Marguerite de Angeli

Strong Christian worldview, strong characters, great plots, and realistic action! Her young characters are not transported moderns crusading for a twentieth century variety of social justice, but people of their very own time, representing it truthfully.

De Angeli's dialogue is sometimes a bit too formal, but I appreciate her avoidance of anachronism; this realism is respectful and sympathetic to the conscience of a young reader.

"He told of a holy man, St. Columba, who had left Ireland centuries before to bring the Gospel of Christ to the savage men of early Scotland, then called Scotia....Then the monk told of the Christ, the Son of God, who drew all men unto Him, because He had died for all men. Because of his lowly birth in a manger, His life of toil in a carpenter's shop, He was kindred with lowly men. Because of His nobility, His kinship with God, He understood the thoughts of even the most learned men. When those who understood Him not persecuted Him and nailed Him to a cross, He forgave them for their ignorance and rose again from the dead that all men might know His way of life and follow it."
--from The Black Fox of Lorne

Her illustrations are charming!

The Black Fox of Lorne (1957 Newbery Honor, Viking life)
Bright April
Butter at the Old Price: The Autobiography of Marguerite de Angeli
Copper-Toed Boots
Covered Bridge
The Door in the Wall (1950 Newbery Medal, Medieval England)
Elin's Amerika
Empty Barn (written with Arthur C. de Angeli)
Friendship and Other Poems
Henner's Lydia
Jared's Island
Just Like David
Lion in the Box
Petite Suzanne
Skippack School (colonial America)
Thee, Hannah! (Quakers, Civil War)
Turkey for Christmas
Up the Hill
Whistle for the Crossing
Yonie Wondernose (Amish)

She wrote a "Ted and Nina" series, of which I have seen nothing.

Summer Day with Ted and Nina
Ted and Nina Go to the Grocery Store
Ted and Nina Have a Happy Rainy Day
Ted and Nina Story Book

She was also the illustrator for the following:

The Book of Favorite Hymns
The Book of Nursery and Mother Goose Rhymes (enchanting!)
Goose Girl
In and Out, verses by Tom Robinson
Joan Wanted a Kitty by Jane Brown Gemmill
Pocket Full of Posies: A Merry Mother Goose
The Old Testament, selected and arranged by herself
Prayers and Graces for Little Children selected by Quail Hawkins
They Loved to Laugh by Kathryn Worth

The last book, one of our favorite novels for young ladies, has been reprinted in softcover by Bethlehem books. The older hardcovers are scarce in any condition, but very rare in Very Good or better copies.