American Heritage Series
from Aladdin Books



History with personality! This series of historical fiction and fictionalized biographies is excellent. In the following list, dates in [brackets] are copyright dates. The information in {braces} describes the setting or character when those are not obvious from the title.

From The Fighting Quaker, The Southern Campaigns of General Nathanael Green--

[Nathanael] Greene turned and looked at several hundred books lining the walls of his study. Books were his favorite companions. His friends shook their heads when they looked at those books. "You'll never be able to read them all", they said. 

Andy Jackson, Long Journey to the White House by Polly Angell [1956] {1767}
[Also published as Andy Jackson, Long Road to the White House.]
Back of Beyond by George Cory Franklin [1952]

The Bells of Carmel, Mission Days in California by Edith Blackburn [1954]

Big Bridge to Brooklyn, The Roebling Story by Frances Williams Brown [1956] {1867}

The Big Country, A Story of Alaska by Edward A Herron [1953] {1920}

The Captive Island by August William Derleth [1952]

Captured Words, The Story of a Great Indian by Frances Williams Browin [1954] {Sequoyah, 1770}

The Challengers, Oregon in the 1840's by Jo Lundy [1953]

Cherokee Strip, The Race for Land by Aileen Fisher [1956] {Oklahoma Land Run, 1893}

Cochise of Arizona, The Pipe of Peace is Broken by Oliver La Farge [1953]

The Country of the Hawk by August William Derleth [1952]

The Cowman's Kingdom by Edmund Collier [1952] {Montana-Wyoming, 1876}

Day of Glory, The Guns at Lexington and Concord by Philip Spencer [1955]

De Soto, Child of the Sun, The Search for Gold by William O. Steele [1956] {1539}

The Empire of Fur, Trading in the Lake Superior Region by August William Derleth [1953] {1823}

The Fighting Quaker, The Southern Campaigns of General Nathanael Green by Frank B. Latham [1953]

A Flag for Lafitte, The Story of the Battle of New Orleans by Frederick A. Lane [1954] {1814}

Gray Bonnets, In the Days of Roger Williams by Slater Brown [1954] {~1640}

Gray Riders, Jeb Stuart and His Men by Manly Wade Wellman [1954]

The Greatest Adventure, A Story of Jack London by Frederick A. Lane [1954] {San Francisco, sailing, literary biography, 1876}

Green Grows the Prairie, Arkansas in the 1890's by Charlie May Simon [1956]

Homestead of the Free, The Kansas Story by Aileen Fisher [1953] {1855}

Jed Smith, Trail Blazer by Frank B. Latham [1952]

King of the Clippers, Adventure on the High Seas by Edmund Collier [1955] {1852}

Ladd of the Lone Star by Allan R. Bosworth [1952] {Texas, 1835}

Land of Gray Gold, Lead Mining in Wisconsin by August Derleth [1954] {1840}

The Law or the Gun, The Mormons at the Far West by Frank B. Latham [1955]

Let the Moon Go By, A Book of Tall Tales by Emma Gelders Sterne [1955]

Little Giant of Schenectady, A Story of Charles Steinmetz by Dorothy Markey [1956] {1865}

The Long Black Schooner, The Voyage of the Amistad by Emma Gelders Sterne [1953]
{slave trade, 1839; this book was also published by Follett}

The Magnificent Mariner, An Early Story of John Paul Jones by Frederick A. Lane [1953]

Mark Twain, Adventure in Old Nevada by Blaise Lane [1956] {1835}

Medals for Morse, Artist and Inventor by Jean Lee Latham [1954] {Samuel Morse, 1791}

Men of Flight, Conquest of the Air by Charles Spain Verral [1954]

One Bit of Land, A Story of Imperial Valley by Edith H. Blackburn [1955]

Over-Mountain Boy by William O. Steele [1952] {North Carolina-Virginia, 1778}

Passage to Texas by Iris Vinton [1952] {1830}

Pat and the Iron Horse, New Americans in the 1840's by Polly Angell [1955]

Printer's Devil by Emma Gelders Sterne [1952] {Philadelphia, 1789}

Ranger's Ransom, A Story of Ticonderoga by Herbert Best [1953]

Return of the Alaskan, Mailboat in the Outpost by Edward Albert Herron [1955] {Alaska, early-mid 20th century}

River of Gold, Oregon and the Challenge of the Gold Rush by Gifford Paul Cheshire [1955]

Sons of the Big Muddy, Dakota Territory in the 1880's by Wilbur J. Granberg [1954]

The Story of Eli Whitney, Invention and Progress in the Young Nation by Jean Lee Latham [1953] {1765}

Timber! Logging in Michigan by Aileen Fisher [1955] {1884}

Wagon Wheels, A Story of the National Road by William A. Breyfogle [1956] {~1830}

Wheat Won't Wait by Adele Gutman Nathan [1952] {Cyrus McCormick, 1821}

Wildcat, the Seminole, A Story of the Florida War by Electa Clark [1956] {1835}

Winds of Change, Ohio in the 1850's by Rhoda Wyngard [1955]

With Sword and Pen, The Adventures of Captain John Smith by Bradford Smith [1956] {1590}