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The Bookroom is a discussion list that I own and moderate. Homeschooling families are welcom to join us to discuss all aspects of Living Education in the Home!

TruthQuest History TruthQuest History is a new homeschool history curriculum specifically designed for parents who use excellent Living Books to teach history! I urge homeschooling parents to give TruthQuest History a careful look! It's clear, easy-to-follow, meaty, and thorough.

Michelle Miller, thanks to her long experience running a 15,000 volume homeschooling library, knows Living Books, especially out-of-print Living Books. Michelle can distinguish the superior from the so-so--and she does!

She tells parents which books to use and which people and which events are most important in each historical era, but most importantly she teaches children and parents to focus their hearts of seeing and appreciating the active hand of God in His World.

I very highly recommend this series and use it with great pleasure with my own children!

To find out more--or to share tips and information with other families that use TruthQuest History, you are welcome to join History Questers, an online discussion group.

Book Lists: Handle with Care
Some of my thoughts on purchasing collectibles for homeschooling use.

The Database of Award-Winning Children's Literature provides a nice automated tool that enables the homeschool educator to compile a customized list of literature. Your list can focus on a particular historical period, a geographic region, a particular award (Newberry, Caldecott, etc.) or other criteria. Check this out!

How I Catalog My Books
Here is my method. Maybe you will like it.


1. Who Should We then Read? by Jan Bloom. This revised, expanded edition, subtitled "Authors of Good Books for Children and Adults" is simply outstanding!

If you enjoy browsing the pages at this site, you will love carrying this durable, 6 x 8" 360 page volume in your purse when you go book-hunting--or keeping it by your keyboard when you shop online!

Jan provides title lists for over 140 outstanding children's authors, gives us a biographical sketch of each, and tells us how each author's works fit within a Christian world view.

At $19.95 plus $2.00 for shipping, this book is an outstanding value for Living Books homeschoolers and a pleasure to read, as well! E-Mail Jan at to order! Let her know that you read about her book at

2. The Essentials of Book Collecting is an interesting twelve part essay written by a dealer with twenty years' experience. He offers helpful information not just for the collector of scarce, fine books, but also for parents seeking reading copies of excellent literature for their children. I especially enjoyed parts ten and eleven which discuss the history of papermaking and bookmaking. His essay includes numerous links, many of them very helpful.

3. The Books and Book Collecting page also has some excellent resources.

If you are building a title list for a favorite author or series or want additional information about an author, try these resources. All of the books have been through several editions; all are still in print and may be available through your public library, perhaps at the reference desk:

4. The Library of Congress Card Catalog
This is extremely helpful, but do not expect it to be exhaustive, even for twentieth century books. It's not.

5. The Junior Book of Authors
This series is an outstanding compilation of biographical sketches (most of them autobiographical and very well written), photographs, and reproductions of author and illustrator signatures. It's highly recommended for learning more about a best-loved author.

Each later edition covers newer authors not covered in earlier editions and now includes the Eighth Junior Book of Authors and Illustrators. Based on my tastes and the twentieth century children's authors that I enjoy the most, I have found the following most helpful:

6. Major Authors and Illustrators for Children and Young Adults:
A Selection of Sketches from Something About the Author
Ed. by Joyce Nakamura and Laurie Collier, this is selections from a series of 100 volumes printed between 1971 and 1998. It's expensive, but nice to browse!

7. Bookseller World--The Ultimate Resource for Collectors, Dealers and Readers also has some helpful information.

8. Have you found a signed book? Take a look at Author and Illustrator Signatures and compare!

9. ABC for Book Collectors by John Carter and Nicolas Barker
The best reference for understanding terms and describing collectible books.


Book Sale Tips are my best suggestions for a local book sale.

Book Sale Finder directs you to some of the big book sales in your area.
DO NOT MISS this helpful site!

Finding Unadvertised Book Sales


I first recommend The Care and Feeding of Books Old and New: A Simple Repair Manual for Book Lovers by Margot Rosenberg and Bern Marcowitz. It's delightful, well-written, amusing, useful information that is not replaced by online sites.

The International Book Collector's Association has lots of useful links including book preservation links. I especially recommend their Book Preservation FAQs. (There are problems with this link currently; hopefully it will be back.)

Dartmouth College offers A Simple Book Repair Manual online. This very helpful resource includes step-by-step photographs for ten simple book repairs.

Many other useful links may be found at Conservation OnLine

The following companies offer shelf and spine labels, dust jacket protectors, and book repair and preservation supplies. Each has a free catalog which can be ordered either at the web site or via E-Mail. Most have discount or clearance pages featuring sales and closeouts.

More information on book repair and preservation supplies
can be found at Librarian's Online Warehouse.
This site was having problems on my last check,
but it was still active in June, 2006 so I expect that it will be back.