Anna Pistorius' Nature Books

(The original trade issue of these books has more colorful, four-color covers.
Since these books have more fragile bindings, I have kept library bound copies for my kids.)

Anna Pistorius' What is It? books use a question-and-answer format to help young children remember some of the most common American birds, butterflies, trees, and animals. Mrs. Pistorius' illustrations are beautiful and accurate. The questions she poses intrigue young children.

These books, written over sixty years ago, delight my children today.

From What Butterfly is It? --

"What butterflies have ants for baby sitters?

"Butterfly parents don't take care of their babies. But these butterfly babies are lucky, for they have ants as nursemaids. The ants fight off enemy insects that lay their eggs on and in the bodies of the butterfly catterpillars. The ants' reward is a drop of honeydew which the caterpillars exude from a pocket on the hind parts of their bodies.

"These butterflies vary in size and color according to the season and the part of the country in which they are found. They range from Alaska to Mexico and from ocean to ocean, and are among the first butterflies to be seen in the spring."

As is typical with Mrs. Pistorius' books, the answer to her butterfly riddle is found in the back of her book. What butterflies have ants for baby sitters? Spring Azure butterflies do!

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