & Now]. Janet & Geoff Benge. YWAM, 1999. Softcover. Ages 9 and up. 204 pages.

Missionary biography for children. 

Very Good, $5


 Gladys Aylward: The Adventure of a Lifetime [Christian Heroes: Then & Now]. Janet & Geoff Benge. YWAM, 1999. Softcover. Ages 9 and up. 204 pages.

Missionary biography for children. 

Very Good, $5


 Life in the Great Ice Age. Michael & Beverly Oard, illus by Earl & Bonita Snellenberger. Master Books, 1996. Hardcover. 72 pages. 

An Answers in Genesis selection. "After Noah's Flood the earth and its climate were undergoing drastic charges. The stage had been set for the Great Ice Age. Noah's descendents had to learn how to survive in a strange and often hostile land. In part one, we'll spend a summer with Jabeth and his family as they survive a saber-toothed tigeter attack, battle a cave bear, and go on a woolly mammoth hunt. Part two explains the scientific reasons for the Ice Age, what caused it, and how long it lasted." Biblical perspective, young earth creationism.

Very Good. A bit of wear at the tips of the corners. $9


 TruthQuest History: High Middle Ages. Michelle Miller. Truthquest, Comb-bound softcover.

I love, love, love Truthquest! Michelle is one of my living books buddies from way back and has a strong Christian perspective on history! I love the books she recommends (but you can use any real, living books that you like), along with outstanding commentary to read aloud! Learn history the living way! This is a first edition guide. This one was combined with Dark Ages to form one Middle Ages guide for the second edition. It's more that a curriculum guide; it's a fun, well-written overview of the Middle Ages with suggestions for all kinds of books that could be used to explore in greater depth. 

Very Good, $5


 Usborne Greek Myths for Young Children. Heather Amery, illus by Linda Edwards. Usborne, 2000. Hardcover. Ages 5 and up. 128 pages.

"Young children will find these stories of gods, mortals and monsters irresistible. This collection of the best-known stories are retold in a magical and sensitive way."

Like New, $14


 Rembrandt. Elizabeth Ripley. Walck, 1955. Hardcover. Ages 8 and up. 71 pages.

Well-illustrated with drawings, etchings, and paintings by Rembrandt. Very well-written, appealing biography.

Very Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $7


 The Kids' Money Book. Neale S. Godfrey. Checkerboard, 1991. Hardcover. Ages 8 and up. 125 pages.

The history, of paper money and coinage and how they are used. This is written as questions with short paragraphs as the answers. Why is metal used for money? What was used for money in Colonial America? How are checks written?

Very Good. $1.50 SALE


 [Landmark Book] Dwight Eisenhower: The Story of the General from Abilene. Malcolm Charles Moos, illus with photos. Random House. Hardcover. Ages 12 and up. 175 pages.

Landmark Books are an excellent older history series.

Good. Small stain at top edge. Some bumping/abrasion to top right corner. Minor stains on rear endpapers. $3.50 SALE


 The Matchlock Gun [1942 Newbery Medal, Sonlight]. Walter D. Edmonds, illus by Paul Lantz. Troll 1941, 1990. Softcover. Ages 8 and up. 50 pages.

Historical fiction for children. Wonderful old Newbery book. Setting is the French & Indian War. 

Very Good ex-library. Clean copies with very mild cover wear. $2.50 SALE


 White Stallion of Lipizza [Sonlight]. Marguerite Henry, illus by Wesley Dennis. Rand McNally, 1964, 1979. Softcover. Ages 9 and up. 112 pages. 

Historical fiction by the beloved Marguerite Henry. Vienna's Spanish Court Riding School.

Good ex-library. $4.50 SALE


  Cornerstones of Freedom Series. Very Good, some ex-library. Cover formats vary. $2 EACH SALE.


Geography & Cultures
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Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

 International Children: A Special book of Customs, Costumes, and Flags of 22 Different Nations. Karen Sevaly. Teacher's Friend Publications, 1991. Softcover. Ages 3 - 8. 128 pages.

Reproducible for classroom use, and I've used mine for years. Coloring pages for a boy and girl in each of 22 countries along with details for putting together a unit on each country. "Students will gain a wealth of information regarding each country--the capital city, the language, currency, costumes, religions, national flag, holidays, important facts, and famous people. Includes suggestions for making and enjoying international foods."

Good. Very clean pages, worn cover corners with a very little bit of creasing. $8


 Little Hands Celebrate America: Learning about the USA through Crafts and Activities [A Williamson Little Hands Book]. Jill Frankel Hauser. Softcover.

"Teach your young citizens about America's history, geography, and heritage through fun hands-on activities! With its down-to-earth writing style and lively illustrations, this must-have resource makes big concepts easy for your little learners to grasp. And the easy-to-do crafts, games, and projects will engage and hold their attention as they celebrate the U.S.A.!" -- From the publisher

Like New. $2.50 sale


Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30.
Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

 Famous Experiments & How to Repeat Them. Brent Filson, illus by Brigita Fuhrmann. Messner, 1986. Hardcover. Ages 10 and up. 71 pages.

This is excellent. My friend Deputy Headmistress talks about it here.

Very Good Ex-library. $6


 Garden Crafts for Kids: 50 Great Reasons to Get Your Hands Dirty. Diane Rhoades. Sterling, 1995. Hardcover. Ages 12 and up. 

This is an intense, appealing book for children who really want to know and understand all aspects of gardening. "Become an adventurer, explorer, scientist, chef, inventor, and friend of the earth--all in one. Design your perfect garden. Maybe you'd like to have a big one in your backyard, filled with carrots, tomatoes, and corn; or try a fragrant assortment of fresh herbs growing in pots on your windowsill. Plant potatoes in a stack of tires, flowers in an old bathtub orboot, and a village full of bean tepees. Learn to test foil, make friends with earthworms, and see how to use the moon as a planting calendar." 

Very Good. Close to new with light rubbing to the dust jacket. $6


 Butterfly Alphabet. Kjell B. Sandved. Scholastic, 1996. Softcover. 58 pages. Ages 5 and up.

Brilliant, wonderful book. Sandved has done numerous closeup images of butterfly wings, finding every letter of the alphabet in them. Rhyming couplets with brilliant images from butterfly wings. The following poster reproduces images from this book--

Book only. Poster is for purposes of illustration. Very Good. $6


 Are You a Snail? [Backyard Books]. Judy Allen and Tudor Humphries. Kingfisher, 2000. Picture book.

I'm a great of this creative series--and so are my children! Little kids adore them. Each book invites children to imagine life as some small creature and then makes fun contrasts between insect life and human life. This one ends, "You are not a snail. You are a human child. You have no shell on your back. You have no horns and your eyes are not on stalks. But you can do lots of things that snails can't do. You are not afraid of thrushes or foxes. Most humans like you. Best of all, you are not in the least bit slimy."

These are terrific for introducing children to fun science concepts--and discussing what it means to be uniquely made in the image of God.

Two copies--


 Some Feet Have Noses. Anita Gustafson, illus by April Peters Flory. Lothrop, 1983. Hardcover. 96 pages.

Does include some evolutionary content. "What can your feet do? In most cases, they can get you from one place to another, but can they also cling to a wall? Open a clam? Propel you at 80 miles per hour or comb your hair--or, yes, even sniff out a good meal? Well, each of these things and more can be done by at least one member of the animal world." Fascinating information, written in narrative style, abundantly illustrated.

Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $3 SALE


 The Slug Who Thought He was a Snail. Penny Pollock, illus by Lorinda Bryan Cauley. Putnam's, 1980. Hardcover

Very Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $2.50 SALE


 Hands-On Science for Your K-3 Classroom. Janet Hale. Teacher Created Materials, 1993. Ring-bound Binder. For use with children 4-9 years old. 310 pages.

This book is includes general instruction in teaching science, lesson plans, instructions, and reproducibles. Includes many activities, including helping children to make their own science equipment--ant observatory, balance, battery, binoculars, bubble solution, bubble wands, compass, electromagnet, feeders, graduated cylinders, heater, level, magnifying glass, pinhold camera, and much more. Reproducible pages include a child's science journal and much more. While this is geared to the classroom teacher, there is much that can be adapted to home use.

Very Good. Complete, all clean and nice. $6.50 SALE


 Eastern Birds [Peterson Field Guides]. Roger Torrey Peterson. Houghton, 1987. Heavy card cover. For children and adults. 384 pages

An indispensable field guide for birdwatchers! My children love and treasure their field guide collection.

Near Fine. $1.50 SALE


Math & Logic
Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30.
Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

If you have purchased any of the following Nasco math books, would you mind sending me a few words as a review to be added here?
Nasco is in my area, and I bought the last of their reproducible math books when they went out of print.
I think your review could be very helpful to those who haven't seen them. 


 The Toothpaste Millionaire. Jean Merrill. Houghton, 1972. Softcover. 89 pages.

Fiction, but I've categorized it with math since its focus is economics and business. "Sixth-grader Rufus Mayflower doesn't set out to become a millionaire. He just wants to save on toothpaste. Betting he can make a gallon of his own for the same price as one tube from the store, Rufus develops a step-by-step production plan with help from his good friend Kate MacKinstrey. By the time he reaches the eighth grade, Rufus makes more than a gallon -- he makes a million! This fun, breezy story set in 1960s Cleveland, Ohio contains many real-life mathematical problems which the characters must solve to succeed in their budding business. Includes black-and-white illustrations by Jan Palmer."

Like New. $3 SALE


 Eric the Math Bear. Caroline Glicksman. Knopf, 2003. Hardcover. Picture book.

"Eric even dreams about numbers! He has a very important job at the Big Bear Bank. Every day, he counts up all the bank's money and puts it i the big safe. Then he thinks up a new set of numbers for the lock and closes the safe tight. Eric is the only bear who knows the numbers!" Eric and his friend Erica foil a bank robber, Big Bad Polar Bear.

Very Good. Dust jacket in Mylar. Book is about like new but for the library markings. Ex-library. $3 SALE


 Sudoku for Fifth Grade (Learn & Play). Pamela Dase. Shell Education, 2007. Softcover. 

A detailed description of strategy together with puzzles of increasing difficulty. This was made for the educational market, so it was given a grade level, but it is really appropriate for many children ages 8-13

New. $2.50 SALE


 Poker Chip Math. Jan Pellington and Sandra DiGiaimo. Nasco, 2002. Spiral-bound softcover. For use with ages 8-13.

I see poker chips at thrift stores all the time. Large, attractive plastic disks, usually they are quality, nicely weighted plastic. Here, they function as a comfortable, readily available math manipulative for some very creative math activities. Poker Chip Math is designed to teach a variety of mathematics skills and to provide students with experiences in logic and problem-solving. Some games and activities are teacher-directed. Most are self-directed.  

My friend Rebekah Wilson has agreed to review some of the math books that I have in stock right now. She writes, "Poker Chip Math has incredible links between hands-on/tangible learning and the visual need to see math worked out physically. This combination is an exceptional approach to teaching math, or re-teaching what a child has forgotten or missed. Poker Chip Math makes math meaningful and real, bringing abstract concepts into the realm of reality for students."

Read Rebekah's more detailed review of Poker Chip Math. 

These are new books but with mild wear from boxing. Near Fine to Very Good. SALE $3 EACH. (16 copies available)


 Reproducible Nasco Math Practice Series. Evelyn B. Christensen. Nasco, 2006. Spiral-bound softcovers. Reproducible, so these can be used with multiple students. As students solve math facts, the answers to problems provide a key for coloring the squares to reveal a hidden picture or pattern. SALE $3 EACH, or set of 5 for $12. (I have very few complete sets.)


 Reproducible Nasco Math Map Puzzles. Spiral-bound softcovers. Reproducible, so these can be used with multiple students. These puzzles increase in difficulty. Students mentally figure the problems to find the missing link.  SALE $3 EACH or set of 3 for $8.

If you have purchased any of the above Nasco math books, would you mind sending me a few words as a review to be added here?
I bought the last of their reproducible math books when they went out of print.
I think your review could be very helpful to those who haven't seen them. 


Domestic Arts and Crafts
Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30.
Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

 Help! Around the House: A Mother's Guide to Getting the Family to Pitch in and Clean Up. Don Aslett. Adams, 2006. Softcover. Ages 12 and up. 260 pages.

When he was writing it, Aslett asked mothers to submit our ideas for motivating children to clean up, so I am quoted in this book somewhere.  Includes a tear-out checklist for children.

Like New. $5


 From 1904: The Good Housekeeping Hostess: An Old-Fashioned Guide to Gracious Living. Hearst, 1904, recent reprint. Hardcover. Ages 14 and up. 320 pages. 

"Although this fascinating book reflects the social life of the last century, good taste and manners endure and never change. And so you will find a wealth of advice about entertaining that still applies today." Entertainment, party ideas, hospitality, and recipes for all occasions.

Very Good. Bright, glossy dust jacket. $5


 The Complete Quilting Course. Gail Lawther. Chilton, 1992. Hardcover. Ages 14 and up. 176 pages.

"This book provides a complete course in the traditional skills of quilting via the use of 25 step-by-step projects including patchwork and applique designs. There are simple and more difficult projects for each techique, ranging from cushions and cot quilts to applique, pictures and full-size quilts and there are illustrations of quilted items, both old and new, throughout the book. The first section looks at getting started - fabrics, transferring patterns, colours, stitches and finishing - while the second section shows different techniques including contour quilting, English quilting, patchwork, Italian quilting and designing your own patterns."

Very Good. Beautiful dust jacket. $4 SALE


Grandmother's Hope Chest Series: The Running Rooster, Lucie's Snowflakes, and The Button Jar.
Rebekah Wilson. Hope Chest Legacy, 2004-2005. Hardcover. Ages 6 and up. About 50 pages each.

These heirloom treasures have been out of print for several years. Each is a hardcover picture book with lots of text, including not only a story for Christian children but also a creative project teaching handsewing skills. When my older children were young they benefited so much from Mrs. Wilson's wonderful creativity. I'm so glad that my younger ones can also enjoy these same wonderful stories and products. 

New. Set of 3. $45. (Multiple sets available.)

Also available separately--


 The Hope Chest: A Legacy of Love. Rebekah Wilson. Hope Chest Legacy, 2003. Softcover. Ages 11 and up. 376 pages.

A wonderful book written by a dear, dear friend. How to help our daughters prepare for marriage, homemaking, hospitality, and lifelong service to others. Out-of-print. Old Schoolhouse Review.

New. $7 SALE (3 copies)


Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30.
Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

 My First Activity Book: A Life-size Guide to Fun Things to Make. Angela Wilkes. Knopf, 1990. Hardcover.

Oversized picture book with brilliant, life-size photography. Beautiful, fascinating projects. Like nearly all books listed on my site, we have this series in our own family library. When I pulled these out to list, a couple of teenagers exclaimed something I've heard many times over the years, "Oh! Those! I love those. You're not selling our copies are you?"

Decorating eggs, making animal masks, jewelry, paper flowers, Christmas ornaments, handmade puppets, papier-maché pottery, and creative gift wrapping.

Fair-Good. Clean pages. Above average wear, but still solid and a great reading and work copy. $2.50 SALE


 What Makes a Goya? Richard Muhlberger. Viking, 1990's. Softcover. Ages 10 and up. About 50 pages each. 

We love this series, published by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They focus on style--what makes one artist's work different from others? Each book focuses on 12 masterpieces to discuss color, line, shape, composition, and subject matter. We like them very much for children who are ready for the next level of art appreciation, after James Mayhew and Mike Venezia.

New. $7 SALE


Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30.
Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

 Folk Dancing: A Guide for Schools, Colleges, and Recreation Groups. Richard Kraus. Macmillan, 1962. Hardcover. Ages 14 and up. 219 pages

A detailed collection of European and American folk dances. Includes easy folk dances for elementary children, circle dances without partners, couple dances, attached couple dances, partner-changing dances, dances for three, longways dances, square dances, and much more. This is intended to be used by teachers community leaders to teach children and adults how to dance traditional folk dances.

Very Good. No dust jacket. Plain red cover. $6


Holidays & Traditions
Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30.
Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.


 Christmas Feasts [The Metropolitan Museum of Art]. Lorna J. Sass. Chalmers, 1981. Softcover. Ages 14 and up. 84 pages.

Detailed history and discussion, including historical recipes in their original form with notes for making them in a modern kitchen. Includes instructions and ideas for Roman Saturnalia, Medieval Christmas Feast, 17th Century Christmas Banquet, Christmas in the Pudding Age, and Victorian Christmas Dinner.

Good. Crease on cover. $4


 A Christmas Collection. Patricia St. John, illus by Kaye Hodges. Moody, 1988. Hardcover. Ages 12 and up. 48 pages.

By the author of Treasures of the Snow and The Tanglewoods' Secret. A Christian children's author, St. John was a missionary in Morocco for many years. Stories of Christian Christmas celebrations around the world. (I think they are stories from her life, but I haven't yet read our copy.)

Very Good. Dust jacket is somewhat worn. Gift inscription inside front cover. $5


 A Valentine Fantasy. Carolyn Haywood, illus by Glenys & Victor Ambrus. Morrow, 1976. Hardcover. Ages 6 and up. Picture book.

By the author of the "Eddie" and "Betsy" books, this is Haywood's Valentine's Day story. "She pictures the young Valentine growing up in a royal kingdom where castles and towns are surrounded by forests and wild creatures. Perhaps because of his gentle nature, Valentine considered even the birds and animals his friends and even came to know the rares of all birds, the golden bluebird, believed to have a heart of gold. But the day comes when the king asks for the bluebird's golden heart, leaving Valentine with a difficult choice."

Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $5


 The Fourth of July Story. Alice Dalgliesh, illus by Marie Nonnast. Scribner, 1956. Hardcover. Ages 6 and up. 23 pages.

History story by the author of Bears on Hemlock Mountain.

Good ex-library. A little fraying at the corners. This is very faintly musty. Very slight. $5


 The Thanksgiving Story. Alicia Dalgliesh, illus by Helen Sewell. Scribner, 1954. Hardcover. Ages 6 and up. 27 pages.

Another history story by Alice Dalgliesh. 

Good ex-library. Just a hint of fraying at the corners. $5


Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30.
Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

 Better Homes and Gardens Junior Cook Book for the Hostess & Host of Tomorrow. Facsimile Reprint of the 1955 First Edition. Ringbound hardcover. Ages 7 and up. 192 pages.

Utterly charming. Beverages, breads & sandwiches, candy & cookies, desserts, main dishes, vegetables, and salads. This was reprinted with age-toning to the pages so it feels like I really am paging through an early printing of this classic children's cookbook. 

Beautiful condition but it's MISSING TWO PAGES in the beverage section. Otherwise, a delightful book. Very minor staining to last page and a couple of tabs. $2.50 SALE


 Busy Woman's Slow Cooker Cookbook: Meals Ready and Waiting. Sharon and Gene McFall and Linda Burgett. Creative, 2005. Hardcover. Ages 12 and up. 272 pages.

Over 500 slow cooker recipes each using just a few common ingredients.

Very Good. $3 SALE


 The Williamsburg Cookbook [History Cookbook], Updated and Enlarged Edition. Compiled and adapted by Letha Booth, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Holt, 1975. Hardcover. Ages 12 and up. 172 pages.

Southern-style recipes, old and new. Includes recipes from Old Williamsburg and the southern cooking tradition since then. Illustrated with drawings and photographs. Includes menu suggestions, appetizers, soups and stews, meats, poultry, fish and seafood, eggs and cheese, salads, dressings and sauces, vegetables, breads, desserts, ice creams and sherbets, pastries, cakes and frostings, cookies, and beverages. 

Very Good. No dust jacket, decorated tan cover. $3 SALE


 Authentic Norwegian Cooking [Ekte Norsk Mat]. Astrid Karlsen Scott. Nordic Adventures, 1995. Hardcover. Ages 12 and up. 192 pages.

All ingredient lists and instructions are in English. Very thorough, illustrated with drawings and photographic plates. Includes appetizers, open-face sandwiches, soups, salads, sauces, dessert, fish, shellfish, meat & pourltry, sandwich meats, vegetables, Norwegian cheeses and dairy, desserts, candies, breads, cakes & pastries, creams and frostings, cookies, waffles, parties, table setting, and napkin folding, with information on Norwegian spices and culture. Includes Rommegrot, Eggedosis, Julekake, Lefse, Flatbrod, Marsipankake, Kransekake, Rosetter, Krumkaker, Fattigman, Sandkaker, Vafler (waffles), and much more.

My husband is Norwegian, and I have seen many Norwegian cookbooks. My favorites are this and Xan's Time-Honored Norwegian Recipes: Adapted to the American Kitchen.

Good, nearly Very Good. Pale stain at the fore edge. A couple of pages have minor food stains. Clean and nice overall. $3 SALE


 Just for Kids Collection. Publications International, 2002. Comb-bound Hardcover. Ages 8 and up. 192 pages.

Includes Scrumptious Starters, Delicious Drinks, Magical Meals, Dessert Station, and Cakes for Any Occasion. Some of these recipes are very creative sculptures and lots of fun for kids--make a hotdog into an octopus, a sloppy joe sandwich shaped like a car, a carousel-shaped cake. Most recipes are cooking from scratch.

Very Good. $3 SALE


 Taste of Home Casserole Cookbook. Ed. by Heidi Reuter Lloyd. Reiman, 2001. Hardcover. Ages 12 and up. 320  pages.

Comfort food at its finest! A mainstay at everyday family dinners and pot-lucks, these recipes are hearty, tasty, and filled with down-home ingredients. 442 cherished, time-tested recipes submitted by cooks across the country.

Very Good. $3 SALE



Picture Books
Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30.
Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.


 Blaze and the Mountain Lion. C. W. Anderson. Aladdin, 1959, 1993. Softcover. Ages 4-8. 47 pages.

A favorite EASY READER for young children. Well-written with wonderful, appealing illustrations throughout.

Very Good. $4


 Crow Boy. Taro Yashima. Viking, 1955, 1969. Hardcover.

This is the earlier, full-format oversized edition with large, brilliant pictures. A little schoolboy in Japan is doubted, disliked, and marginalized until he shares his fun talents with his school mates.

Very Good. Bright, clean pages. Cover rubbed, slight rubbing at bottom edge. $9


 Pondlarker. Fred Gwynne. Simon & Schuster, 1990. Hardcover. 

Pondlarker has heard all the stories of princesses and what their kisses can do, and he eagerly anticipates the princely life. A fun and funny book which suggests that hypocrisy and pretense are no way to live.

You might know Fred Gwynne better like this--

But he was an excellent storyteller.

Very Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $7


 Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening [Five in a Row]. Robert Frost, illus by Susan Jeffers. Dutton, 1923, 1978, recent reprint. Hardcover.

Beautiful picture book of the classic poem. Dramatic black-and-white illustrations with splashes of color.

Very Good. $4


 The Christmas Day Kitten. James Herriot, illus by Ruth Brown. St. Martin's, 1976, 1986. Hardcover.

Beautifully illustrated children's picture book by the author of All Creatures Great and Small.

Very Good. Gift inscription inside. Dust jacket has some minor wear and a couple of acid-free repairs. $5


 The Christmas Day Kitten. James Herriot, illus by Ruth Brown. St. Martin's, 1974, 1984. Hardcover.

Beautifully illustrated children's picture book by the author of All Creatures Great and Small.

Very Good. Name partly crossed out on title page. Dust jacket is price-clipped with a crease on the back flap. $5


 The Velveteen Rabbit, or How Toys Become Real [Deluxe Edition]. Margery Williams, illustrated by Michael Green. Running Press, 1998, First Printing for this deluxe edition. Hardcover.

Printed on high quality paper that looks like parchment. Heavy endpapers. I believe the cover is bonded leather. Beautiful pictorial paste-down makes the cover illustration. Well-illustrated with charming pictures. I like this one very much! 

Like New. $7


 Birds: A Child's First Book about Our Familiar Birds. Jane Werner Watson, pictures by Eloise Wilkin. Merrigold, 1958, more recent reprint, probably 1980's. Hardcover.

Introduces children to common backyard birds with beautifully detailed illustrations by the wonderful Eloise Wilkin. While this was also a Little Golden Book, this is an oversied edition about 8.5 x 11" and printed in better detail.

Like New. $6


 Three Little Kittens. Paul Galdone. Early Start book club edition, 1986. Hardcover.

We are big fans of Paul Galdone's bright, whimsical illustrations. He captures some incredible facial expressions in his characters. You can hear the 'gulp' in mama cat's throat just from the look in her eyes when her little ones lose their mittens!

Good. Sturdy. Book club edition printed on lighter paper. Rear endpaper has some wrinkles. Cover has some minor soil. Otherwise a nice solid copy. $4


 Petunia. Roger Duvoisin.Weekly Reader Book Club, 1950, 2002. Hardcover.

Delightful classic children's book. Petunia the goose discovers the value of books.

Like New. $5


 All the Places to Love. Patricia MacLachlan, illus by Mike Wimmer. Harper, 1994. Hardcover.

A dear, precious book. One of my favorite books to welcome a new baby!

Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $4 SALE
Very Good. Bright, clean dust jacket. $6 SALE


 The Monster at the End of this Book. Jon Stone, illus by Mike Smollin. 1971, 1977. Hardcover.

This is not the Little Golden Book edition but the genuine 1970's oversized hardcover. We're not big fans of Sesame Street and have none of the other books, but we own this one! It's very creative and funny. Children laugh as Grover tries all sorts of tricks to keep us from turning the pages and finding the monster at the end of the book.

You can read the book and see for your self at the illustrator's web site.

Very Good $5 SALE


 Amber on the Mountain [Five-in-a-Row]. Tony Johnston. Dial Books, 1994. Hardcover.

Such a beautiful book!

New. $7 SALE


 The Spider and the Fly [2003 Caldecott Honor Book]. Tony DiTerlizzi, Mary Howitt. Scholastic, 2002. Hardcover.

This is spooky in the style of a very old horror movie. It doesn't scare my children, who find in these dark drawings a perfect fit for Mr. Spider's terrible wickedness. The illustrations do include some almost invisible "ghost bugs", past victims warning little miss Fly to escape before it's too late. 

Based on Mary Howitt's classic children's poem--
"Will you walk into my parlor?"
Said the Spider to the Fly.
'Tis this prettiest little parlour that ever you did spy:
The way into my parlour is up a winding stair.
And I have many curious things to show you when you are there.

If you'd like your children to understand that not every entertaining and enticing person is a safe person, this is a good help for that.

Good. Pages are nice, cover is bumped. $2.50 SALE


 Feast for 10. Cathryn Falwell. Scholastic, 1993. Softcover.

"A counting book that features a large African-American family shopping for food, preparing dinner, and sitting down to eat. Lively read-aloud text paired with bright collage illustrations."

Very Good. $2.50 SALE


 Pedrito's Day. Luis Garay. Orchard, 1997. Softcover.

Young Hispanic boy faces a difficult choice to tell the truth. A good, encouraging book. We like it.

Very Good. $2.50 SALE


 The Berenstain Bears' New Baby. Stan & Jan Berenstain. Random House, 1974. Pictorial Library Binding Hardcover.

I am not a fan of the Berenstain Bears, generally, but I love positive "new baby" books, and this is one! I read this to our first daughter when I was expecting my second, and we've been enjoying it for many years. Portrays loving relationships and a wise father who invites his son to share in the work of making a new little bed for a new little baby.

Good. Clean pages. Cover is a bit faded and somewhat worn. $2.50 SALE


 Gallop! A Scanimation Picture Book. Rufus Butler Seder. Workman, 2007. Hardcover.

Brilliant and fun! Children are fascinated by the motion in this creatively engineered book! I was enthralled when I first saw it!

Good. Nice copy. Cover is somewhat rubbed and bumped. Illustrations all working perfectly. $3.50 SALE


 I Spy Super Challenger! A Book of Picture Riddles. Jean Marzollo, photos by Walter Wick. Hardcover.

This is not a narrative storybook, but a delightful seach-and-find book. Detailed photographs filled with tiny objects are accompanied by challenges in poetry--
I spy an apple, a house of bricks,
Four candy canes, and eight craft sticks;
An owl, a dragon, a cricket, a bee,
Musical notes, and the number three.

Good. Very clean inside. Cover is bumped and worn. Book is very sturdy. $2.50 SALE


 I Spy Treasure Hunt: A Book of Picture Riddles. Jean Marzollo, photos by Walter Wick. Hardcover.

This is not a narrative storybook, but a delightful, visual seach-and-find book. Creative photographs filled with tiny objects are accompanied by hide-and-seek challenges in poetry.

Like New. $2.50 SALE


 Omnibeasts: Animal Poems and Paintings. Douglas Florian. Harcourt, 2004. Hardcover. Picture book. 

What a delight! My children have adored Florian's creative, humorous animal poems. This book selects his favorites from Insectlopedia, Mammalabilia, and five other books of animal poetry. 

My little boys think this first one is especially delicious--

The Jaguarundi
The jaguarundi hunts by day
Then sleeps inside its lair.
And when it wakes it likes to play
In Jaguarundi-wear.

The Vulture
Two things I know about the vulture:
It's beak
is strong.
It's weak
on culture.

Good ex-lib. Minor signs of handling on the pages. Dust jacket in Mylar. $4 SALE


 A Pig is Big. Douglas Florian. Greenwillow, 2000. Hardcover.

A pig is big.
A pig is fat. 
A pig is bigger than my hat.
What's bigger than a pig? 

Florian's poem explores the concept of increasing size from animals to trucks, streets, neighborhoods, cities, and increasingly far beyond, to the universe.

Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $3 SALE


 Nature Walk. Douglas Florian. Greenwillow, 1989. Hardcover.

Simple picture book introduces smaller children to common woodland plants & animals in Eastern North America--eastern cottontail, spotted tiger moth, vole, beaver, red-headed woodpecker, loon, wood turtle, etc. Very little text followed by a page of plants and animals to find in on each page.

Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $3 SALE



 Lucy Steps through the Wardrobe. Adapted from C. S. Lewis, illus by Deborah Maze. Hardcover.

Elegantly illustrated with numerous double-page spreads in full color. This slim picture book was issued as a series of four (with Edmund and the White Witch, Aslan, and Aslan's Triumph). While this is not a substitute for the novels by any means, children who have heard, or who have read the original stories will love the artwork and will enjoy comparing the pictures in their imaginations with the ones that Maze has produced. It is very special.

Fair-Good. The pages are bright, crisp, and clean. NO dust jacket. Plain blue cover has minor stains and wear. Still a great reading copy. $2.50 SALE


 Where's Wallace. Hilary Knight. Harper, 1964. Hardcover.

Such fun! Wallace the anthropomorphic orange orangutan and Mr. Frumbee, his keeper, are fast friends. When Wallace decides to leave the zoo for Bumpus' Brothers Department Store to buy a suit, all manner of chaos ensues. Every other set of pages is a brilliant and highly detailed panorama, each the kind of picture that invites a child to examine every detail.

Good. Solid copy. Pages are clean overall but there is an occasional smudge in a margin or on the endpapers. Former owner's name in dark letters inside the front cover. Cover has moderate wear and above average smudges and stains. Still a decent copy of a delightful story. $4 SALE


 The Great Turtle Drive. Steve Sanfield. Borzoi, 1996. Hardcover. 

"Saddle up and join an entrepreneurial young cowboy and a million dollars' worth of turtles in a twisted tall tale set in the Wild West. Someone's got to supply the turtles to Frenchy's Gourmet Eating Establishment and Pizza Parlor, where the house specialty is--you guessed it--turtle soup, and our hero reckons it might as well be him. Soon he's roaming the wide frontier, lumbering turtles in tow. There's a fortune waiting for him at Frenchy's--if he ever gets there!" -- Publisher

Very Good ex-library. $2.50 SALE


 You Read to Me, I'll Read to You. Mary Ann Hoberman. Little Brown, 2001. Hardcover. 

Children's poems in two voices. Lines are distinguished by color for parent and child to read together, or for two children to take the parts. They can also be read solo. 

Very Good. Dust jacket is scuffed and lightly scratched. Ex-library. $3 SALE


 Toot & Puddle. Holly Hobbie. Little Brown, 1997. Hardcover.

We love it! This postcard friendship between two little pigs, one a world traveler and the other a homebody, is rapidly becoming a classic.

Good. Very clean inside. Cover is bumped, scuffed, and lightly scratched. Ex-library. $3 SALE


 The Musical Life of Gustav Mole. Kathryn Meyrick. Child's Play, undated but 1980's. Hardcover.

Cute and fun, animals on instruments. Various North American animals, orchestral instruments, sections of the orchestra, forms of music, a little love story, a family with five children. 

Very Good. Hint of a ripple at the bottom edge of the pages. $4 SALE


 Gone Fishing. Earlene Long, illus by Richard Brown. Houghton, 1984.  Softcover.

Sweet, simple story of a little boy's early morning adventure with Daddy. (It also subtly provokes a little mind to consider the concepts of 'big' and 'little'. I like it very much. Fewer words per page, so it is perfect for a 2- or 3-year-old.

Good. Cover bumped with mild wear. $2.50 SALE


 The Three Bears and Goldilocks [An Early Fun-to-Read Classic]. Nova Nestrick, illus by Barbara Remington. Platt & Munk, 1962, 1970's printing. Softcover.

While this one isn't so labeled, it is part of Nova Nestrick's wonderful series of Early Fun-to-Read Classics. These are some of my favorite books for beginning readers. Simple, but rich with very appealing illustrations. 

Very Good. Bright, crisp, clean. $3 SALE


 Holly Hobbie's The Night before Christmas. Clement Clark Moore, illus by Holly Hobbie. Grosset, 1976. Hardcover. 

Very Good. Cover has light rubbing. Cover is bright and clean.  Ex-library. $3 SALE


 DINOPALS 12 Fun Phonics Books. Wiley Blevins & Francie Alexander, illus by Emma Dodd. Scholastic, 2005. Softcover. Boxed set of 12 booklets. 

Including 10 phonics readers and 2 activity books, these are very simple primers for first beginners. Each book gives extra practice with particular sounds.

Books are all like new. little carrying case has a ribbon carrying handle. Case is worn. $2.50 SALE


 Pedro: The Angel of Olvera Street. Leo Politi. Scribner, 1946. Hardcover.

The Los Posadas Christmas tradition of Los Angeles.

Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Very Good condition. $2.50 SALE


 The Old Man Who Loved to Sing. John Winch. Scholastic, 1993. Hardcover.

Well-illustrated with paintings. The old man has left the hustle and bustle of the city for the quiet of the Australian outback. All the animals love to hear him sing, until the day comes that he forgets to sing. 

Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $1.75 SALE


 The Old Woman Who Loved to Read. John Winch. Scholastic, 1996. Hardcover.

Oh, she reminds me of myself when I was younger. I could do virtually any task with a book in my hand. There's lots of work on the Australian outback, but the Old Woman can feed a baby lamb or sheer her sheep grown up, all with her nose stuck in her book. Publisher's Weekly review

Good ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. $1.75 SALE


 Daddy Calls Me Man. Angela Johnson, illus by Rhonda Mitchell. Orchard, 1997. Hardcover.

"Family love and the shared stories and symbols that connect the generations are pervasive themes (as they are in all of Johnson's works); Mitchell embodies these themes in vivid oil illustrations by showing the boy narrator as the child of artists and introducing each of his poems with one of the parents' paintings. In the last spread, readers see the paintings hanging on the wall of the family's home studio." -- Kirkus Review

Good ex-library. Attractive dust jacket in Mylar. Clean pages, sturdy hinges, very little wear. Ex-library copy with small, neat stamps and stickers. $2.50 SALE


 Where Does the Brown Bear Go? Nicki Weiss. Greenwillow, 1989. Hardcover.

One of my favorite bedtime books for little children. All the stuffed animals go home, to bed, to sleep with their little owner. Pleasing language, delightful rhythm for little ones, ages 1½-4. 

Fair-Good. Cover VERY worn and scratched. Pages crisp and clean. $1.75 SALE


 Water Dance. Thomas Locker. Harcourt, 1997. Hardcover.

Lovely paintings for children, by the author/illustrator of Sky Tree

Near Fine/Like New. $3


 Harold and the Purple Crayon. Crockett Johnson. 1955, 1983. Hardcover.

Always a delight to little children. It's one of those books that children tend to remember all their lives.

Book club edition, Good, minor stain on back cover. $2.50 SALE


 The Frog and Toad Treasury [An I Can Read Book]. Arnold Lobel. Harper, 1970. Hardcover.

A bind-up of three Frog and Toad books--Frog and Toad are Friends, Frog and Toad Together, and Frog and Toad All Year. 

Good. A solid reading copy but there is a tiny amount of crayon on two pages and a little wrinkling/handling of the front free endpaper, title page, and half-title page. $2.50 SALE


 Drawing Lessons from a Bear. David McPhail. Little Brown, 2000. Hardcover. 

Portrays the life of an artist who just happens to have been born a bear.

Very Good. Ex-library. Dust jacket in Mylar. Minor page-turning bends. $3.50 SALE


 Edward Lear's The Scroobious Pip. Edward Lear, posthumously completed by Ogden Nash, illustrated by Nancy Ekholm Burkert. Harper, 1968. Hardcover.

Lavishly illustrated picture book. Ogden Nash has here completed Lear's unfinished poem. (Lear wrote "The Owl and the Pussycat".)
The Scroobious Pip went into the sea
By the beautiful shore of Jellybolee-
All the fish in the world swam round
With a splashing squashy spluttering sound.

Very Good ex-library. $2.50 SALE


Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30.
Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

All fiction is unabridged, unless noted.

 Sarah, Plain and Tall [1986 Newberry Medal]. Patricia MacLachlan. Harper, 1985. Hardcover. Ages 8 and up. 58 pages.

Wonderful story. Caleb and Anna lost their mother when Caleb was a newborn baby. When their father places an ad in the newspaper, seeking a wife, Sarah responds. Set in the western US during pioneer times.

Like New. Beautiful dust jacket. $7


R. J. Unstead's Book of Kings & Queens. R. J. Unstead, illus by Peter Dennis. Treasure Press, 1978. Hardcover. Ages 11 and up. 196 pages. 

Well-written and well-illustrated in color and black and white. This is an excellent, absorbing history book. Unstead is a favorite. This was published in the UK and most copies (even used copies) have to be imported. It's harder to find in the US.

Good. No dust jacket. Very clean copy overall, but there are a few small stains in the margin on a few pages near the middle. Rubbed cover with a little heavier wear at the tips of the corners. Good and sturdy. $10


 Understood Betsy. Dorothy Canfield Fisher. University Press, 1916, 1999. Softcover. Ages 9 and up. 176 pages.

A favorite children's book and one that I wish more people in this culture read! Orphaned Betsy goes from a diicult life with two maiden aunts who fuss and worry over her and restrict her from all childhood joys, to keep her safe and well, to life on a farm in the country, where she is expected to amuse herself and to be a real help to her new family. It's a joy to read about a little girl blossoming in her newfound freedom!

FAIR. It's a beautiful copy printed on nice paper, but NOTE WELL that someone has UNDERLINED favorite passages. $3


 The Riverside Shakespeare. William Shakespeare. Houghton, 1974. Hardcover. Ages 15 and up. 1927 pages.

An outstanding complete works of Shakespeare in one-volume, with commentary. A scholar's favorite and a classic in its own right. 

Very Good. Solid, clean copy. Minor wear at corners. Very minor smudges at outside edges. $18


 Swallows & Amazons. Arthur Ransome. Godine, 1930, 1985. Softcover. Ages 12 and up. 351 pages.

"For children, for grownups, for anyone captivated by the world of adventure and imagination, Swallows & Amazons introduces the lovable Walker family, the camp on Wild Cat Island, the able-bodied catboat Swallow, and the two intrepid Amazons, Nancy and Peggy Blacket.... For anyone entranced with boats and islands, fishing and camping, this series standard alone. Read and loved by generations, it is guaranteed to provide days of excitement." First book in the series.

Very Good. $5


 Swallowdale. Arthur Ransome. Godine, 1931, 1985. Softcover. Ages 12 and up. 448 pages.

"For children, for grownups, for anyone captivated by the world of adventure and imagination, Swallows & Amazons introduces the lovable Walker family, the camp on Wild Cat Island, the able-bodied catboat Swallow, and the two intrepid Amazons, Nancy and Peggy Blacket.... For anyone entranced with boats and islands, fishing and camping, this series standard alone. Read and loved by generations, it is guaranteed to provide days of excitement." Second book in the series.

Fair. A bright clean copy with a little smudging to the last couple of pages and two light creases on the back cover. $5


 The Book of Virtues. William Bennett: A Treasury of Great Moral Stories. Simon & Schuster, 1993. Hardcover. 831 pages. 

"Responsibility. Courage. Compassion. Honesty. Friendship. Persistence. Faith. Everyone recognizes these traits as essentials of good character. In order for our children to develop such traits, we have to offer them examples of good and bad, right and wrong. And the best places to find them are in great works of literature and exemplary stories from history. William J. Bennett has collected hundreds of stories in The Book of Virtues, an instructive and inspiring anthology that will help children understand and develop character -- and help adults teach them. From the Bible to American history, from Greek mythology to English poetry, from fairy tales to modern fiction, these stories are a rich mine of moral literacy, a reliable moral reference point that will help anchor our children and ourselves in our culture, our history, and our traditions -- the sources of the ideals by which we wish to live our lives."

Good. No dust jacket. Clean pages, sturdy copy. Remainder mark on bottom edge. Minor smudging on the cover. $5


 Ozma of Oz. L. Frank Baum, illus by John R. Neill. Konecky, undated. Hardcover. 267 pages. Ages 10 and up.

One of the later books in the Oz series. Beautiful facsimile edition with all the original text and illustrations.

Like New. Beautiful copy in a nearly perfect dust jacket with just a touch of wrinkling to back top edge. $9


 Service with a Smile. P. G. Wodehouse. Arrow, 1962, recent reprint. Softcover. 236 pages. Ages 12 and up.

"As a peer of the realm, Clarence, Ninth Earl of Emsworth, has an occasional duty to leave the Empress of Blandings, surely the most considerable pig in the whole world, and travel to London for the opening of Parliament. It comes hard to him, for he has a proper sense of the priorities in life, which rate pigs and flowerbeds higher than politicians." Humor.

Like New. $4


 Charlotte's Web [Newbery Honor Book]. E. B. White. 1952, 1980. Hardcover. 184 pages. 8 and up. 

Very Good. This is so cute. Bright, clean copy, but a small child has this written on a front blank page: "Read all of the book and read agin." :-) $5


 Brother Cadfael's Penance. Ellis Peters. Warner, 1994. Hardcover. 292 pages. Ages 14 and up. Ages 14 and up.

First Printing. Very Good. Book is tight, feels unopened. Slight dust freckling at top edge. Dust jacket has only a bit of rubbing. $8


Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories Five Volume Set.
Arthur Maxwell. Southern, 1976. Hardcover. 960 pages. Use with ages 4-5 and up.

Almost 1000 pages of well-illustrated vintage character building stories in a five volume set. 

Very Good. Bright and clean with minimal signs of use. $79 SALE


 McGuffey's  Original Eclectic Readers, 7 Volume Set: Eclectic Primer, Eclectic Pictorial Primer, Eclectic First Reader, Eclectic Second Reader, Eclectic Third Reader, Eclectic Fourth Reader, Eclectic Progressive Speller. William H. McGuffey, Mott Media, 1982. Hardcover, slip-cased set. Ages 5-14. 

This is the original McGuffey content from the 1849 edition, not one of the later content editions which removed and replaced much of the Christian content. 

Very Good. The books are essentially NEW, never read. However, the Speller has a bumped upper right corner. The slipcase has minor staining and has been repaired. $40 SALE


 Norby: Robot for Hire [Two books in one: Norby and the Lost Princess, Norby and the Invaders]. Janet and Isaac Asimov. Ace, 1985. Softcover. Ages 7-11. 

Sci fi for children ages  7-11. I have not read any of these books, but I've been picking them up as I see them over the last few months, after reading that they are a fun, clean introduction to science fiction, especially for boys.

Mass market paperback. Very Good. $2.50 SALE


 Norby and the Court Jester. Janet and Isaac Asimov. Walker, 1991. Hardcover. Ages 7-11.

Sci fi for children ages 7-11. I have not read any of these books, but I've been picking them up as I see them over the last few months, after reading that they are a fun, clean introduction to science fiction, especially for boys.

Hardcover. Very Good ex-library. $4 SALE


 The Chalk Box Kid [A Stepping Stone Book]. Clyde Robert Bulla, Thomas B. Allen. Random House, 1987. Hardcover. Ages 7 and up. 59 pages. 

Bulla is a good author, but I haven't read this title. Reviews here.

Very Good. Library binding. Ex-library. $3 SALE


 The Fledgling [Newbery Honor Book]. Jane Langton. Scholastic, 1980. Softcover. Ages 9 and up. 182 pages.

I have not read this one. Here are some reviews.

Very Good. Ex-library, very nice copy. $2.50 SALE


 Alec Forbes and His Friend Annie [George MacDonald Classics for Young Readers]. George MacDonald, edited by Michael R. Phillips. Hardcover. Ages 11 and up. 254 pages.

More information of Michael R. Phillips and his work. 

Very Good. Light scratches on the cover. $4 SALE


The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling. Henry Fielding,illus by Lawrence Beall Smith. Random House, 1964. Slip-cased Hardcover. Ages 16 and up. 721 pages. 

More mature themes, for older children. This book is on the Classical Christian Education 1000 Good Books List

Very Good hardcover in a worn slipcase. This is an especially nice edition. $5 SALE


 The Moonstone. Wilkie Collins, illus by Andre Dignimont. Heritage Press, 1868, 1959. Hardcover. Ages 13 and up. 465 pages.

This is considered to be the first detective novel in the English language, this was first published by Charles Dickens. I enjoyed reading this one. Illustrated with full-page watercolor plates. Nice Heritage Press edition.

Very Good clothbound book. Somewhat faded/darkened over the spine. $4 SALE


  Tom Swift Books [Hardcover reprints]. Victor Appleton. Quiet Vision Publishing, 1912-13, reprinted in 2000. Hardcover. Ages 10 and up.

These were published in 1912 and 1913 and incorporate science principles into adventure stories similar to Hardy Boys.

New. $7 for both, SALE


 Pride and Prejudice [Barnes & Noble Classics]. Jane Austen. Barnes & Noble, 2004. Softcover. Ages 14 and up. 

Like New. $2.50 SALE


 Rabbit Hill [1945 Newbery Medal]. Robert Lawson. Softcover.

Children's novel encourages old-fashioned gentleness with the natural world. Reviews at Good Reads.

Very Good. Cover laminated to protect it for longer life. $3 each. (Three copies.)


 The Little Lame Prince and The Adventures of a Brownie [Illustrated Junior Library, Ambleside]. Maria Mulock Craik, illus Lucille Corcos. Grosset & Dunlap, 1875, 1948. Hardcover. Ages 9 and up.

Fair-Good. Fraying at the corners and spine ends. A solid, clothbound reading copy. $2.50 SALE


 Sense and Sensibility. Jane Austen. Barnes & Noble Classics, 1811, 1996. Hardcover. Ages 13 and up. 356 pages.

Very Good. Crisp and clean. $2.50 SALE


 A Little Princess [Sonlight]. Frances Hodgson Burnett, illus by Tasha Tudor. Harper Collins, 1905, 1985. Hardcover. Ages 9 and up. 324 pages.

No dust jacket. Very Good. $4 SALE


Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30.
Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

 Selected Poems of Robert Browning. Robert Browning, illustrated by Charles Mozley. Franklin Watts, 1970. Hardcover. Ages 12 and up. 90 pages.

A special edition of poems selected for young people.

Good ex-library. Front free endpaper is corner-clipped. $1.50 SALE


Theology & Christian Discipleship
Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30.
Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.


The market value on some of my theology books is higher than with my other books, but I have tried to keep my prices competitive, keeping in mind the scarcity of those that are out of print. If you know someone who is interested in Puritan and Reformed theology, please pass my link along. Thank you!


 Age of Opportunity: A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens. Paul David Tripp. P&R, 1997. Softcover. Ages 18 and up. 253 pages.

By the author of Shepherding a Child's Heart. "Are you hoping to merely survive your teenagers? With compassion, wit and wisdom, Tripp uncovers the heart issues affecting families during the often chaotic adolescent years. Gain assurance of God's provision for parenting success and discover ways to seize the countless opportunities to deepen communication, learn, and grow with your teens."

Very Good. $5


 Family Worship: In the Bible, in History, & in Your Home. Donald S. Whitney. Center for Biblical Spirituality, 2006. Softcover. Ages 12 and up. 64 pages.

"Many Christian families have never experienced the joys and benefits of family worship, but it is a practice rootedin the Bible and common througout Christian history. How can people unfamiliar with family worship lead it? How do busy households recover faithfulness to it? This practical book shows the way."

Very Good. $5


 Transforming Grace: Living Confidently in God's Unfailing Love. Jerry Bridges. NavPress, 1991, recent reprint. Smaller format mass market paperback. Ages 14 and up. 237 pages. 

An excellent book. Highly recommended.

Like New. $3


 Humble Orthodoxy: Holding the Truth High without Putting People Down. Joshua Harris. Multnomah, 2013. Hardcover. Ages 12 and up. 83 pages.

Are humility and doctrinal faithfulness mutually exclusive? This small book explores that question.

Like New, $8


 [photo shows box, not Bible] Black Leather NKJV New King James Version Study Bible. Thomas Nelson, 2008. Black bonded leather, gold stamped.

Beautiful student Bible. Includes complete cross-reference system, study notes, Bible times and culture notes, 114 articles on key Bible doctrines, 350 word studies, maps, charts, harmony of the Gospels, concordance, and much more. Beautiful gold-stamped Bible with gilt page edges.

Like New in original box. This originally came with a CD copy of the Bible; that's not included. $30


 The Peacemaker. Ken Sande. Baker House, 2004. Softcover. Ages 14 and up. 318 pags.

Sande shows how to avoid peace-breaking and peace-faking in favor of genuine peace-making.

Good. Mild wear, a bit of smudging at the edges. Nice reading copy. $7


 Passion & Purity: Learning to Bring Your Love Life under Christ's Control. Elisabeth Elliot. Revell, 1984, 2003. Softcover. Ages 13 and up. 191 pages.

"In her classic book, Elisabeth Elliot candidly shares her love story with Jim Elliot through letters, diary entries, and memories. She is honest about the temptations, difficulties, victories, and sacrifices of two young people whose commitment to Christ took priority over their love for each other."

Good. Nice copy with some minor smudging at the edges. Small remainder mark at bottom edge. $6


 Edges of His Ways: Selections for Daily Reading from the Notes of Amy Carmichael. Amy Carmichael. CLC, 1955, 1984. Softcover. Ages 12 and up. 197 pages. 

Thought-provoking devotional readings.

Very Good, $5


 Christian Living in the Home. Jay Adams. Presbyterian & Reformed, 1972, recent reprint. Softcover. Ages 14 and up. 142 pages.

"Christians will find this volume full of practical, biblical advice on Christ-centered family living, communicating with family members, family guidance and discipline, living with an unbelieving spouse, and many other areas. Pastors, counselors, and study groups will value this work for its insight, clarity, and faithfulness to God’s Word. This best-selling title will challenge, encourage, and aid the reader in the development of a truly Christian home."

Like New. $5


 How to Handle Trouble. Jay E. Adams. Presbyterian & Reformed, 1982, recent reprint. Softcover. Ages 14 and up. 60 pages.

"Trouble is something all people must deal with: the loss of a spouse, a job, one's health, one's possessions, one's freedom. Adams writes, 'While God has not yet removed trouble from the Christian or the Christian from trouble, he has, by the Word and his Spirit, given believers all that is necessary to handle trouble successfully."

Like New. $4


 Godliness through Discipline. Jay E. Adams. Presbyterian & Reformed, 1972, recent reprint. Softcover. Ages 14 and up. 25 pages.

"Genuine and lasting holiness is possible.... Adams explains how godly living can become second nature for the person who truly desires to be Christlike."

Very Good. $4


 The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers & Devotions. Ed by Arthur Bennett. Banner of Truth, 2007. Softcover. Ages 14 and up. 223 pages.

"[I]n the Puritan tradition there are many written prayers and meditations which constitute an important corpus of inspiring devotional literature. Too often ex tempore prayer lacks variety, order and definiteness. The reason for this lies partly in a neglect of due preparation. It is here that the care and scriptural thoroughness which others found necessary in their approach to God may be of help. This book has been prepared not to 'supply' prayers but to prompt and encourage the Christian as he treads the path on which others have gone before."

Very Good. Gift inscription in front. $10


 The Reformed Pastor. Richard Baxter. Banner of Truth, 2001. Softcover. Ages 16 and up. 256 pages.

"J.I. Packer describes him as the most outstanding pastor, evangelist and writer on practical and devotional themes that Puritanism produced."

Good. Bright, crisp copy has some neat underlining and a few neat notes. $5


 The Power of Prayer in a Believer's Life. Charles Spurgeon. Emerald, 1993, recent reprint. Softcover. 192 pages. Ages 12 and up. 

Like New, $5


 Letters on Practical Subjects to a Daughter. William B. Sprague. Sprinkle, 19th century, 1987. 268 pages. For use with girls probably 12 and up.

"The following letters were originally designed to be preserved in manuscript, as a legacy to a motherless child. The circumstances which have resulted in their being given to the world it is unnecessary to state. It has been the design of the writer to adapt the work, in its present form, to the various exigencies of a young female, and to furnish her with counsel and instruction which may be useful, not only during the period of her education, but also in subsequent life."

Very Good. $7


 A Hunger for God. John Piper. Crossway, 1997. Softcover. Ages 14 and up. 240 pages. Ages 14 and up.

"Our appetites dictate the direction of our lives--whether it be the cravings of our stomachs, the passionate desire for possessions or power, or the longings of our spirits for God. But for the Christian, the hunger for anything besides God can be an arch-enemy. While our hunger for God--and Him alone--is the only thing that will bring victory. Do you have that hunger for Him? As John Piper puts it: 'If we don't feel strong desires for the manifestation of the glory of God, it is not because you have drunk deeply and are satisfied. It is because we have nibbled so long at the table of the world. Our soul is stuffed with small things, and there is no room for the great.' If we are full of what the world offers, then perhaps a fast might express, or even increase, our soul's appetite for God."



 AUDIO CD: The Universe Next Door: A Basic Worldview Catalog, 4th edition. James Sire, read by Grover Gardner. IVP, 2004. 7 hours and 54 minutes on 7 CD's. Ages 14 and up. 

"In concise, easily understood prose, James W. Sire explained the basics of theism, deism, naturalism, nihilism, existentialism, Eastern monism and the new consciousness. The second edition was updated and expanded to include sections on Marxism and secular humanism, as well as a completely reworked chapter on what is now widely known as New Age philosophy rather than new consciousness. And the third edition offered further updating and revisions, including a thoroughly revised chapter on New Age philosophy and, perhaps most importantly, a new chapter on postmodernism. Now the fourth edition refines the definition of worldview itself, incorporating Sire's thinking and teaching during the past decade."

New. In factory shrinkwrap. $17


 John (St. Andrew's Expositional Commentary). R. C. Sproul. Reformation Trust, 2009. Hardcover. Ages 14 and up. 408 pages.

"In John, Dr. Sproul confesses that he attained a new depth of understanding of the Gospel when he preached through the book. Nevertheless, he came to the Gospel after much study of it, and that familiarity is readily apparent from the first chapter on the Prologue of John's Gospel to the final chapter on Peter's restoration. John includes fifty-seven chapters, each of which began as a St. Andrew's sermon. Dr. Sproul deals with major themes as he moves through the book passage by passage. Though the book is an expositional commentary that is, it does not deal with each and every verse, it unpacks major themes in Dr. Sproul's easily understandable style."

New. In factory shrinkwrap. $17


 Nave's Topic Bible KJV. Orville J. Nave. Hendrickson, 2002. Hardcover. 1616 pages. Ages 12 and up.

"Nave's Topical Bible, the best known of all topical bibles, has been a valuable Bible-study reference and a best-seller for more than 75 years. It is a comprehensive digest of over 20,000 topics and subtopics with more than 100,000 associated Scripture references. The most significant references for each topic actually include the full text of the verse cited-saving the need to separately look up each verse. Because Nave's groups verses by "idea" (or "topic"), it offers a better overview of relevant Scriptures than a concordance, which only lists or indexes verses according to specific words. This edition also includes the helpful Scripture index (left out of some other editions), which makes it possible for the reader studying a particular biblical text to locate every topic and grouping of Scripture in Nave's whenever a particular verse is included. That way, it is possible for the reader to study either all the verses related to a particular topic or all the topics related to a particular verse-it works both ways."

Very Good, $7


 Southern Baptist Sermons on Sovereignty and Responsibility. Basil Manly, W. B. Johnson, R. B. C. Howell, and Richard Fuller. Hess, 1998. Softcover. 131 pages. Ages 14 and up.

Hard to find now. Old Southern Baptist Sermons on Calvinism, the doctrines of grace. Includes a biographical sketch of each author.

Very Good. $9


 The Reese Chronological Bible, KJV. Edward Reese. Bethany, 1980, recent reprint. Hardcover. 1613 pages. All ages.

I think that a chronological Bible is a must for teaching ancient history to Christian children. 

Very Good. Bright, glossy dust jacket. $17


 Holiness. J. C. Ryle. Homiletic Press, 1877, 1956. Hardcover. 471 pages. Ages 14 and up.

A wonderful, old, readable, helpful book on a doctrine that is very much neglected today. I enjoy Ryle very much.

Very Good. No dust jacket. $14


 Mother Kirk. Douglas Wilson. Canon, 2001. Softcover. 288 pages. Ages 16 and up.

"Modern evangelicals have gained money, power, and influence, and it has been like giving whiskey to a two-year-old. The need of the hour is theological, not political. The arena is the pulpit and the table, not the legislative chamber. Before we are equipped to proclaim His lordship to the inhabitants of all the earth, we must live as though we believed it in the Church. Mother Kirk presents a very practical and pastoral guide to many of the countless issues that arise in conservative Christian churches. The essays span subjects ranging from the nature of legalism and church authority to worship music, debt, youth ministry, and pastoral character."

Very Good. Neat underlining and notes in the first chapter only. The remainder of the text is pristine. $9


 A Body of Divinity [Body of Practical Divinity Contained in Sermons upon the Westminster Assembly's Catechism]. Thomas Watson. Banner of Truth, 17th century, 1957. Softcover. 316 pages. Ages 16 and up.

Writings of a Puritan pastor. "Thomas Watson’s Body of Practical Divinity is one of the most precious of the peerless works of the Puritans; and those best acquainted with it prize it most." -- Charles Spurgeon

Like New. $12


 Gleanings from Paul: The Prayers of the Apostle. Arthur (A. W.) Pink. Moody, 1967. Softcover. Ages 14 and up. 360 pages.

"In Gleanings from Paul Arthur W. Pink presents a detailed study of Paul and his God honoring prayer. Throughout his letters Paul offers prayer to God that are among the richest sources in all of Scripture the how, why and power of prayer. Many Christians long to see greater depth in their praying, here Pink gives insight into Paul's relationship with God direction on how we can strengthen our own walk with the Father. Arthur Walkington Pink was an English Christian evangelist and Biblical scholar known for his staunchly Calvinist and Puritan-like teachings."

Very Good. $8


 The Life of David. Arthur (A. W.) Pink. Baker, 1981. Softcover. Ages 14 and up. 764 pages.

"The life of David marked an important epoch in the unfolding of God's purpose and plan of redemption. Here a little and there a little God made known the grand goal toward which all His dealings tended. At sundry times and in divers manners God spoke in times past. In various ways and by different means was the way prepared for the coming of Christ. The work of redemption, with respect to its chief design, is carried on from the fall of man to the end of the world by successive acts and dispensations in different ages, but all forming part of one great whole, and all leading to the one appointed and glorious climax."

Though born to Christian parents, prior to conversion Pink migrated into a Theosophical society (an occult gnostic group popular in England during that time), and quickly rose in prominence within their ranks. His conversion came from his father's patient admonitions from Scripture. It was the verse, Proverbs 14:12, 'there is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death,' which particularly struck his heart and compelled him to renounce Theosophy and follow Jesus."

Very Good, $20


 Bringing up Boys: Practical Advice and Encouragement for those Bringing up the Next Generation of Men. James Dobson. Tyndale, 2004. Hardcover. Ages 16 and up.

With so much confusion about the role of men in our society, it's no wonder so many parents and teachers are at a loss about how to bring up boys. Our culture has vilified masculinity and, as a result, boys are suffering. Parents, teachers, and others involved in shaping the character of boys have many questions. In Bringing Up Boys, Dr. James Dobson, America's most trusted authority on family issues, tackles these questions and offers advice and encouragement based on a firm foundation of biblical principles. Bringing Up Boys—a must-read book for parents, teachers, social workers, youth leaders, counselors—anyone involved in the challenge of turning boys into good men. 

Very Good in a bright dust jacket. $3.50 SALE


 Lessons from Nature [Învăţături din lumea naturii]. John Bunyan, Romanian translation by Anton Horvath. Back Home Industries, 1998. Hardcover.

Do you know any Romanian child who is learning English as a second language? John Bunyan's work for children presented as a parallel translation in both English and Romanian. Would be useful for language instruction. Cheerful illustrations.

New. $12 SALE


 The Universe Next Door: A Basic World View Catalog [Second Edition]. James W. Sire. IVP, 1988. Softcover. Ages 14 and up. 246 pages.

Excellent for upper high school students. Christian perspective. Explains the basics of theism, deism, naturalism, nihilism, existentialism, Eastern monism, and the new consciousness.

Fair-Good. This is a decent, clean copy, with minimal wear, but there is a very slight ripple at the top edge of the first 30 pages. It is very slight and remains an easy-to-read copy. $2.50 SALE


 The Power of a Praying Wife. Stormie Omartian. Harvest, 1997. Softcover. Adult. 203 pages. 

I haven't read this, but I've received many requests for copies over the years.

SLIGHT dampness ripple at bottom edge/lower right corner. It is very slight. Otherwise a bright, clean, unmarked copy. $1.75 SALE

 English Standard Version (ESV) Bible. Crossway/Youth for Christ. Hardcover. All ages.

In partnership with Youth for Christ, Crossway has created a Bible using the 3Story model. 3Story is the outreach vision and strategy of Youth for Christ using the idea that “I have a story, others have a story, and God has a story.” The goal of a believer is to intersect his or her story with each of the other two stories as much as possible to bring those who don’t know God into relationship with him. These editions of God’s Story are tools to help others build a relationship with God as their stories intersect. Two columns, 9.5 point type, 5.5″ x 8.5″.

Complete ESV Bible.

This is a tight, unmarked copy. It appears to be new. It feels like it's never been read. $5 SALE


Teacher Helps, Reference, & Supplemental Materials
Standard Shipping is FREE. There is a $4 service charge for orders under $30.
Most pictures shown below are standard stock images. I usually do not take pictures of my particular copy.

 The Complete Guide to Adventures in Odyssey. Phil Lollar. Focus on the Family, 1997. Softcover. Ages 12 and up. 275 pages.

Trivia, a history of Odyssey and its characters, pictures of the town, floor plan for Whit's End, detailed synopses of all classic Odyssey content produced through 1997, Scripture references and study questions, interviews with the people behind the scenes, absorbing detailson how the episodes are created. 

Very Good. $6


 Games for Reading. Peggy Kaye. Farrar, 1984. Softcover. Ages 14 and up. 213 pages.

"Helps children read by doing just what kids like best: playing games.  There is a "bingo" game that helps children learn vocabulary. There is a rhyming game that helps them hear letter sounds more accurately. There are mazes and puzzles, games that train the eye to see patterns of letters, games that train the ear so a child can sound out words, games that awaken a child's imagination and creativity, and games that provide the right spark to fire a child's enthusiasm for reading. There are games in which your child has to act silly and games--sure to be any child's favorite--in which you do. Easy to follow and easy to play."

Very Good. $6


 Games for Math. Peggy Kaye. Farrar, 1987. Softcover. Ages 14 and up. 236 pages.

"More than fifty marvelous and effective ways to help their children learn math by doing just what kids love best: playing games."

Good ex-library. $6


 The Oxford Companion to English Literature, Fourth Edition. Ed by Paul Harvey. Oxford, 1932. 1969. Hardcover. Ages 14 and up. 962 pages. 

An older edition, but a good, complete guide to English literature from Old English through the mid-20th century. 

"...absorbing for anyone who works with literary materials or with the written word...a work which not only includes the most sought current information, but retains the geat bounty of our past." -- Margaret Cooley, Library Journal

Very Good. Lovely, solid copy. dust jacket has minor flaws and mild fading over the spine. (The spine lettering is easy to read.) $4 SALE


Elementary Advantage 2009: A Complete Student Resource Center. Encore, 2009. PC/MAC.

System requirements: Windows Vista / XP, Mac OS X.

Including the Encyclopedia Britannica Student Edition, this software package includes instruction in math, science, social studies, English, and Spanish.

New, sealed. Returnable only if unopened. I do not know if this will work with Windows 7 or 8. $2.50 SALE


 Honey for a Child's Heart. Gladys Hunt. Zondervan, 3rd edition, 1998 printing. Softcover. Adult. 224 pages.

A wonderful overview of some of the very best children's literature ever published--how to use it, and what to read.

Very Good, $2.50 SALE


 Just for Fun! DVD Animated Classics! I have here 28 complete animated movies on 14 DVD's in a very nice zippered case. (This originally was 15 CD's. One is missing.) I have not viewed these so I can't speak to the production quality. I believe that these are older animated movies. Republished by GoodTimes for QVC in 2004. Almost 24 hours of content. 

Alice through the Looking Glass, White Fang, The Prince and the Popper, A Little Princess, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Swiss Family Robinson, Oliver Twist, The Count of Monte Cristo, David Copperfield, The Three Musketeers, and EIGHTEEN other animated movies. 

CD's do have light scratches but are guaranteed to play well. Complete set, all videos in a zippered case for $3 SALE

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