America: Great Crises in Our History

I believe that one of the best ways to study history is through the liberal reading of source documents, the writings of those who providentially made and observed history.

For long term, sequential reading assignments in American history America: Great Crises in Our History Told By Its Makers, A Library of Original Sources is the best resource that I have seen.  It covers events from AD 1000 through the early 20th century.

This set was issued by the Americanization Department of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States in 1925. I have seen it in brown leather and blue leatherette. It also came in forest green pebbled cloth, which I have never seen.  (There is also a 14 volume set that was published in 1945. I have no information, at this time, on the appearance of this later set.)

These sets were prepared for patrons of the VFW and given as gifts to children. Each set includes colorful presentation pages in volume one, signed by the Commander-in-Chief and the Adjutant General of the VFW and embossed with the VFW's seal.

Each volume in the set includes an attractive black-and-white frontispiece of a historically important painting or photograph along with internal black and white plates.